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Edmonton Electrician | Options in Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Even though bathroom ventilation fans perform an extremely important duty says Edmonton electrician. By sucking the moisture out of the bathroom, so the risk of mould developing is low.

That does not mean that there cannot be some fun options available. When homeowners are purchasing a brand-new bathroom ventilation fan for the bathrooms in their home.

While the most important consideration for bathroom ventilation fan needs to be. The amount of air that it can move in the size of bathroom that a homeowner has.

There are a wide variety of options available, from energy levels, to noise levels. And fun options like motion and humidity sensors, lighting options and even speakers.

While cost is also an important consideration. Homeowners should understand that the cheapest option might be attractive in the moment. But the cheapest ventilation fans might actually be more expensive in the long run.

Since they will break down faster, require replacing, and do their job less efficiently. But also, if they do not do their job well. That will increase the chances of mould growing. Which is going to cost a homeowner significantly in renovations and repairs.

Therefore, homeowners should choose the options that they want in their fan. And ensure that they are getting one that comes recommended by the experts. So that they know that their fan will last as long as it should. And do its job as efficiently as the day it is installed.


The first thing that homeowners need to do, is calculate the airflow of the fan that they require. They can either contact their Edmonton electrician to help them with that.

Or choose one of the free calculators online. The amount of airflow that the fan can move will be expressed in cubic feet permanent, or CFM.

They will need to calculate the square footage of their bathroom, and plug that information into the calculator in order to get the number of CFM that the calculator recommends for their bathroom.

And while this can be an important calculation to take into consideration. Edmonton electrician suggests that people get a slightly higher number of CFM then the calculator recommends. If it recommends a fifty CFM fan, is recommended that homeowners purchase a seventy or eighty CFM fan instead.

What this will do, is ensure that as the bathroom fan ages, and gets a buildup of dust from time to time. It will still be able to move the minimum amount of air required. To keep the bathroom moisture free.

Approximately every 3 to 6 months. In between those cleanings, there will be dust buildup on the fan. And homeowners should purchase the fan that will be able to move the right amount of air. Even before they conduct their cleaning.

By understanding how important the airflow is to the function of the fan. People can ensure that they are aching the right calculation, and taking this into consideration while they shop for fan with all the options that they want.

Edmonton Electrician | Options in Bathroom Ventilation Fans

While the options for bathroom ventilation fan used to be the amount of airflow they move says Edmonton electrician. As well as the noise level. Bathroom ventilation fans that are being sold these days have a wide variety of options.

Homeowners can choose from fans that have additional lighting built-in. Whether they find that their bathroom is too dark. Or if they are building a new bathroom, and they do not have a lot of room for lighting. Having a bathroom ventilation fan that does both can save a lot of space.

Or, people can purchase a bathroom fan that has mood lighting built-in. So that they can add a fun or relaxing ambience to any bath or shower they have.

In addition to having lights in their bathroom ventilation fan. Edmonton electrician says there options that contain a Bluetooth speaker. So that people can connect their digital music to their bathroom fan. In order to play whatever music they want while they are in the bathroom.

While these can be fun options that can add ambience or relaxation to the room. There is also options that can help increase the functionality of the bathroom ventilation fan.

Such as having a humidity sensor built-in to the fan. This can either help homeowners see the humidity level in their bathroom, so that they know when to turn bathroom fan on.


But also, some of the fans that contain and when they can turn it off. built-in humidity sensor, will automatically turn on and turn off when required. This can take the guesswork out of when homeowners need to turn the bathroom fan off, to ensure that they are minimizing conditions for mould to grow.

There is even an option that has a heat lamp built directly into the bathroom ventilation fan. And while it is extremely nice to have a heat lamp in a bathroom. Especially in a cold climate. This is not recommended for a couple of reasons.

First, the heat from the heat lamp can actually wear out the motor in the bathroom ventilation fan faster. Which will require homeowner replacing it more often.

But more seriously, since bathroom ventilation fans sucking air through them, they collect dust quickly. And by putting a heat source into a unit that attracts dust. Can be a fire hazard.

If people are looking for that heat source in their bathroom, so that they can enjoy stepping out of their bath or shower into a beam of heat. They can get that installed separately. But should not purchase a unit that contains the heat lamp within the fan.

Once a homeowner knows all of the different options that they have to choose from. They will be able to choose, or have Edmonton electrician help them choose the right fan. So that they can not only ensure that they are minimizing mould growth in their home.

That they can ensure that the bathroom that they have, functions exactly the way they want. All while minimizing potential for mould growth in their home.

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