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Edmonton Electrician | Picking Bathroom Fans

People may not realize how any options there are says Edmonton electrician. For something as simple and unassuming. As a bathroom ventilation fan. And while a lot of the options pertaining to the power of it.
Edmonton Electrician

That is expressed in cubic feet per minute. Simply because a bathroom fan. Is designed to move air through a room. And the power of a fan. Is expressed in how much that air move. In a minute.

The smallest cubic feet per minute fan. That people can purchase for their residential purposes. Is fifty CFM. While the most powerful is about hundred and fifty CFM. But that does not mean says Edmonton electrician.

That they should purchase the smallest. Fan for their bathroom, and call it good. Nor should they choose the largest fan. Thinking that it will be perfect for their large bathroom. It is actually a calculation that must be done.

There Edmonton electrician can do that calculation for them. Figuring out how many cubic feet of air is in their bathroom. And then, choosing the right fan, or multiple fans.

That will be able to move that amount of air. Even if they have a bathroom. That only requires 50 ft.³ of air moved. They still should not go with the smallest power option. Simply because it is going to get worn out.

And when it is worn out, or covered in dust. It is going to move less air. Then the minimum requirement. Causing moisture to start to build up in the bathroom. As well as in the homeowners house.

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Therefore, many electricians recommend. Getting a fan. That is slightly more powerful. By 20 to 30 more CFM’s. Then there calculation has worked out. Conversely, in an extra large bathroom.

They may require more than 150 ft.³ per minute. And therefore, they will need to fans. In order to ensure. That they are taking all of the humidity. Out of a bathroom that has accumulated.

However, after this calculation. There are still many different options. That people can choose. One of the options that electricians advise against. Is getting a built in heater. Into their fan.

While there is no denying how delightful it will be. To step out of a shower. Or get out of the bathtub. And be bathed in a warm glow of heat. A light bulb that is designed to heat.

These lightbulbs are very very hot to the touch. And one thing that a bathroom fan is, and that is a magnet for dust. When heat source. Is placed close to a dust magnet.

The outcome, is often a fire. Therefore, if people do want to have a heating element. In their bathroom, they will be happy to install it. But in a safe distance apart. From their bathroom ventilation fan.

Other options that they can get in their bathroom ventilation fans. Include LED mood lighting, in several different colours. A Bluetooth speaker, so that people can listen to music. Noise options, and energy efficient options as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Selecting Bathroom Fans

People may think choosing the bathroom fan for their house is easy says Edmonton electrician. But they will quickly be overwhelmed. When they get to their home, and realize that this is not the case at all.

There are multiple different options. When it comes to choosing a right bathroom ventilation fan. In addition to different qualities. People also have to choose different power options.

Bathroom fans come anywhere between 50 ft.³ per minute. All the way up to 150 ft.³ per minute. Based on how much air. There is in a bathroom that needs to get moved. Therefore, people can choose an expensive or an inexpensive option.

At each of these different power capacities. In addition to that, Edmonton electrician says. There are even more options to consider. When it comes to the different types of bathroom ventilation fans that they can get.

One of the most common options that Edmonton electrician is installing these days. Is a bathroom ventilation fan. That comes with a Bluetooth speaker. The fan itself is very quiet.

So that music can be heard. But this allows people to listen to. Their favourite music, podcast, radio. And even their favourite audiobook. The having to cart in a bunch of speaker equipment.

And while many people may think that. They can listen to their phone quite easily. In reality, when the bathroom fan is on. In the showers going, it can be quite difficult. To hear their music on their phone speaker.

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Other than that, people may not realize. But they can get bathroom ventilation fans. With built in LED mood lighting. They can switch the lighting to bright white. If they need extra light.

Whether they are cleaning, shaving or applying makeup. Or, they can put on mood lighting. So that they can get into whatever mood they want. Such as purple or pink to relax in a nice hot bubble bath.

Or, if people are interested in having a nice invigorating orange or red. When they are having a shower. To help energize them for the day. While these are some common and fancy options.

Edmonton electrician says there are some other options. That may be just as desirable. But without being as fancy sounding. For example, people can choose a bathroom fan. That is completely silent.

Many people have experienced the deafening roar. Of a loud bathroom fan. And having one client. Can help keep. The silent harmony in a home. As well, people can choose and energy efficient model.

Whether they are looking to eliminate their carbon footprint as much as possible. Or if they simply want to save a few dollars on their energy bill. They can even choose a room fan.

That has a built-in humidity sensor. Turning on when it senses humidity. And then turning itself off when the humidity level drops. Regardless, people can get the help they need from Hauer Power.

Located in Edmonton, not only to pick out the bathroom fan. But to install it expertly as well. And have a great fan. That will protect their home from moisture.

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