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Edmonton Electrician | Picking Bathroom Vent Fans

It may seem easy says Edmonton electrician. The picking bathroom ventilation fans is difficult. Not only are there dozens of options on the market. From different power, two different quality.
Edmonton Electrician

One of the first things that people should keep in mind. Is choosing the right power is vitally important. The role of the bathroom fan. Is actually to move the air. That is humid. And can cause damage.

In a home from the bathroom. Out of the home. Where it can no longer cause any damage at all. Therefore, the bathroom fan must be powerful enough. To move all of the cubic feet of air. From inside the bathroom.

And vented out. Unlike most other fans. That are designed to blow the air. Bathroom fans are designed to suck it. And, can be very difficult. To suck all of the air. When the fan is not as powerful.

As there is the amount of air that needs to be moved. This is expressed as cubic feet per minute. And homeowners must calculate the amount of cubic air they have in their bathroom. To figure out what size of bathroom fan they need.

The smallest size of bathroom fan is about 50 ft.³ per minute. or as it is referred to as, CFM. The largest is about hundred and fifty CFM says Edmonton electrician. But that does not mean. That homeowners can simply say.

That they have a small bathroom. Therefore though get the fifty CFM fan. Or, that they have a large bathroom. And that the hundred and fifty CFM fan. Will be perfect for them.

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The first cause of concern says Edmonton electrician. Is that the fan that is the smallest. Is likely not going to do that efficient of a job. Once it has been installed, has aged a little bit.

And more importantly, has accumulated. A thin, or thick layer of dust on it. The dust can cause the motor to have to work harder. In order to turn the fan blades. Or, work harder to suck the air.

Through the clogged grill on the fan vent. Therefore the smallest fan is likely. Not going to do the minimum task. After it is installed in a home. Edmonton electrician usually installs.

A fan that is more powerful. Then the minimum requirement. To ensure that it continues doing the minimum work. Once that is installed. Has aged, and has got a thin layer of dust on it.

As well, if they have an extra large bathroom in their home. A one hundred and fifty CFM fan. May not be large enough for them. This is why homeowners should simply. Get the experts to calculate their correct size.

And then, have the experts install them. Some large bathrooms may need multiple fans. In order to eliminate all of the humidity. And protecting the home from the ravages of humidity buildup.

Homeowners that need a hand, can contact the experts at Hauer Power. There located in Edmonton, and will be more than happy. To give a free estimate. Pick out the fan, and do the work.

Edmonton Electrician | Selecting Bathroom Vent Fans

Bathroom ventilation fans are in creatively important says Edmonton electrician. Because they help keep the home humidity and moisture free. This is important, because humidity in a home can be incredibly damaging.

Not only can humidity because the softer substances in a home to start to rot. Such as the flooring, the subflooring. The drywall, insulation and studs. But also, humidity can cause other problems.

Such as black mould to start to form. Mould loves humidity. And especially when it is humid. In places that the homeowner does not normally see. Such as underneath cabinets, and underneath flooring.

And between the walls. The problem can get out of hand very quickly. Homeowners often think that they have the right bathroom fans. And turn the fan on every day. Thinking that there home is protected.

When black mould is growing, sometimes literally. Underneath their feet. There are many things that causes the bathroom fans to not work well anymore. And the first thing, is a buildup of dust.

Anyone who has dusted there home before. Understands how quickly. Dust can accumulate. And how frustrating it can be. To keep their house dust free. They should take that into consideration.

Been thinking about their bathroom fans. Especially since the fans entire job. Is to pull air through it. Pulling the air through the fans. Automatically builds up the dust, because first of all, there is always dust in the air.

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And when it passes the solid fan blades. And the grill in front of the fan. The dust is going to settle. But, combined with the fact says Edmonton electrician. That the dust is suspended in humid air.

The humidity will cause the dust. To stick even more quickly. To the fan blades. And the grill in front of the fan. Meaning, the dust is going to build up. Even faster, and thicker. Than in other parts of the house.

Therefore, Edmonton electrician says. One thing that homeowners can do. To ensure that their fan is working efficiently and effectively. Is to quite simply dust that fan.

Once a month, they can take handheld vacuum. Or the want of their regular vacuum. And hold it up to the grill. And suck all of the dust out of it. This only needs to be done once a month, and is going to take them.

About five minutes of time. And then, about once every quarter. Or, whenever the seasons change. All they have to do is pull that grill off. And take the same vacuum. And vacuum the dust off of the blades.

By doing this, they can ensure that the fan is kept in good working order. And they are not overtaxing the motor. Which will have to work harder. If it is covered in a thick layer of dust.

The sooner homeowners can take responsibility. And start maintaining their bathroom fans. The sooner they are going to be able to breathe easy, and ensure that they are going to have. Humidity problems in their home. Caused by poorly functioning bathroom fan.

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