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Edmonton Electrician | Properly Planning A Kitchen Renovation

No matter how big or small persons kitchen renovation is going to be, hiring an Edmonton electrician. Could be one of the most important decisions they make in the entire process.

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The reason why, is because even if they are not planning on changing any electrical components. In their kitchen renovation, it may be unavoidable for many different reasons.

For example, people might be simply buying new appliances, or even one appliance. To put in their kitchen, and that may necessitate. Changing their electrical system in the entire kitchen.

The reason why, is because since the major appliances, such as the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove. But also smaller appliances like the microwave or the hood fan. Are going to be wired on their own circuit.

Because they are going to be wired on their own circuit. When the house was originally constructed. The electrician most likely wired them for the appliance that was going to be going in there.

Which means if the fridge only needed a 14gauge wire with a fifteen amp breaker. The builder would not have asked the electrician to upgrade the wiring. In order to stay under cost.

However, when people are purchasing new appliances, it has probably been five, or ten years minimum since the house was originally built and wired. And the electrical appliances have a larger power draw.

Which means simply by plugging in their new appliance into the outlet that is available. People may overload the circuit’s. It is better to find out sooner, and before the renovations are done.


That they need to hire and Edmonton electrician. If for no other reason than to upgrade the outlets. To be able to handle the appliances that they want to put in their kitchen.

However, another reason why homeowners may want to hire and Edmonton electrician. When they are doing a kitchen renovation. Is to add electrical outlets to their kitchen.

Typically, kitchens do not come with enough power outlets for what people want to plug in to them. And when homebuilders are building home for the first time. They only put the minimum number of outlets in.

Again, to save on cost. But the result, is that people do not have enough outlets in their kitchen. To plug-in all of the appliances that they want to use on a regular basis.

The kitchen uses more power than any other room in the house. Not just because of the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave. But because of the appliances people are using in the kitchen.

The crockpot, the air fryer, and pressure cooker. Are just some of the appliances that people might want to use. In addition to a blender, coffeepot, electric cattle and toaster.

This is why many people want to add outlets in their kitchen. And when they are doing a renovation in their kitchen. Or even when they are simply adding a new appliance and have to hire an electrician anyway.

It is the optimum time to add an outlet. And increase the functionality of their kitchen. Therefore, no matter how big or small their kitchen renovation is. They should hire a professional.

Edmonton Electrician | Planning Kitchen Renovations Properly

Many people may not realize they are going to need to hire an Edmonton electrician. When they are doing kitchen renovations in their home. However, it is very important that not only do they hire someone to do the electrical work.

But that they hire someone that is certified in that trade. And does that job full-time. So that they can be certain that the job is being done properly. People that do not do electrical work full-time.

May not be up-to-date on the electrical standards. Since the Canadian electrical code updates every three years. Someone who is not working in the trade full-time. May not know the most current code.

But also, someone who is not working full-time in the trade. May forget all of the important steps. That they need to do in order to do the electrical work properly. And electrical work is one field.

Where if the contractor does not do a good job. Or if they forget about certain aspects of their work that they are doing. At the very least, they could end up causing components not to work.

And at the most, do the work in properly. That would lead to an electrical fire starting. That could cause property damage, or even burn down house. And putting all of the inhabitants in the house at risk of injury or death.

This is why it is so important to the right Edmonton electrician for the job. No matter how small home owner thinks their kitchen renovation is going to be. Whether they are adding an appliance.


Like a refrigerator or stove. Or if they think that it is a simple enough job, to add some additional outlets. It is important that this gets done properly. To add functionality to the kitchen. And minimize risk of injury.

For example, when an electrician is going to add electrical outlets. Especially in a kitchen, where most of the appliances that are going to be used such as a pressure cooker or crockpot.

Need to be on their own circuit. To avoid overloading the circuits, and causing the breaker to turn power off to the circuits. Adding an additional outlets, means adding an additional circuit to the system.

The Edmonton electrician will need to look at their panel, and if the panel does not have enough spaces open for additional circuits. They are either going to have to add a subpanel.

Or replace the panel entirely, with one that has a larger capability. Therefore, this small job has now turned into a much larger job. And it is important that they know this at the beginning of their renovation.

So that not only can they hire the right electrician for the job. They can budget for it accordingly. And make sure that the renovations all happen properly. Instead of finding this out too late, or after the renovation has been completed.


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