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Edmonton Electrician | Planning Kitchen Renovations Isn’t Easy

When people are renovating their kitchen, Edmonton electrician says it will be the most expensive renovation. That they do in their entire house. Which is why it is of paramount importance that they do it properly.

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Typically, when people are renovating their kitchen. They are going to not just add cabinets, and move counters. They will often want to add functionality. Which means adding things like a new kitchen island.

That has a sink for example. And that they are going to be adding electrical appliances, or at least replacing old ones. And perhaps, adding new outlets in the kitchen.

To do all of these things, they likely will need to take the drywall off. Move all existing appliances out of the kitchen. And have their entire kitchen strips down to the bare studs.

Therefore, there going to need tradespeople such as plumbers, someone to do the floors, someone to do the drywall’s and painting. But also, they are going to need an electrician.

One mistake that many people make. Is thinking that there going to be able to hire one professional. To do all of those different activities. And therefore, save some money on this most expensive renovation.

However, this is a very bad idea. Because while they might find a great handyman to do the work. Chances are, they are not going to be an expert in all of those areas, such as an expert plumber.

Or an expert electrician, and an expert person to install drywall. They might be very good in one or two areas. And then only have some information about the other tasks that they will be expected to complete.


Which means they are not going to be able to do the job as well as they should. In order to have a person and up. With a fantastic kitchen renovation. That will add not only functionality to their kitchen.

But it will add a lot of value to their home. Which is why they should ensure that it is done properly. So that they can have all of the function and all of the value. That kitchen renovation should be adding to them.

And when they are looking for tradespeople to work on their kitchen renovation. Out of all of the trades, hiring an Edmonton electrician is one of the most important things that they can do.

Not only is it highly technical. But if the electricity is not done properly. It can represent a significant danger. When people are using electricity in the kitchen.

The best case scenario, is if someone doing the electrical work makes a mistake, things might not work properly. Which can be frustrating. But the worst-case scenario, is if someone doing the electrical work makes a mistake.

They can end up causing an electrical fire. That not only can damage property. It can put the people in the home at risk of injury or death. Because electrical fires spread very quickly.

This is why people should always hire and Edmonton electrician to work on their kitchen renovation. And although it is an expensive renovation to do. Hiring the best people. Will ensure that it is done as perfectly as possible.

Edmonton Electrician | Planning Kitchen Renovations

Many people may not realize how extensive the electrical work will be in their kitchen renovation says Edmonton electrician. However, it will be much more extensive than people realize for many different factors.

Starting with the fact that typically, when people do kitchen renovations. They are going to replace some if not all of their kitchen appliances. Their refrigerator, stove and dishwasher.

And even their microwave, and range hood. Are likely going to get replaced. And when that happens, they are going to need an electrician to do the wiring in their kitchen.

The reason why they will need an electrician to do the wiring. Simply when they are buying a new kitchen appliance. Is because when the kitchen was built. The homebuilder likely only wired the outlets.

For the appliances that were going to be installed. Which means, if the refrigerator only needed 14gauge wiring with a fifteen amp breaker. The homebuilder would not have put in anything larger.

Because that would be adding cost unnecessarily. However, when people are purchasing a new appliance. It typically will have a larger electrical draw.

Which means it is probably going to be using more electricity. Then the outlets has been wired to allow. Therefore, simply by plugging their new appliance in. They could blow the circuit, and lose power.


And the reason why it is important to hire and Edmonton electrician. No matter what appliance they are purchasing. Is because every major kitchen appliance. Should be on their own circuit.

The refrigerator, the stove and the dishwasher. And even the microwave and hood fan. Are going to need the outlets updated with heavier gauge wire, and larger amps.

So that they will be able to operate those appliances easily. If they wait until after the renovation is done. And find out that the outlets are not adequate for their new appliances.

They are going to have to rip apart a lot of the renovation that they just completed. In order to have the electrician complete the wiring properly. This is why, no matter how minor a person’s kitchen renovation is going to be.

They should contact an Edmonton electrician to do a walk-through. So that they can get a professional opinion on whether there service is needed. And if so, how much it will cost to get the work done.

Ultimately, a professional is not going to say that they need more work done if they do not. As well, the electrician will be able to see their panel, and let them know if they need it upgraded, to allow for more circuits.

Or if they need to add a subpanel. And it may require replacing anyway. Which is why any time people are doing renovations. An electrician should be consulted. To ensure everything is being done properly. As well as being done safely, for their peace of mind for their family.


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