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One thing that many people are not aware of says Edmonton electrician is the extremely wide variety of smoke alarms on the market. They may move into a new house and need to buy a smoke alarm, or their previous smoke alarm could have died, which puts them in the market for one. Regardless of the reason, it is typical that people are only ever shopping for smoke alarms about once a decade. Because of this, they should seek out professional help, not only because it is an area their was likely not very knowledgeable in, but so that they can understand the wide variety of styles available. In addition, a professional will be able to help a person understand all of the most important variables that they should consider when making this important decision.

One of the most important considerations that people should make, is how they are going to have their smoke alarm be powered. When people do not seek out help, they simply go to the hardware store, and purchase a smoke alarm and that they are going to be able to install themselves. These are often battery operated units, that do not require being wired in to the electricity of a home. Edmonton electrician says this is the least best option for anyone, simply because there is absolutely no backup system. If the battery fails, the home is not protected. And even once a month testing does not guarantee that the battery is not going to die and leave the home defenceless if there is a fire.

Therefore, Edmonton electrician recommends that any smoke alarm that people get is hardwired into the electricity of the home. However, people need to understand that this does not mean the houses defenceless if electricity is cut either due to a storm, a lightning strike, or a fire. All smoke alarms that are hardwired into the home, also come with the battery backup system. This is very important, because this is what is going to ensure a smoke alarm is going to work even when powers cuts to the home.

Even better than that, Edmonton electrician says that after a unit is hardwired in, there is an option in some models to be interconnected. This takes an additional wire, to connect all of the smoke alarms together. The reason why this is valuable, is because no matter where the fire is in the home, all smoke alarms will sound. If the fire starts in the basement, the people sleeping on the third floor will be notified. This can help ensure that people are able to extinguish the fire before it threatens the home, or, that they can simply escape the home a lot sooner because of the sooner they will get notified. For example, if the fire starts in the basement, and people are on the third floor sleeping, by the time the traditional smoke alarms on the third floor sounds, they will not be able to escape by going down into the second or first floors.

Therefore, it is very important that people are consulting with an Edmonton electrician to ensure that they have the best smoke alarm for their family and their home. An interconnected smoke alarm might not be necessary in a three room apartment, but in a three level home that includes a basement, it might save lives.

Edmonton Electrician | Options To Consider When Buying Smoke Alarms

The last time someone purchased smoke alarm system, was typically 7 to 10 years prior says Edmonton electrician. Because of that, they should ensure that they are consulting with the professional so that they know not only all of the options that are now available in the technologically advanced smoke alarms that are currently available.

But also, so that a professional can help them consider all of the various options that are important given their specific circumstances such as their home, the people that live in the home, and their lifestyle. Even whether they have pets or not can be an important determining factor on which smoke alarm people use.

One of the first things that people should consider, is that there are several different ways that smoke detectors actually detect smoke. The reason why this is important to know says Edmonton electrician, is so that they can make the choice of which unit to use, or to purchase combo unit. It may not mean anything if there professional says that they should purchase a combo unit, unless they are aware that there are a variety of different ways that smoke alarms detect smoke.

For example, a photoelectric smoke alarm detects smoke on the principal of light refraction and light reflection. Because smoke is opaque, if it enters the smoke alarm unit, the light will become reflected or refracted, and that in turn signals the alarm to sound. For ionized alarms, is uses to very small, electrically charged plates that are also slightly radioactive. These two plates pass a current back-and-forth to each other. If that signal is interrupted, for example by. The capacity of smoke, this also triggers the alarm.

These two styles, ionization and photoelectric are the two most common smoke alarms on the market. By combining those together, what it does says Edmonton electrician is minimizes the amount of false alarms that are triggered. However, that is not to say these are the only ones available.

The most technologically advanced alarm on the market uses these two systems along with and blue light filter as well as a split spectrum light technology. The end result, is that this has the lowest instances of falsely triggered alarms. If falsely triggered alarms are a concern for people, Edmonton electrician says this might be the perfect unit.

Therefore, people should understand that there are many variables to consider when purchasing smoke alarms. By getting an expert opinion to help make that decision, people can have confidence that with every decision they make, is backed by the approval of a professional, as well as being installed by professional, so that they can be as protected as possible.

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