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Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Circuits Can Increase Fire Risk

Many people may not realize that they are putting their home at risk by overloading their circuit does Edmonton electrician. This is extremely easy to do. And if people are not aware of the dangers. They may not be taking the proper precautions.

One thing that people should be doing according to Edmonton electrician is avoiding the use of electrical socket extenders and Power Bars. This device often called an octopus brings people a lot of all security. They believe that it is a safe way to increase ability to use the outlet. But all it does, is increase the chances of that outlet being overloaded.

People should understand that each outlet has the capability of managing 15 amps. These Power Bars, and Outlet extenders do not increase the amount of amps that the outlet and manage. Many people wrongly believed that each of these devices comes with a built-in surge protector.

Not only do these devices not have surge protectors built in necessarily. But even ones that do have surge protectors built in. If they are cheaply made, will not provide adequate protection. Edmonton electrician says that people need to take into consideration the quality of their our bar or surge protector. If they purchased it at a dollar store, chances are quite high that it’s not going to function properly.

People insist on using Outlet extenders, or Power Bars. They need to look for ones that have CSA found on the side of them. This means that it has met the safety standards sent out by Canadian law. And will be less likely to fail then there more inexpensive Township Park.


However, Edmonton electrician says the better option will be for people to Simply add more Outlets to their home. People don’t do this Partially because they don’t realize it is an option. And partly, because they don’t think that it is going to be something that they can afford.

however, people should take into consideration the cost of a house fire. Not just to their home and their possessions. But to their risks of the family members themselves. Not only would a house fire be much more costly. But would also be much more devastating. When weighing the two together, people will find at hiring an Edmonton electrician to increase their homes power capability is the better option.

Not only that, but when they call their professional to come in and increase the number of outlets in their home. They can also ensure that the breaker box that they have is a high-quality. Especially if their home is a few years older. They may have a brand of circuit breaker box that has been known to fail often. This is called a federal breaker box, because of the brand name. And it’s one of the highest failure rated breaker box is ever known.

If the Edmonton electrician that may have a federal breaker box. They can replace that. And further protect the family and the home from spiders. The sooner people can do this. The sooner that they can have peace of mind that no matter what their electricity needs are. They can use it safely.

Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Circuits Increase Risk of Fire

Even though newer homes are being built with even more electrical outlets than ever before says Edmonton electrician. Depending on how many people are in the house. Or what is going on in the house, that might not necessarily be enough Outlets. Take the holidays for example.

Christmas is a great example of how even a home with the most power outlets and use even more power than typical. For example, people might have numerous strands of lights on their house. And even have yard decorations such as lit up statues or Inflatables that require not only light, but also require a generator to keep them inflated.

Inside the home, they will have a Christmas tree that requires being plugged in. And additional strands of lights that also needs to be plugged in. Edmonton electrician says that they might have decorations that were choir electricity, or the fact that it’s winter they might have space heaters or fireplaces plugged in as well.

If people are entertaining during the holidays, then they might have house guests that have their own personal devices like tablets and cell phones. Or they might have things like electric razors, air blowers and curling iron. All of this and put an extremely large screen on the power capabilities of the home.

Many people think it’s harmless to add Power Bars to the outlet, in order to increase their electrical capabilities. And while it will allow them to plug more devices into each outlet. It doesn’t increase the outlets capability of handling the electricity going to it.


What ends up happening, is that the wires struggle to manage the increased electricity. And as they do this, the wires get physically hot. If the electricity is on for a long time. Then what can end up happening is the wires eat up so much that it can start a fire inside the walls of the home.

Many people believe that the circuit breaker will cause the power to be turned off if they overload the circuits. Or they believe that the surge protector and their power bar will protect them.

And while that is the intent. Edmonton electrician says that if the circuit breaker is not functioning correctly. The only possible way for person to know this is when it fails and a fire is caused.

Also, surge protectors are also not infallible. Especially if they have purchased an inexpensive one from the dollar store. Edmonton electrician says that if people think that they might need more outlets in their home either for their day-to-day routines. Or to accommodate holidays. They should contact Edmonton electrician in order to get more Outlets installed.

Not only is this a cost effective way to protect the family. But It can help ensure that no matter what special event is happening. People can their parties, family and friends over. Make every single holiday special. Without being their home or their special loved ones at risk.

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