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Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Circuits Cause Fires

Overloaded circuits should definitely be avoided says Edmonton electrician. However, many people do not realize. How big a danger this is. Not just to the safety of their house.
Edmonton Electrician

But the entire safety of their family as well. Overloaded circuits happen more often. Then many people realize. And are incredibly easy to avoid. As long as people apply some common sense. And a bit of knowledge.

One of the first things that all homeowners. As well as people living in the house should the aware of. Is that every electrical outlets. It can handle 1500 W of electricity through it.

If people plug in more than 1500 W at a time. They could be very easily overloading the circuits in this outlets. What happens when there the wire that conducts electricity. too much electricity. Coursing through an outlet.

Actually becomes hot to the touch says Edmonton electrician. at this point, many people assume, often incorrectly. That the circuit breaker is going to kick in. And stop the flow of electricity to the overloaded circuit.

And while this is definitely the function of the circuit breaker. Sometimes, circuit breakers fail. Especially when they are old. Or if they have been worn out from years of use. Many people do not realize it.

But when the circuit breaker fails, there is no failsafe or backup. Which means if the circuit breaker fails. They are at risk of starting an electric fire in their home. Electrical fires are very dangerous.

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Because they start out of sight. And they can become quite big. Feeding off of the oxygen in between the walls of the home. Eating up all of the studs that are flammable. The electrical fire can spread throughout the home.

Making it very dangerous for people to escape. Once they realize that the house is in fact on fire. This is why it is incredibly important that homeowners. As well as the people living inside the home. Understand how dangerous overloaded circuits are.

They can contact their Edmonton electrician at Hauer Power. Who will be more than happy to check their electrical panel. To see what brand it is. And what age it is, and if people should be thinking about replacing it.

At the same time, if the panel needs to be replaced. It is a good opportunity to also add the number of circuits. And therefore add the number of electrical outlets that are in their home. Some of the most common places.

For people to add electrical circuits include the kitchen. Because there is never enough outlets. For all of the electrical appliances. That people want to plug in. Often at the very same time. As well as the rumpus room, or the theatre room.

As people are now calling it. That has a television, recording devices. Often there is a projector, a gaming console and speakers. Adding the number of electrical outlets and circuits in a home. Can ensure that circuits are never overloaded, keeping the house and family safe.

Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Circuits Definitely Cause Fires

When people overloaded circuits in their home, Edmonton electrician says. They may not realize how dangerous it is. And likely will cause an electrical fire, if the problem goes unfixed.

It is very important that people understand. That they must not plug too much into one electrical outlets. Even though there may be to slots for plug-ins to be placed. This does not mean that people can plug-in.

Any electrical devices, regardless of how large they are. Many electrical devices draw 300 to 500 W. And therefore, it is quite safe to plug-in. These devices such as a reading lamp, and air freshener or a radio.

All the same time, but many different electrical devices. Such as an air-conditioner, a space heater, or a flat iron. Utilize almost all of the 1500 W. That one entire plug-in can utilize.

Therefore, if people are plugging in more than that into one outlet. Then they are running the risk of having an electrical fire. While circuit breakers are designed says Edmonton electrician.

In order to stop the flow of electricity. To outlets that are handling more electricity. Then they are designed to handle. This requires some time to work. In which case, very overloaded wires.

Can already start to small older or burn. And in many cases, circuit breakers fail. Especially if they are over twenty years old. Therefore, many people should avoid the risk. Of overloading there circuits entirely.

Many people do not even realize. That various electrical devices. Utilize different amounts of energy. In the kitchen, this is more obvious. As the devices heat up. Which consumes most of the energy.

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Therefore, coffee pots, electric kettles and electric frying pans. Toasters, and pressure cookers or slow cookers. Or some of the worst offenders. However, blenders and hand mixers, as well as juicers.

Draw a significant amount of electricity as well. Many people may ask Edmonton electrician. Why there home builder did not put more electrical outlets into the kitchen.

This is a common problem, that is caused by homebuilders. Trying to save money. But also, due to the space limitations. Inside a kitchen. Kitchens have very little space. Which means the outlets would have to be placed very close together.

An added difficulty is the fact that. There is often a sink or two in a kitchen. And placing outlets very close to a water source. Is a safety hazard. And they must do additional work. Installing safety switches.

To ensure that there is no danger of electrocution. By people who are using electrical devices. So close to a source of water. This leads many homebuilders to only install. The bare minimum number of electrical outlets in a kitchen.

Leaving homeowners with barely enough electrical outlets. For what they need to use on a day-to-day basis. However, that does not need to let people. To stop themselves having the kitchen that is functional for them.

They can contact Edmonton electrician quite easily. To come to their home, and see where they can add more circuits and electrical outlets. So that their entire home. It can suit all of their needs.

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