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Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Circuits Are Easy to Prevent

Even though overloading circus is one of the most common ways that people have electrical fires according to Edmonton electrician. Most households at some point or another are engaging in behaviour that put them at risk for an electrical fire. It can be extremely preventable. But the biggest obstacle to get people to stop engaging in Risky behaviour. Is education.

Many people are engaging in this type of behaviour because they don’t know what risks they are posing to their house and to their family. Each electrical outlet is only rated for 15 amps at a time. Therefore, if people are plugging in two appliances to the same outlet that exceed 15 m this can create strain on the wires servicing the outlet.

What ends up happening is Edmonton electrician, is that the wires have to work harder than they were ever designed to. And the additional electrical current running through the wires causes them to physically heat up. The longer they stay hot, The increased likelihood that a fire is going to start because of the Heat.

This is very dangerous, because wild a circuit breaker is designed to protect the outlet when too much electricity is being used. By the time the wires are hot, often the breaker cannot be tripped any longer because it is not recognizing the fact that there’s too much electrical current. Therefore, people who are depending on their breaker box to work to tell them to unplug something from the outlet. Is often giving them a false sense of security.

Also, Edmonton electrician said the use of power bars, or Outlet extenders also known as octopus. Make it very easy for people to overload their electrical outlets. Which lead to this problem happening all over the house.


If people must use a power bar, or an outlet extender. They need to ensure that they are buying the ones that are CSA rated. This means that they passed Canadian Safety standards. And will be less likely to fail, causing problems for the homeowner.

Also, they should look for when’s that have a built-in surge protector. Because not all Power Bars have that feature. This way, they can use the breaker box and the surge protector together to hopefully intervene if the circuits are in fact overloaded.

However the best solution would be for people to call in and Edmonton electrician to increase the number of outlets in there home. It is a much more simple procedure than many people assume. Plus while the professional is working on adding more Outlets. They can verify the effectiveness and quality of their breaker box.

If they need to update their breaker box, because it’s old or because it is an inferior product. this will give the electrician the chance to look at it, and let homeowner know if it is functioning well or if they need something else.

When homeowners do this, they are protecting their family from a devastating electrical fire. And ensuring it that they can anticipate your family’s growing electrical needs. And can accommodate everyone’s electrical devices.

Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Circuits is Easy to Prevent

There are so many people who think that using a power bar with a built-in surge protector can help prevent overloaded circuit according to Edmonton electrician. This is actually not true. And the only way a person can avoid overloading their electrical circuits. Is by ensuring they don’t plug anything larger than 15 amps into the outlet at a time.

This means, that if people needs to have a power bar in order to have enough plugins in a certain room. That a much better solution would be calling in Edmonton electrician increase the number of electrical outlets that are in a home.

However, there are several things that they need to take into consideration when they are doing this. The first thing is, they should take an electrical inventory of every single room in their house. They should take into consideration how many Power Bars they are using, and how many things are plugged in to each of those Power Bars.

The next thing that they should consider according to Edmonton electrician. Is how often they have to plug additional appliances or devices into their power bar. Because of the seasons. For example, people might need an air conditioner plugged in. But they only need it from May to September.

People might need space heaters in each of their bedrooms, but they only need this November to March. They also should take into consideration any special holidays they have that are going to increase their electricity consumption. Such as decorating for Halloween or for Christmas.


When they know how many things need to be plugged in in each room regularly. And then how many additional things they need to have plugged in during a special events or during the seasons. They can tell their Edmonton electrician how many outlets they need additional e in each room.

The next thing that they need to take into consideration, is that he needs to hire an electrical contractor who is also licensed. The reason why, is because licensed contractors are required by law to carry insurance. Which will protect the homeowner encased of something going wrong.

If the electrical contractor made a mistake and cause damage to the home. the fact that they’ve hired a licensed Edmonton electrician, means that they will be able to fix the damage quickly and easily. Also, people should take into consideration that a licensed electrical contractor will pull the correct permits. As well as get their work inspected when it’s complete.

While adding Outlets is going to be a great solution to an overloaded circuit problem. People need to find out how many additional Outlets they need in their home and they need to ensure that they are hiring the right Edmonton electrician for the job. Make sure that it gets done properly. And finally, to get it done well in advance of their next holiday or celebration. So that they can avoid overloading the circuit at that time.

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