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Edmonton Electrician | Picking Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Homeowners should care about their bathroom ventilation fans says Edmonton electrician. Because they play an important role. In protecting the home from unwanted moisture. Moisture is extremely terrible to a home.
Edmonton Electrician

Not only because it can cause problems. Such as mushy drywall. And starting to rot softer features of the house. Such as subflooring, and the wooden studs in the walls. But also moisture can cause mould.

And while mould is destructive. To the various components of the house. The true reason why homeowners. Should avoid having black mould in their home. Is because it is an incredibly terrible health hazard.

Black mould in a home is considered toxic. And causes significant health problems. For the people living in it. Such as developing respiratory diseases. Autoimmune problems. And developing allergic reactions and rashes.

Therefore, ensuring that the home. Is protected from moisture is important. And the unsung hero, the bathroom fan. Is going to do a huge job. In protecting the home from the moisture.

That results from steamy showers and hot baths. The role of the bathroom fan. Is actually to suck all of the humid air. Out of the bathroom, and vented out of the home. However, many people are unaware.

That the bathroom fan. Actually needs to be replaced as often as it does. Many models can actually last. For 5 to 10 years. If properly maintained. However, not all homeowners.

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Even know what maintenance a bathroom fan requires. While cheaper options, are only rated to last. One or two years, and that is with the fan. Being properly maintained.

If the fans are not being maintained. Then the lifespan is even shorter. The maintenance that people should engage in. On a regular basis is quite simple. As well as very fast to accomplish.

For example, Edmonton electrician recommends. Homeowners taking a vacuum, such as a handheld model. Or taking the wand from their regular vacuum. And quickly vacuuming the grill of the bathroom fan.

This will keep the dust from accumulating. Making it hard to pull the air through the vent. And venting it out of the home. This should be done approximately once a month, and should only take. About five minutes or less.

The other maintenance that Edmonton electrician recommends. Is once a quarter, pulling off the grill. And vacuuming off the fan blades directly. The reason why this is so important.

Is because the weight of the dust, can add up. And way down the fan blades. Making it difficult for the motor. To turn the fan blades as quickly as they need. In order to suck the air out of the room.

As well, if the dust continues to accumulate. The fan motor is going to have to work harder. Which will inevitably where the motor out. Sooner rather than later. One of the best things homeowner can do.

In order to protect their home from unwanted and damaging moisture. Is to simply turn on the bathroom fan. Whenever they have a bath or shower. And then, engage in regular maintenance.

Edmonton Electrician | Selecting Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Many homeowners are unaware according to Edmonton electrician. How important the bathroom ventilation fan is. It is truly, the unsung hero of the home.

It is design is to pull all of the humidity. Out of the bathroom. And remove it from the home. Humidity and moisture is extremely damaging to home. And that is why it is important.

Not only that homeowners put the fan on. Whenever they are having a bath or shower. But also, that they ensure. That they have the best bathroom fan. For their home, and bathroom.

Any people do not give a lot of thought. To this seemingly inconsequential feature. Of their bathroom, and in fact. Many homeowners dislike how loud. Many of their bathroom fans are.

Which unfortunately keeps them from turning the fan on. When they are having a shower. Or, trying to relax in a bathtub. Edmonton electrician says they should talk to them. About getting a new bathroom fan.

There are many different varieties. For this seemingly simple part of the bathroom. One thing that they thoroughly recommend. If the sound of the fan is disturbing. To get a quieter, or completely silent variety.

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These are a little bit more money. However, if it will keep the peace in the home. And keep people from avoiding turning on the bathroom fan. When they are having a bath or shower. The cost will be well worth it.

However, that is just one of the many features. Of the bathroom fan. Something that they should keep in mind, is especially if. They have a hard time remembering to turn the bathroom fan off. Or to turn it on in the first place.

They can get bathroom fan varieties, that come with a. Built in humidity sensor. What this does, is it automatically turns itself on. When the humidity sensor. Senses that there is more moisture in the air.

And then, it automatically turns itself off. When the humidity has been eliminated. This is perfect for homes that have forgetful people. Or small children, that may forget to turn the fan on or off.

As well, Edmonton electrician says there are electric fans. That can actually help people. Make their carbon footprint smaller. Or help them save money on their electric bills.

Because there are energy efficient models. Homeowners should be aware that these energy efficient models. Are not going to be completely silent. But it is a small trade-off, for being environmentally conscientious.

Finally, once they have chosen the right fans. Whether they have else in mood lighting. Or they have chosen a fan that is not only silent. But comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

They must maintain them. By vacuuming out the fan grill. And the fan blades on a regular basis. Doing this, homeowners can ensure. That they are protecting their home from the scores of moisture and humidity. And keeping their most precious asset taken care of.

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