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Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Electrical Circuits Are Dangerous

Many homeowners have a danger lurking in their home according to Edmonton electrician. And the worst part is, they do not even know about it. And may be actively contributing to the danger.
Edmonton Electrician

The danger is overloaded circuits. And it happens far more frequently. Then many people may be willing to admit. When people plug in electrical devices. To a single circuit that combined, exceed 1500 W.

They are overloading there electrical circuits in their home. Which is putting their home at risk. Of having an electrical fire. Most electrical circuits in a home are only designed to handle. 1500 W of electricity at a time.

There are some exceptions, most notably in the kitchen and in a utility room. Where there are a lot of large appliances. Such as a refrigerator, a stove and oven. A microwave and dishwasher in the kitchen.

And in the utility room, the washing machine and clothes dryer. As well as a deep-freeze, all are going to draw. More than 1500 W of electricity. And they need to be specially wired in. By an Edmonton electrician before they can be used.

Therefore, people who are using appliances. That draw more than 1500 W of electricity at a time. Will be overloading the circuits in their home. They often believe, that they can do so safely.

And when it is too much for their electrical system to handle. The electrical panel will have the circuit breaker tripped. Which is the failsafe to keep overloaded circuits. From continuing to be overloaded.

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Edmonton electrician says the design of a circuit breaker. Is to turn the flow of electricity off. To any circuits that have more than 1500 W flowing to them. However, there is not a backup system in place.

And if the circuit breaker fails. Then, the home becomes at risk. Of developing an electrical fire. If a person does not turn off that electrical device quickly enough. The wire that provides electricity to that outlet.

Will increase in temperature, until it is hot enough. To ignite the flammable surfaces that are around it. This is a huge risk, because electrical fires can spread very quickly. And spread undetected until the entire house is on fire.

Therefore, people should not use circuit breakers. As the way to determine. If there electrical usage is safe. But simply be used, in case they accidentally. Exceed that electrical amount.

Hauer Power says it is far more beneficial. For people to understand that each circuits. Can only handle 1500 W and whenever they can. Avoid using more than that in each circuit.

They can do this by familiarizing themselves. With the amount of electricity. The each of their electrical devices uses. And if they find themselves needing. Electrical extenders, or power bars.

In order to plug the number of devices. That they typically use in at a time. That is a good indication. That they need more electrical outlets in their home. The experts at Hauer Power will be more than happy to help.

Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Electrical Circuits Are Very Dangerous

Even if people do not typically have overloaded electrical circuits says Edmonton electrician. There is often a few times a year where this happens. And even happening occasionally, it is not safe.

In the summertime, many people utilize. Portable air conditioners, because they do not want the expense. Or the hassle of getting central air conditioning. Especially when they only use it for one or two months a year.

Therefore, they will have one or two portable air conditioners. That they use in order to eliminate. The worst of the heat, when the summer heat does come. The only thing that many people do not realize.

Is that air-conditioning units. Draw close to or exactly 1500 W of power. Which means they must be put on their own circuits. Or else people will overload the electrical circuits in their house.

The problem is, many people do not know this. And have their air conditioner. Plugged in on a circuit with other electrical devices. Thinking that the circuit breaker will simply kick in, if it is overloading there circuits.

The circuit breaker is not a failsafe. And does not have a secondary backup if it fails. Therefore, rather than counting on a circuit breaker. People should ensure. That they are not exceeding 1500 W. On any circuit at any given time.

Another time of year where people are usually exceeding a circuit. Is in the winter, when people use a space heater. Or an electrical fire place. These devices must be on their own circuit.

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And if people are using any other electrical devices. At the same time on the same circuit. Or if they are using that device with an analytic standard. A power bar, or an extension cord. They are risking an electrical fire.

Something else for people to keep in mind says Edmonton electrician. Is that if they are often using extension cords. That is also an indication. That they should simply get more electrical outlets.

When they call their Edmonton electrician to do a walk-through of their home. To see if they need more outlets. How many more they need, and in what rooms. The electrician is also going to be able.

To check the electrical panel in the home as well. The reason why this is so important. Is because electrical panels age. And as they age, they stop working efficiently. Many of the circuit breakers that fail.

Do so in electrical panels that are more than twenty years old. While the Edmonton electrician will also need to see. How many spaces there are. To add circuits. And may need to upgrade the panel anyway.

By checking the state and age of the current electrical panel. Can help the homeowner avoid. Having a circuit breaker fail when they truly need it. If homeowners have any other electrical questions.

They can contact the experts at Hauer Power. Will be more than happy to answer questions. And get homeowners no obligation quotes. To ensure that they are keeping their house safe from any electrical overload.

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