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Edmonton Electrician | Options in Bathroom Fans

Bathroom fans are not something that homeowners think of very often says Edmonton electrician. And most people take the fact that they have a bathroom fan for granted, every time they turn it on when they have a bath or shower.

However, there are many factors that can impact the bathroom fans ability to function properly. From aging out, and simply having the motor not work as efficiently as it should do to age.

Also, the buildup of dust on the bathroom ventilation grill, as well as the fan itself. Can cause the fan to work less efficiently.

And not having the right size of fan for the size of bathroom that they have. There are different options for airflow, and the higher the CFM, which stands for cubic feet per minute. The more air it moves.

When the bathroom fan that has been installed was designed for a smaller bathroom, or it is a fan that was designed for that size room. Now is covered in dust, means that it is actually sucking less air out then it was designed to. Which is increasing the chance of mould developing from having the air in the room to moist.

This is why Edmonton electrician often suggests people installing fans that are designed for a slightly larger bathroom. So that even if they get a bit older, or have dust settle on the grill and motor. They are still going to move enough air out of the bathroom. To prevent mould from building up.


Bathroom fans typically come in sizes fifty CFM, all the way up to hundred and fifty CFM. And this is for residential purposes. In commercial applications, there are industrial and commercial options. That can move the air out efficiently.

If homeowners want to figure out what airflow they need in a fan, they can go to an airflow calculator online. And by inputting the square footage of their room, can end up with the recommendation of what CFM their bathroom fan should have.

Regardless of what fan homeowners choose. It is also extremely recommended that they clean the fan every 3 to 6 months. In high-traffic bathrooms, where several people are using the bathroom. For showering, having baths and other things.

The homeowner might want to consider cleaning they bathroom fan more often than 3 to 6 months. This includes taking a vacuum and sucking all of the dust off of the bathroom grill.

However, a more efficient way to clean the bathroom fan. Is to take the grill off the fan completely. Wash that, and then to vacuum the fan blades, to minimize the amount of dust buildup on the fan itself.

The more often, and the better a homeowner cleans the bathroom ventilation fan. Not only the better it will work. But it will also extend its entire useful life. By not wearing out the fan motor, by working hard to function with a thick layer of dust on it.

Because of how important the bathroom ventilation fans are to protecting the home from mould. Homeowners should call their Edmonton electrician to take a look at the bathroom fans they have. To ensure that it is doing its job. And if not, get a quote for getting it changed out. So that they can ensure they are protecting their home from mould buildup.

Edmonton Electrician | Options in Bathroom Fans

Most people think of their bathroom ventilation fans as a way to clear the humidity out of their bathroom says Edmonton electrician. And while that is the primary function of their fan. They come in so many areas options as well.

The most typical options in bathroom fans have always been the amount of airflow they are designed to move, noise levels, and the amount of energy they use.

However, these days bathroom ventilation fans can do a lot more things. From fans that come with a built-in humidity sensor. So people do not have to turn the bathroom fan on prior to having a shower or bath.

This will ensure that the bathroom fan will come on whenever it is needed, and stay on as long as it is required. To keep humidity levels of the bathroom down. This can be especially beneficial. For people who do not know how long they need to keep their bathroom fan on after a bath or shower. To minimize humidity in their home.

Other options that they can choose in their bathroom ventilation fans include fans that come with additional lighting. Perhaps they have a small bathroom, and they want to be as efficient as possible. And have a light built in with their fan. This is possible.


Or, perhaps people want to have additional light in their bathroom. To make the light better for doing hair and makeup for example.

People can also get mood lighting, fans that come equipped with coloured LED lights, that can make a soothing shower or a relaxing bath a lot more enjoyable says Edmonton electrician.

One of the highest and bathroom ventilation fans on the market. Comes with a Bluetooth speaker, for people to be able to hook up music so they can enjoy music as they shower, or they have.

While it is going to be important for homeowners to calculate the efficiency level that they need in their bathroom fan. By calculating the square footage of their home, and taking the cubic feet per minute into consideration.

They should also consider what options are most important to them. And while people typically like having a low noise fan, there are many other options to consider. And by taking all of these options into consideration, people can have the right fan chosen before they contact their Edmonton electrician to install that choice into their home.

Whether people have been living in their home for several years, or have purchased a previously own home. And even brand new houses. Might require homeowner to look at the fans, to consider if that is what they truly want in their home. Or if they want to upgrade, so that they can have the bathroom fans they want.

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