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Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Breakers Are Dangerous

People needs to understand why there’s only the ability to plug two devices into any plug-in says Edmonton electrician. This is because typically, two devices will not exceed a plugins capability. Typically, plug-ins can only handle a certain number of amps. And by using a octopus, or a power bar. Can overload the circuits very easily.

This is bad to overload the circuits. Because it can cause a fire. What happens says Edmonton electrician. Is that when more amps are plugged in to a plug-in than it can handle. The wires will get hot, because it is having a difficult time handling the amount of electricity surging through the wires.

The longer the devices are plugged in and turned on. And the longer the wires are going to stay hot. If they are hot for long enough. They will be able to ignite many of the materials that are surrounding them.

When this happens says Edmonton electrician. They will be at risk for starting an electrical fire. Electrical fires are extremely dangerous. Because they will burn inside the wall, spreading Sue many rooms of the house and causing a lot of damage. Before people will even know that there’s a problem.

Although Breakers are designed to help avoid this from happening. By turning off power to any area of the house that is overloaded says Edmonton electrician. There is literally no backup to the system. So if it fails. Homeowners will not know that they’re breaker has failed until the fire is burning.

I’m much better solution to the problem is simply avoiding overloading plug-ins. They can do this by simply not using Power Bars, that will make it very easy for them to plug multiple things in to one unit. And overload it.


However, Edmonton electrician says if they are going to buy a power bar there should be several things that they should keep in mind. The first, is to only by and he was Power Bars that have been stamped with the letters c s a, or UL. because these have been inspected by Canadian Safety standards. And are approved for use in Canada.

The second thing that people can do, is use power bars that have a surge protector built-in. The surge protector might fail. Or the breaker might fail. But that gives two things that are designed to protect an overloaded circuit from happening if someone accidentally plugs more things in than they intend.

The third thing that they can do when they use a power bar says Edmonton electrician. Is only use it if they know that they’re not going to have everything turned on At the same time. If they are using a power bar to make a plug-in more accessible this is a great use for it.

By learning what people need to do to avoid electrical fires. Can help keep families safe whether it’s at Christmas time. Or any time of the year, when they need to plug electrical devices in.

Edmonton Electrician | Overloading Circuits is Dangerous

Many people are not aware of how dangerous overloaded electrical circuits are says Edmonton electrician. And if they don’t know this, then they could be making critical mistakes. That are putting their family and their home at risk.

The first thing that people should understand, is that no matter what age their home is. They will be able to easily overload their circuits. If they plug more into the plug-in then it’s designed to handle.

Edmonton electrician says most plug-ins were designed to handle 15 amps at a time. And if people plug more than that in. Then it can create problems. Because the plug-in was not designed to handle that level of electricity going through it.

Therefore, people should be aware of what amps each of the devices that they are plugging in will take. So that they can avoid overloading a plug. Edmonton electrician says space heaters are well known for being power Hogs.

And can overload a circuit if it’s plugged in with anything else. No matter how low energy the other thing is. Which is why people should be aware of the amps that each of their electrical devices takes. So that they don’t end up plugging two things and that will overload their plug in.

Other devices that are well known for being hogs for the energy according to Edmonton electrician. R curling irons, hair straighteners, and crock pots. When people are using these electrical devices. It’s best that they are plugged in to a plug-in that has nothing else plugged into it.


However, if people find it there’s simply not enough electrical plug-ins in their home. They can call their Edmonton electrician to have more installed. It is much easier, less time-consuming. And even less costly then many people assume it will be.

Especially if people are living in older homes, that have very few electrical outlets. This is going to be a safer option than using Power Bars throughout their entire home.

All the Edmonton electrician will do when they get to the house. is add an additional switch to the breaker box, run electrical wires through the walls to where they need to go. And then add the electrical outlet.

This will be able to increase the homes capability of handling electricity. And nowadays, with so many people using cell phones, iPads, and even televisions and gaming devices. Having more electrical outlets is better than having a few of them.

And ultimately, people should consider the cost of adding Outlets. Compared to having a house fire. Not only will having a Edmonton electrician come in and Outlets be safer. But in the long run, the cost of paying an electrician is going to pale in comparison to the cost of having a house fire.

People should count the amount of Power Bars they have in their home both normally. And during the holidays. And then have their electrician come in and add that number of outlets to any room that need it. So keep their family safe.

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