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Edmonton Electrician | Preventing Electrical Fires Is Worth the Effort

One of the most important things that a person can do, is ensure that they have enough electrical outlets in their home according to Edmonton electrician. This is because it is very easy to overload an electrical outlet. And when that happens, the chances of creating a electrical fire is quite great.

However, when people have more than enough electrical outlets in their home. You never have to worry about overloading each outlet. Which will give them peace of mind that they are not going over that electrical outlets ability.

The reason why an overloaded electrical outlet causes a fire. Is because when there is more than 15 amps being put through an outlet. Edmonton electrician says that what ends up happening, is the wires are conducting more electricity than they are designed to. And that causes them to heat up very high temperature.

If the wires stay very hot for a long amount of time. This and Start A Fire Inside the wall. It might catch fire to the drywall, or to the studs in the wall. But because there is a lot of oxygen in the walls. The fire can spread very quickly. But because the fire is inside the walls at the time, the occupants of the house are none the wiser.

An electrical fire that starts this way and rage out of control. Without anybody noticing it. And when the fire does I’m out from the walls, usually it’s because all of the walls Interiors have already been burned up. This will cause people to have only seconds to get out of their house safely.


Because of this, people should be very Mindful and how much electrical currents they are putting through each outlets. And not exceeding 15 m. Not only should they be looking at each of the devices that they need to have plugged in, to ensure that when they have two of them plugged in at the same time. That they are not exceeding 15 lb

But also, if they do have a device that uses 15 oz, it must be plugged in by itself. And never plugged in to a power bar. Things that use a high amount of electricity include space heaters, electrical fireplaces, curling irons and blow dryers.

If people don’t have enough outlets in their home to be able to accommodate this. Edmonton electrician says the simple fix would be to add more Outlets into the home and while it sounds complex, it really isn’t. An electrician can very easily Add a switch to the breaker box, run some additional wires through the house, and then put Outlets wherever they are needed.

By doing this, people can ensure that they are keeping their home safe from any electrical fires does Edmonton electrician. Which should give them Peace of Mind, especially as their energy uses increased because of parties, operations and the holidays. Especially as electricity usage increases throughout these special events.

Edmonton Electrician | Prevent Electrical Fires

There are many reasons why house fires breakout does Edmonton electrician. And one of the most common reasons is an electrical fire, caused by an overloaded circuit. And while this is an extremely common reason. Once people get the proper education about how to avoid overloading their circus. They can stop doing the activities that are putting their house and their family at risk.

A simple solution is to purchase power bars that are CSA approved. And also that have a surge protector built-in. These devices will help people use the outlets that they have safely. And if they inadvertently put too much amps into the outlet. The surge protector as well as the circuit breaker will Work together to stop electricity from flowing to an outlet that is overloaded.

However it’s a much better solution would be to hire an Edmonton electrician to come in and simply install more electrical outlet inside the house. Help figure out how many new additional Outlets they need. People can go throughout their house and see how many power bars or our extenders they have such as an octopus. And how many things are plugged into each one.

They can also then take into consideration how many additional things Get plugged into various Outlets during special occasions such as Christmas, new year’s, Halloween and birthdays and anniversaries by knowing what their additional power usage is during these times. Can help the Edmonton electrician figure out how many outlets & Stone, and where they need to be installed.

The next thing that people should do is ensure that they are hiring a licensed electrical contractor, instead of a friend or a neighbour who says that they can do it. A licensed contractor will carry insurance, which will protect the homeowner in case something goes wrong.


While it’s very rare that something will go wrong. If they have hired the rights professional who has a license and insurance. It will be no problem to get the problem fixed quickly, giving the homeowner peace of mind.

The next thing that they should do, is when they are hiring a licensed electrical contractor, is to ask them to get the work inspected when they are done. This will give homeowners even more assurances that the work was done correctly, and the inspection can give them a paper trail in case they ever need or want to sell their house.

Edmonton electrician says that by doing these things, people are not only protecting their home. But protecting their loved ones as well. By avoiding circumstances that can easily overload there electrical outlets. People can ensure that they can plug in as many Alexa devices as they need and want. Without worrying that it’s going to cause an overloaded circuit. Which might put them at risk for developing an electrical fire.

If more people were able to do this, and understood what caused electrical fires. Perhaps there would be far fewer electrical fires. Keeping families and their home safe for a long period of time.

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