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Edmonton Electrician | Options Available for Bathroom Fans

Even though many homeowners think of bathroom ventilation fans as utilitarian says Edmonton electrician. Technology that is available, has made this very functional bathroom requirement. Into a fun way to accessorize a homeowners bathroom.

While it still very important to choose the right size of fan for the room that it is being installed in. And to ensure that it can work efficiently, and as noiselessly as possible.

Homeowners should also consider some of the more fun options that they can purchase. To help increase the usability of their bathroom. Help them enjoy their space more.

One of the most functional options that are now available for bathroom ventilation fans. Is the motion sensor and humidity sensor.

The motion sensor turns the fan on when people walk into the room. And can be extremely beneficial for houses with children. Or with aging adults, who are often forgetful. By ensuring that the fan is on, can help ensure that moisture is being vented out of the bathroom whenever it is in use.

The humidity sensor on the other hand. Ensures that the fan turns on when the humidity rises above a certain level. This is also great in homes where there are children who may not realize they need to turn the fan on. Or with adults who can be forgetful.


Also, the fan will stay on as long as necessary says Edmonton electrician. So that as soon as the moisture level drops below a certain point. The fan will turn itself off as well. This can help protect the home against moisture.

Especially if people do not know how long their bathroom fan needs to remain on four. In order to take all of the moisture out of the house.

Another great feature that is now available in bathroom ventilation fans. Is additional lighting. Perhaps homeowner has found that their bathroom is quite dark. They can choose bathroom ventilation fan with a white light in it.

Or, the homeowner would like ambience lighting, either help soothe them during a bath. Or help invigorate them during a shower. Ventilation fans can come equipped with coloured LED lights. To help set whatever mood is needed.

And one of the most fun options that is now available in a bathroom ventilation fan. Is fans that come with speakers that have Bluetooth capability. So that people can connect their music to the speaker in the fan, to enjoy music while they are in the bathroom.

Whether they are playing soothing music for a relaxing bath. If they want to listen to their favourite podcast while showering in the morning. Or if they are playing music to help them get ready for going out at night.

By being aware of all of the different options that are now available in bathroom ventilation fans. Edmonton electrician says homeowners can ensure that they are making their bathroom a place that is going to be enjoyed. As well as a place to guard against moisture and mould.

Edmonton Electrician | Options Available for Bathroom Fans

If a homeowner has to replace their bathroom ventilation fan for the first time, Edmonton electrician says they may not know where to start. They may not realize the difference between all of the various fans. Or they might not know the designation, CFM that they will find on these fans.

Essentially, homeowners need to understand why bathroom ventilation fans exist. They are designed to suck air up and out of the room, so that the moist air can be vented out. To protect against moisture buildup. That can lead to mould and mildew.

Because this is extremely important in a bathroom, where steamy baths and showers can lead to a lot of mould and mildew. Venting in this room is incredibly important.

The larger the bathroom is, and the more capability the fan needs to have. At sucking air out of that room.

If homeowners do not understand this, they might be purchasing the host and expensive than that they can find. Without realizing that it is not going to be able to essentially effectively whole air and moisture out of their bath room.

And therefore, they are turning on their bathroom fan every time they shower. But not realize that it is not helping them minimize moisture.

Therefore, it is extremely important for homeowners to understand how to calculate the cubic footage of their bathroom. And how that is expressed in cubic feet per minute, or CFM for short.


Edmonton electrician says the smallest bathroom fan will have a fifty CFM. While the largest will be a hundred and fifty CFM. These are typically the sizes most often used in a residential setting.

But if homeowner needs a larger capability. Edmonton electrician can double up ventilation fans, to ensure that the air is being moved from the bathroom efficiently.

The larger the fan, the more expensive it will be. But homeowners should take into consideration that even a more expensive bathroom ventilation fan. It is going to be cheaper in the long run to purchase. If they do not get the right bathroom fan. And end up having to do renovations to get rid of mould.

Another consideration for homeowners to have their purchasing a bathroom ventilation fan. Is noise level. Noise level can either be high or low. And while people might want to have the least expensive option.

The additional money to have a low level ventilation fan. Can significantly increase the enjoyment of the time spent in the bathroom.

For example, Edmonton electrician says if people are having a relaxing bath. Because of the steam in the bathroom, people should be putting the fan on. If the fan is extremely loud. Any people might not want to put it on. Which increases the chance of moisture buildup, mildew and mould.

By taking all of these factors into consideration. People can end up with a great bathroom ventilation fan. That will do its job functionally.

So that homeowners can protect their home, and the health of their family. From the damaging nature of mould.

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