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Edmonton Electrician | Prevent Overloaded Circuits

Overloaded circuit can easily lead by house fire says Edmonton electrician. And December is the month where more house fires happen due to overloaded electrical currents than any other single month.

This is often because people are using far more electricity than we normally do. Including things like their exterior lights on their house. Yard decorations such as Inflatables. And things inside like their Christmas tree, the lights on the tree as well as an electric fireplace for example.

While it’s not a problem that people use all of these devices at the same time. However the problem happens when people are using all of these devices at the same time on the same electrical circuit.

Each outlet is only rated to have 15 amps of power go through at 2 at any given time. If people are plugging in two devices in to be outlet that exceed 15 amps, they are already putting their wires at risk.

However, Edmonton electrician says if people are using power bars, or extenders such as an octopus. Not only are they likely plugging in more than 15 amps at a time. But these devices can also give people a false sense of security. Because many people assume that they all come with a built-in surge protector.

This is not true, and there are several things for people to look for and they’re devices that they plug into the wall to give them more Outlet. Edmonton electrician says the first thing that people need to do is ensure that they are buying quality devices.


Look for the CSA logo that will be embedded in the products. Because this will mean that they have been tested and inspected by the Canadian dollar in body. And have been rated safe to you.

People might want to save money, and get less expensive power bars. Or get ones at the dollar store for example. And while these are definitely less expensive. They are also much inferior in quality. And have not been given approval by the Canadian governing body.

Also, once a person has found a power bar that is CSA rated, they need to look to see if it specifically says that it has surge protector integrated within it. Not all power bars will have a surge protector. And so people need to be very careful when they’re choosing the right power bar for their needs.

Edmonton electrician says the best-case scenario will be for people to avoid using power bars at all. In favour of having more Outlets put into their home. And while it is a little bit more expensive than simply buying a PowerBar. It is inherently more safe. And it will ensure that people and slug whatever they want in safely.

Therefore, if people have ever trips there breaker in the last year. Or if people are using one power bar in order to give themselves more Outlets. This is a good indication that they should call her Edmonton electrician right away. And have more Outlets installed in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Preventing Overloaded Circuits

Overloading circuits and happen at any time of the year says Edmonton electrician. Whether it is Christmas, where people have even more energy needs because of the lights on the house and yard decorations. Or because of their Christmas tree with the lights on it, or electrical fireplace for example. But also is summer candy bad due to the air conditioners. An awesome can require additional our, because of the Halloween decorations, and the fact that they might need the air conditioner during the day, but the space heater at night for example

if people need more outlets in order to find in all of the devices that they use on a regular basis. Rather than trying to get a power bar that suits their needs. The ideal situation would be for people to assembly increase the number of outlets in their home.

This is a much easier procedure than many people realize. And can be done in a single day. How it works is that an Edmonton electrician will add a breaker switch to the circuit breaker box. Run additional wire throughout the house to whatever room needs the additional Outlets. And then why are the outlets into the wall with a box.

And while it is definitely a more expensive Endeavor than complete buying a power bar. It is also comes with a much lower cost than losing an entire house in a fire do too overloaded circuits.

However, there are several things that they need to take into consideration to ensure that they hire the best electrical contractor or their needs. The first thing they need to do is ensure that whoever they hire is actually a licensed electrical contractor.


Having that license means that the electrical contractor that they hire will be required by law to carry insurance. This insurance protects the homeowner in case something goes wrong, and there is damage to the property. For example, if there is a wiring mishap it might end up blowing all of the wires in the house, requiring more work to fix it.

Well nobody’s looking forward to having a problem. Problems do come up occasionally says Edmonton electrician. And having the insurance and play is a good step to ensure that it will get fixed properly if it happens.

The next thing that people should do when hiring an Edmonton electrician to add outlets in their home. Is when they are hiring their license contractor, they will keep in mind that this also means that they will pull the correct permit. An unlicensed contractor might not know that permits needs to be told. Which puts the home at rest.

Unlicensed contractor will also get their work inspected at the end. So that the homeowner knows that it has been done properly. And so that they can ensure the safety of their occupants. But also in case they want to sell their house in the future. Having that inspection report is important.

Not only does increasing the number of outlets and a home increase the safety. But it is also far more convenient for all of the occupants of the album. Which can make for a really fun experience.

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