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Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Circuits & Fires

People need to be very careful when they use electrical outlets not to overload the circuits says Edmonton electrician. The reason why, is because overloaded circuits cause fires. This not only is very dangerous. But electrical fires can burn extensively in the walls. Before anyone finds out about them.

fibre, while many people will want to avoid electrical fires. They may not know exactly the best ways to avoid them. The first thing that people should know, is that each power outlet is only rated to handle 15 amps a voltage at a time.

That means, if people are using a hair dryer or a curling iron. They can’t have anything else plugged into that outlet at the time. Because one of those devices takes up all 15 amps.

Therefore, people should be very aware of the amps and the voltage of each of their electrical devices. And be very mindful about which ones they are plugging in on the same Outlet together. Edmonton electrician says this is where the danger of Power Bars comes in.

Because people can plug more than just two things in to the outlets. It can be very easy for people to overload your circuits.

As the wires trying to keep up with the increased electricity that they were not meant to have. Edmonton electrician says the wires physically get hot. Which is what causes the fire to start in between the walls. Is going to be incredibly devastating. And by the time the fire is known to the occupants of the house. It’s often only seconds before they can escape with their life.


Therefore, people should be very mindful of what they have plugged into a power bar. And while many people make the assumption that power bars with a built-in surge protector.

This is not necessarily true. Not all Power Bars have a surge protector. And Power Bars that have not been CSA approved. Whether they have a surge protector or not. Should not be used because they are generally unreliable.

People should be buying high-quality Power Bars, that has the CSA logo stamped on them. Because that will indicate that they have been approved for use in Canada. To be used safely in a person’s home.

Edmonton electrician says once they have a power bar that is certified by CSA. They need to ensure that it also has a built-in surge protector.

However, surge protectors and circuit breakers are not infallible. And because they can fail from time to time. The best case scenario would be for people to not use power bars. And to not count on their circuit breaker to protect them.

Instead, if a person’s home does not have the right amount of outlets or their need. It can simply call in Edmonton Christian to increase the number of outlets in their home. This is a very simple job, that has the electrician adding a switch to the breaker box, adding some wire, and installing an outlet wherever they need.

If that means five more in the living room, two in the bedroom and two in the kitchen. This is very simple for people to do. That would be a lot safer using a power bar with a surge protector. Or making the assumption that their circuit breaker is going to protect them.

Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Outlets & Fires

Overloaded circuit are one of the main causes of electrical fires according to Edmonton electrician. And the most common time of year for this to happen is December.

Because of all of the additional holiday celebrations that are happening. People often have additional lights on their house, and holiday themed decorations on their front lawn. Inside their home, they might have a Christmas tree, or additional electric decorations. And maybe even space heaters or electric fireplaces.

Well these things all make for a fun and enjoyable holiday. Edmonton electrician says the problem comes in when people don’t have enough outlets for all of these additional electronic devices. And they think that they can simply plug in a power bar, to make enough room for all of their new devices that they are using.

Fortunately, adding a power bar does not increase the amount of amps that each outlet and handle. Which is why power bars in contribute to an overloaded circuit.

And while a breaker is supposed to cut the electricity to an outlet if it’s being overloaded. If the breaker somehow fails for some reason. It is not going to give a warning sign. Until it is too late.

Therefore, all in their Edmonton electrician in to add more Outlets is the safest option. While the professional is in their home. They can also check the breaker box itself. To ensure it is in good working order.


That it would be less likely to fail. Dumb brands of circuit breaker are not being recommended for use any longer.

Therefore, if anyone has a federal brand circuit breaker in their home. They should have it replaced immediately. It is well known for stealing. Which results in our not being cut off to overloaded Outlet. Which is the cause of a lot of fires.

If people do I are an Edmonton electrician to come in and increase the number of outlets they have and replace their breaker box. They should always ensure that the Edmonton electrician they hire is a licensed electrical contractor.

The reason this is so important, is because since they are licensed, they are required by law to carry insurance. Which will protect the homeowner in case a mistake is made and there is Damage Done. The insurance will guarantee that the contractor will be able to fix the problem quickly and easily.

Also, the fact that the contractor is licensed means they will pull the correct permits before the start of a job. And have an inspector come out and inspect their job when it’s finished. So that they can ensure high-quality job to keep everybody safe.

The sooner people can ensure that they are getting enough outlets for their electrical needs. The better. Summer is often a great time to prepare for the Christmas holidays.

And so people might not be thinking about Christmas yet. Which is a good time to call in an Edmonton electrician. To help ensure that are electrical needs over the holidays will be taken care of.

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