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Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Circuits Because Electrical Fires

Many people may not realize the danger of overloaded circuits says Edmonton electrician. They simply know that if they plug more. Than an outlet can handle, it will trip a circuit breaker.
Edmonton Electrician

They may consider that an inconvenience. As they often must take a flashlight. Down into their basement, and look for. The circuit to turn back on. However, more than being an inconvenience.

Overloading a circuit is actually quite dangerous. And something that homeowners should avoid at all costs. All of the various circuits that they have in their home. Are typically only designed to handle.

A certain flow of electricity in each one. That amount is usually 1500 W of electricity at a time. Whether that is being used by a single electrical device. Or if it is being used by multiple devices.

I am sure many people have experienced. Plugging something in to an outlet, only to have. All of the lights in the room go out. This is what happens when an electrical circuit is overloaded.

Another misconception many people have about electrical circuits. Is that each and every plug-in in their home. Is on its own electrical circuit. This is something that homeowners do, in order to save money.

Is they put multiple electrical outlets. And devices like lighting on a single circuits. That means, not only must they keep. All of the electrical devices that they have on an outlet. To 1500 W or less.

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But they must realize what electrical outlets. Are on the same circuits. And factor in things like the lighting in that room. Almost always, home will have. An instance of an electrical outlet being overloaded.

And while many homeowners tend to believe. That there circuit breaker will turn electricity off. If it is at a dangerous level, this is not always the case. Edmonton electrician says circuit breakers tend to fail as they get older.

And if people are living in a home. That has an electrical panel older than twenty years. They need to understand. That it is quite likely, that the circuit breaker will fail at some point.

Another thing of importance that people need to remember says Edmonton electrician. Is that the circuit breakers do not have a backup device. That will work when the circuit breaker does not. And when a circuit breaker fails when it is needed.

He outcome is an electrical fire. Electrical fires are so dangerous, because they start without detection. And can spread very quickly without anyone realizing. There is a problem in the home.

Therefore, homeowners need to understand. Not only how many circuits they have in their home. But what has is all included in that circuits. And avoid overloading it. However, homeowners can also increase.

The number of circuits and outlets they have in their home. All they have to do is call the experts at Hauer Power. They can add more circuits. And more capabilities to plug multiple electrical devices in. But getting that information is the first important step.

Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Circuits Absolutely Cause Fires

One of the most important rules of electricity according to Edmonton electrician. Is that when it is mismanaged, it will cause a fire. Electrical fires are among the most dangerous. Because of how undetected they are when they start.

How an electrical fire starts, is when a circuit. Is overloaded with more electricity. Then the wire is designed to handle. In response to more electricity coursing through the wire. The wire actually heats up.

And if the flow of it electricity is not interrupted. Either by a circuit breaker. Or by a person turning off that electrical device or unplugging it. The wire will simply get hotter and hotter.

Until it burns itself up. And destroys the circuits. Or, it will catch all of the flammable.debris around it on fire. Because homes are framed with wood. And have drywall, these things are flammable.

It makes a wire that is overloaded. And extremely likely source of an electrical fire. The next dangerous thing about electrical fires says Edmonton electrician. Is that they will continue to burn inside the walls. As well as spread to all of the other rooms in the home. Silently, and without detection. Most people who have experienced an electrical fire will say. They have no idea that the house is on fire. Until the fire eats through all of the inside walls.

And then, becomes apparent on the outside of the walls. Which time, the entire house is usually on fire. This makes escaping an electrical fire extremely dangerous. Especially if there are children, or elderly people living in the home.

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This is why people should avoid overloading circuits by all means necessary. Their Edmonton electrician can help them figure out. Exactly what they need to do. To avoid having an electrical fire.

And that usually means avoiding plugging in. Multiple devices on a single circuits. That exceeds 1500 W at a time. And if they do plug-in more devices at a time. Especially with the help of extension cords, and outlet extenders.

That is the best indicator to call Edmonton electrician at Hauer Power. In order to come do a walk-through of their home. Electrician will be able to see. What rooms will require more circuits and electrical outlets.

And most importantly, they will look at the state of the electrical panel. Not only will many electrical panels need to be upgraded. Or a subpanel installed, to allow the ability.

To add multiple circuits. But also, if the electrical panel is older than twenty years. This is a good indicator that it should in fact. Be placed, so that the circuit breaker does not fail.

If homeowners have any questions about electrical panels, circuits. And how to avoid overloading the electrical system in their home. They should pick up the phone, or send an email to the experts.

At Hauer Power, Edmonton’s best electrician. They will learn what they can do to keep their home functioning well. But best of all, keep their home safe for themselves and all of the members of their family.

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