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Edmonton Electrician | Prevent Overloading Circuits

Homeowners should understand how to prevent overloading circuits says Edmonton electrician. Not only because it is easy to do. But because they should not leave it to chance. That there circuit breaker is always going to work flawlessly.
Edmonton Electrician

In the nineteen eighties, many electricians. Were installing a brand of electrical panel. That was very inexpensive. And that brand was federal, but the downfall. Of installing such an inexpensive products.

Was only made known several years ago. 90% of all of the electrical fires. In Canada and the United States were due to. A faulty circuit breaker in the panels that federal made.

Therefore, it is very common. For people who have homes built during that era. To still have the federal circuit panel in their home. And, unbeknownst to them. Are at risk of an electrical fire.

Because expert opinion is not if the circuit breaker will fail. But rather when the circuit breaker is going to fail. Therefore, while homeowners should call their Edmonton electrician. To check to see if they have this faulty panel in their home.

It is also important for homeowners to learn. How to avoid overloading the electrical circuits. They have in each room in their home. An important rule of thumb is that each circuit can only handle.

1500 W of electricity at a time. The second thing that they need to keep in mind. Is that there may be multiple electrical outlets. On a single circuit, as well as things like the lighting system in a room.

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They can figure out exactly what is connected to each circuit. By going to their electrical panel. And turning off circuits. And seeing exactly what is affected. Next, they need to ensure that they never plug-in.

More than 1500 W of energy combined, on a single panel. This might sound very complex admits Edmonton electrician. But it is much easier. Once homeowners start doing it in practice.

Each electrical device by law. Will have the energy that they consume. Either printed on the device itself. Or, attached to a sticker. That is wrapped around the court. When homeowners can figure out.

How much energy each device consumes. They are able to figure out how many devices. They can plug-in to each circuit that they have. While there are many devices that only consume a small amount of energy.

Such as cell phone chargers, radios, nightlights. And things like reading lamps. There are also many other devices. That consume an extremely large amount of energy as well.

Air-conditioners, space heaters. Blow dryers and flat irons. As well as almost any electrical device in the kitchen. From slow cookers and air fryers. Two electric tea kettles and coffeemakers just to name a few.

By understanding how to calculate the amount of energy. And what is on a single circuit. Homeowners do not have to leave it to fate. That there circuit breaker is going to work perfectly that day. Protecting them from an electrical fire.

Edmonton Electrician | Prevent Overloading Circuits Today

It is extremely important says Edmonton electrician. That homeowners know how to avoid overloading electrical circuits in their home. The reason why, is because while circuit breakers are designed.

To stop the flow of electricity when a circuit is overloaded. There is no backup system. In case the circuit breaker fails. And when it does fail, it will typically start a fire. That can threaten the home and the family within it.

That is why people should be aware of how easy it is to overloaded circuit. And how to avoid doing so. Key indicator according to Edmonton electrician. That a circuit is overloaded is if people. Are using outlet extenders, also referred to as an octopus.

An extension cord, or power bar. Primarily for the function. Of plugging more electrical devices. Into an outlet then it could handle without those devices. A common misconception among people who use these devices.

Especially the ones that are certified by the Canadian safety Council. Is that they safely increase the amount of energy. That can be plugged into that outlet. This is unfortunately incorrect.

As there is no electrical device that can increase. The electrical usage in a circuit. Except updating the wire. So that it can handle more electricity at a time. Therefore, people may be lulled into a false sense of security.

That these devices are going to safely allow them. To plug more energy consuming devices in at a time. Without any repercussions. Therefore, they should walk through their home taking note.

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Of everywhere that they have used an octopus, a power bar. Or an outlet extender and extension cord. Because these are areas that they should ask their Edmonton electrician. To add a circuit, and add an electrical outlet or two.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that if there circuit breaker. Is starting to trip more often. Despite the fact that homeowner. Is not necessarily utilizing more energy. This could be an indication. That the circuit breaker is starting to wear out.

When a panel is approximately twenty years old. The circuit breaker may stop working effectively. If homeowners do not realize. That this is a sign that they should contact their Edmonton electrician.

In order to get a price on installing a new panel. They may simply be annoyed. And think when the problem resolves itself. That is to say, when the circuit breaker no longer is tripping for no apparent reason.

That the problem has mysteriously fixed itself. All that his surely happened says the experts. Is that the circuit breaker has simply stopped working altogether. Therefore, the house is completely unprotected.

From any electrical overloads. Which means if the homeowner, or anyone inside it. Accidentally plugs in more than 1500 W of energy. To one circuits, they could be at risk of developing an electrical fire.

Before that happens, homeowners should contact the experts at Hauer Power. Who will come in, tour the home. And give a free no obligation quote. About upgrading the panel and adding more circuits. To put peace of mind back into the homeowners plans.

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