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Edmonton Electrician | Plan Kitchen Renovations Properly

Even when a kitchen renovation is supposed to be small, hire and Edmonton electrician anyway. Or at least call on them. In order to, and do a walk-through of the space. In order to get their opinion on whether there services are needed.

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Even when people do not think they are going to need to upgrade electrical components. They will purchase a new appliance. And then realize, too late that the outlets are not wired to handle the electricity flow from that appliance.

This is why it is crucial for homeowners to get the opinion of a qualified electrician. Before proceeding with any kitchen renovations. The reason why it is very likely that there electrical outlets.

Are not equipped to handle the flow of electricity. From their new appliances. Is because the typically, when the kitchen was originally built. The homebuilder only wired the electrical outlets.

To handle the exact flow of electricity by each of the appliances. That were going to be plugged in to each outlet. Therefore the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. Even the microwave and range hood.

Would not only be on their own circuits. But wired specifically to handle the amount of electricity. That those appliances require. Therefore, when a homeowner purchases a new kitchen appliance.

Chances are quite good that the new appliance will draw more electricity. Then the appliance that they had in that space originally. And if they do not upgrade the wiring in their kitchen.

They will plug those appliances in. Only to realize that the new kitchen appliance trips the breaker. And they have to call in an electrician anyway. It is far more beneficial for homeowners to know this upfront.

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And if homeowners believe that the electrician is just going to rewire that one plug. They are clearly not familiar with the Canadian electrical code. Which specifies, even minor changes to an existing electrical system.

The electrician must bring the rest of the electrical system in that room. Up to the most current safety standards. Outlined in the Canadian electrical code. This means they are going to have to upgrade to the entire kitchen electrically.

The reason why it is more beneficial to know this upfront. Is because when a homeowner is doing kitchen renovations to begin with. If they know upfront. That they are going to have to hire an Edmonton electrician.

In order to upgrade the electrical outlets. As well as upgrade the rest of the kitchen. They not only will be able to budget for this expense. But also ask for price on upgrading other electrical components.

Such as putting LED lighting in they overhead lights in the kitchen. Or adding under the counter lighting. And even adding additional electrical outlets. Which is a very popular electrical addition to kitchens during renovations.

Therefore, anyone who is planning a kitchen renovation. Should air on the side of caution. And contact an Edmonton electrician to come in and do a walk-through of their space. So that they can be prepared for hiring them if needed.

Edmonton Electrician | Planning Kitchen Renovations

It is very important for homeowners, to hire an Edmonton electrician. When they are doing even minor kitchen renovations. This is because most renovations will require some updating of electrical components.

And it is far better for homeowners to know this cost upfront and plan for it. As well as get everything upgraded electrically in their kitchen. Rather than find out at the end of the renovations.

That there electrical appliances, sisters their fridge, stove or microwave. Are not functioning, because they draw more electricity than the outlets were equipped to handle.

Therefore, homeowners should always contact an Edmonton electrician first. Because if they do not need their services, they will say so. But if the homeowner does need to upgrade some of the electrical components in their kitchen.

Not only should they know this for budgetary purposes. But also, they should be aware of this. So that they can plan on making all of the electrical changes that they want.

Since they already have an electrician coming into their home to do some work. Some of the renovations that would require the services of an Edmonton electrician. Would be adding additional electrical outlets.

Because most homeowners believe they do not have enough outlets in their kitchen to begin with. Therefore, they can add as many new electrical outlets as they want. Or as many as they have space for on their panel.

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But even then, there electrician will be able to either add a new subpanel. Or change out the panel to a newer, larger one. That not only can handle the current electrical changes the homeowner is making.

But also, with spaces so that they can add more circuits as they grow. Another reason why it is very important to contact an Edmonton electrician to do this. Instead of allowing a general contractor to do the work.

Is because typically, a general contractor will not be working every day with electricity. Which means they might be making mistakes that are avoidable. By missing important steps.

Or simply not adhering to the most current Canadian electrical code. This code is put out every three years. And is updated, not only to add technological advances.

But also, as new information is gained about old electrical practices. New safety standards are updated. Therefore, when a contractor is doing electrical work. But they are not adhering to the most current code.

They are likely doing things that are now considered unsafe. When electrical work is done not safely. Not only does it put the house at risk for damage. But also, because when the electrical components are not properly wired. There is a risk of an electrical fire.

That could also put the occupants of the home at risk as well. Therefore, homeowners should always contact a certified professional to do all of the work. So that they can have the renovations done properly, and increase the function of their new kitchen.

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