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Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Electrical Circuits Cause Fires

Although many people overloaded circuits according to Edmonton electrician. At specific times of the year, such as Christmas. When they put on the exterior lights to their house.
Edmonton Electrician

As well as decorate inside, with the Christmas tree, and many lights. As well as December often starts the cold Season in Canada. And many people are using a space heater. In order to warm up their home.

While overloaded circuits are very common in the winter. Edmonton electrician says that overloaded circuits. Also happen in the warmest days of summer. Especially as people utilize portable air conditioners.

To cool themselves off, as well as many different fans. In order to have a nice cross breeze. To cool off while inside their home. However, while these are times of the year. That are the worst offenders for homeowners. Overloading the circuits in their home.

Anytime it is possible. For homeowner to overload their circuits. How it happens is quite easy. Each outlet is only designed to handle. Approximately 1500 W of electrical current at a time.

And if homeowners plugged in electrical devices. That equal over 1500 W of electricity. Then there circuits will become overloaded. Depending on the circuit breaker to break the flow of electricity. In order to stop a potential fire.

The problem with this, is that circuit breakers fail from time to time. And there is no backup or failsafe. Which means of the circuit breaker does fail. Then there will be a problem, if not a full-blown fire.

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There are several things that homeowners can do according to Edmonton electrician. To protect their home against overloaded circuits. Starting with understanding how to calculate.

How much electricity they are plugging into each device at a time. On every single electrical device, at least the ones that are legal to be sold in Canada. There will be a wattage written either on the product itself.

Or on a sticker, attached to the cord. They must ensure that they are never plugging in. A total over 1500 W. To anyone circuits. The thing that makes it most difficult says Edmonton electrician.

Is people may assume that every electrical outlets. Is on its own circuit. Sometimes, multiple outlets are on the same circuit. Or they control things like the lights in the room as well.

Therefore, a good rule of thumb is never try to equal 1500 W exactly. And always estimate high number. So that even if you are off, you will not overload the circuit. As well, if a person is using.

A lot of extension cords or power bars. They may think that it is a safe way. To increase the amount of electricity. That can be safely run through a circuits. But this is not true.

All they are doing is making it far more likely. That they will overloaded circuits. By being able to plug more electrical devices. Into an outlet at a time. For more information on how to protect the home, homeowners can contact. The experts at Hauer Power, by phone or email.

Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Electrical Circuits Will Cause Fire In Your Home

It is very important to understand says Edmonton electrician. That overloaded circuits are huge problem. If all electrical circuits. And devices are working properly in the home.

It should not be a problem. And the circuit breaker will kick in. To turn off the flow of electricity. To an overloaded circuit. However, as electrical components age. Or if work was done improperly.

This failsafe will not work properly. Especially if people are using a federal panel. That is known to have an extremely high number of failures. With 90% of most circuit breaker fires. Coming from federal panels.

Therefore, homeowners should not leave it to chance. That all electrical systems. Our working flawlessly in their home. To protect their home and their family. Against damaging electrical fires.

As well, if electrical work was not done properly. Their home is not grounded or bonded properly. And overloaded electrical circuit. Could also cause problems, such as discharging an extremely high amount of electricity.

Into the home through the electrical circuit. Instead of being grounded safely. Away from the home, and into the surrounding ground. It is extremely important that people are always watching. The amount of electricity they are using at a time.

And that they are calling the experts, such as Edmonton electrician. If they are constantly overloading there circuits. People are using more electricity than ever before. Which is one of the reasons why. Most houses feel as though.

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They do not have enough electrical outlets in them. Rather than simply buying a lot of power bars, or extension cords. Homeowners should instead contact Hauer Power. In order to get more electrical circuits.

And therefore more electrical outlets placed. In every single room of their home. Common rooms that need more electricity. Include the kitchen, especially as it seems. There are more kitchen appliances.

Than ever before, with stand mixers, instant pots and air fryers. Coffeemakers, electric kettles. Even blenders and toasters. Draw a significant amount of electricity. Coupled with the fact that the kitchen.

Uses more electricity than any other room in the home. Because of the refrigerator, stove and oven. The microwave, and dishwasher. There is a lot of electricity happening in the kitchen.

Which makes it very easy to overload the circuits. And when one considers that any one of the kitchen appliances. Such as electric kettle, toaster or coffeepot. Can easily overload the circuit on its own.

People should avoid using power bars, or extension cords in the kitchen. Instead, they can call Edmonton electrician to see about. Adding more circuits and outlets in this vital room.

So that they do not run the risk of overloading circuits. Where they could very easily start an electrical fire. At the same time, the electricians will be more than happy. To review the electrical panel.

To ensure it is in good working order. Or if it is old enough that it should be replaced. When people maintain the electrical systems in their home. They are keeping their family safe.

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