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Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Circuits Are Critical

People may be increasing the risk of an electrical fire in their home says Edmonton electrician. And not even be aware that they are doing it. Some people do not realize that overloading their electrical plugin is a possibility. Or what they should do to avoid overloading it.

One of the most important things that people should keep in mind. Is that each plug-in is only rated to handle about 15 amps at a time. If they are plugging more than that into a plug-in. They are risking overloading the circuit.

What happens when they overload the circuit says Edmonton electrician. Is that the wire struggles to keep up with the increased flow of electricity. And gets hot, as it struggles. If the circuits remain overloaded for a long enough period of time.

the heat from the wires, will ignite the materials around it. Causing an electrical fire. One of the most dangerous aspects of an electrical fire. Is that it is inside the walls of the home. Burning undetected. And spreading throughout the entire home.

By the time anyone in the house realizes that there even is a fire. It has likely spreads to almost every area of the house. Making it an extremely dangerous fire. But also making it very difficult to escape from. And important that people get out very quickly.

Therefore, people should avoid overloading the electrical plug-ins at all times. If others think that their breaker or surge protectors are going to save them. And so they overload their circuits. Thinking that if they’ve plugged in too many things. The power will be cut to that unit.


Unfortunately, this is not an effective method to use says Edmonton electrician. Because if either of those things fail. Then it’s going to cause a fire to break out. Instead, people should know what they should do to avoid causing an overloaded circuit in the first place.

Since plugins are only rated to handle 15 amps at a time. People should be aware of what amps each of their electrical devices draws. Therefore, they can ensure that everything that they plug in does not exceed 15 amps.

If people make the assumption that as long as they are only plugging two things into an electrical socket. That they are safe. They’re not taking into consideration that there are several electrical devices. That draw up to 15 amps themselves.

An example of electrical devices that almost everybody uses. That can overload the circuits if used in conjunction with any other product. Are space heaters, air conditioners, blow dryers, and hair straighteners.

This might mean that people stop using Power Bars. If that means that they are plugging something into every single spot in the unit. And only using Power Bars to have access to a hard to get to plug in in their home.

When people know how to avoid overloading their electrical circuits says Edmonton electrician. Then they will be more likely to be careful. So that they don’t end up causing a fire in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Breakers Are Critical

Even if people are not at risk for overloading their electrical circuits most of the time does Edmonton electrician. There is an increased risk of overloaded circuits during the holidays.

The reason why, is because during Christmas time. People are using more electricity than they do during it the year. Whether it is by putting multiple strands of lights on their house. Or adding a lot of yard decorations like Inflatables. Or even if they have a giant Christmas tree inside their home with lots of lights, and other electrical decorations.

In fact, Edmonton electrician says that December has the highest instances of electrical fires. Then any other month of the year. This is likely due to overloaded circuits because of Christmas decorations.

Therefore, people should be aware of the amps of each of their Christmas decorations. And avoid overloading their circuits. This means not using extension cords, or Power Bars.

However, it may not be possible for a person to plug in everything that they want. Without using an octopus or a power bar. And if this is the case. The Simple Solution is calling their Edmonton electrician in order to install more outlets in there home.

During the holidays. People should take note of how many extension cords, Power Bars, and octopuses they are using. And after the holidays, call their Edmonton electrician in order to get more plugins installed.

many people are not aware of how easy and inexpensive this can be. And by getting their Edmonton electrician to add an electrical outlets. Can minimize the amount of electrical fire risks they faced during the holidays.


An electrician has to do. Is add one or more switch to the breaker box. And then run some additional wire through the walls of their house. And cut a hole in the wall for the outlet to be. Wherever it is needed.

Whether people need electrical outlets in one more room of their house, or all of the rooms of their house. Is going to be a quick process for their electrician to do for them.

When people are considering doing this. They should look at it in terms of lowering their risk of overloading their circuits and potentially causing a fire. Which makes a lot of sense for people to add more Outlets to their home. Then causing themselves a risk of an electrical fire.

Another thing that’s there Edmonton electrician is going to be able to do once they are they’re adding Outlets. Is ensure that the electrical breaker that they have is working good. They will also ensure that it is not a federal brand. Which is well-known for failing and causing more electrical fires.

By avoiding overloading their circuits. And getting more Outlets call when they need them. People can avoid causing electrical fires in their home. And be able to have as many things as they want plugged in. Without worrying if they are going to risk having a fire.

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