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Edmonton Electrician | Prevent Overloading Your Circuits

Overloading the circuits in a home is dangerous says Edmonton electrician. Because it puts the home at risk of an electrical fire. Circuits are only designed to handle a certain amount of electrical current.
Edmonton Electrician

The wires that are used to bring electricity to the outlet. Our certain thickness. And when more electricity is trying to run through the thickness of wire. The wire becomes hot, as it tries to compensate.

While it can be very easy to use a thicker wire. In order to accommodate more electricity. Homebuilders and electricians only use the wire. That is required to do the job. And nothing more.

This is in order to save money. And so, and industrial building. May have much thicker wire than a home. So it is very important. That homeowners are aware. Of how much energy is designed.

To course through the electric wires in their own home. 1500 W is usually the maximum. For any electrical outlet that has not been specially wired. However, in certain rooms of a home.

There might be thicker wires. Or outlets that have a larger electrical capacity. The kitchen is a very good example of this. Not only will the refrigerator need. To be on its own circuit. It will also needs to accommodate.

Much larger draws of energy. As not only will it require more than 1500 W of electricity. But the refrigerator, unlike the microwave, stove or dishwasher. Is always going to be on. Therefore, it will always be drawing.

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That amount of electricity. However, the stove, microwave and dishwasher. Are all also going to need to be on their own circuit. With their own electrical outlet wiring. Because they will also draw much more energy than a typical outlet requires.

Other rooms of the house that will be specially wired. Includes the utility, or laundry room. That has the washer and dryer. As well as the chest deep-freeze. That many people have in their homes.

If people want to have a special room. Dedicated to a higher energy amount. Such as a theatre room. That not only has a projector, special speakers to have surround sound. A computer, gaming system.

And in some homes, Edmonton electrician says they even have a pop and popcorn machine. That room is also going to need. To have the experts, such as Hauer Power. Come in and especially wire that room.

There it is an entertainment room, for watching movies. A gaming room for example, where people can set up their gaming computer, their three or five monitors. And have an especially large CPU operating.

They will all need to be specially wired in by Edmonton electrician. All they have to do is have the electrician come to their home. Do a walk-through. To not only see the electrical panel that is there. But see how many circuits in outlets they are going to need.

But they will also see if the paddle needs to be upgraded. And other work that may need to be done. In order to bring homeowners dreams a reality.

Edmonton Electrician | Prevent Overloading Your Circuits

It is very important that homeowners understand says Edmonton electrician. The danger of overloading the circuits in their home. Any homeowners think that they can plug. Anything into any outlets at any time.

And that if it is too much energy. There circuit breaker will protect them. However, they should not do this. Simply because they are leaving it up to chance. That there circuit breaker is not going to fail.

And while a brand-new panel. With a brand-new circuit breaker should not fail. There is also no fallback plan. Or failsafe. That will kick in if the circuit breaker does fail. And when the circuit breaker is more than twenty years old.

The chances that it is going to start to fail increases exponentially. Another problem says Edmonton electrician. Is that many of the electrical panels. That were installed in homes throughout the nineteen eighties. Our faulty.

As discovered, approximately ten years ago. The brand used in the faulty panels is federal. And it is discovered that in 90%. Of all of the house fires that were started. By a faulty circuit breaker.

Involved the federal panels that were installed in homes. During this time. Therefore, it is of expert opinion. That it is not if these circuit breakers will fail. But a matter of when and how badly they will fail.

Therefore, not only should homeowners be contacting. Edmonton electrician in order to make sure. That they do not have a federal panel in their home. But they also should be checking. To see if there home.

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Should upgrade the electrical panel anyway. Whether it is because they need to make room. For more electrical circuits. So that they can plug more electrical devices in.

Or because there electrical panel is getting older. And it is good practice to get rid of. What will stop working in the near future.

Therefore, homeowners should ensure. That they are not overloading there circuits. By ensuring that they are not plugging in. More than 1500 W of electricity. Into a single outlet at a given time.

This can be easy to figure out. By looking at the wattage on every electrical device. That is either printed on the bottom. Or written on a sticker. That wraps around the court.

There are many electrical devices. That will not use anywhere close to the maximum wattage. Things like reading lamps, cell phone chargers. Radios, and similar type of devices will able to be used.

Without impacting the circuits and overloading them. But, there are many devices. That all on their own, will reach the maximum wattage. Such as space heaters, air conditioners and most of the devices in the kitchen.

Electric kettles and coffee pots, electric frying pans and rice cookers. Even just a couple of these being plugged in together. Can wreak havoc on electrical system. Call Edmonton electrician today.

In order to figure out what can be done. About adding electrical circuits and outlets. To help people avoid overloading the circuits in their home.

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