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Edmonton Electrician | Prevent Electrical Overloads

One of the reasons why people have electrical fires in their home says Edmonton electrician. Is because they don’t know how to avoid causing electrical fire. They may be doing things that they think are completely harmless. But are actually very dangerous.

Overloading electrical plug-ins is more dangerous than many people realize. Each plug-in is designed to handle up to but not over 15 amps of electricity at a time. If people exceed that. It will put a strain on the plug-in itself.

What happens, is that as the wires in the plug-in struggled to keep up with the increase of electricity. That they were never designed to handle. They will get physically hot to the touch.

The longer they stay hot. The higher risk they’re going to be at catching things that are surrounding them on fire. Edmonton electrician says that when electrical fires are started inside the walls of a home. They can spread very quickly. and they can spread to multiple parts of the home undetected.

Therefore, people should be aware of the amps of each one of their electrical devices. So that they are not exceeding 15 amps at anyone plugin. The problem is, many people aren’t aware of this. Which is why they overload their electrical sockets.

And if people simply don’t have enough plugins and their home. They buy Power Bars. So that they can plug all of the things that they need in. The problem with this. Is that it makes it very easy for people to exceed 15 amps at the electrical plugin. Which will increase their chances of having a fire.


Some people think that a power bar will safely extend the plugins capability to handle amps. And so they buy one and don’t think that it’s causing any additional harm. And other people think that by buying a power bar with a surge protector will be safe.

If people are going to be buying a power bar says Edmonton electrician. They should keep the several things in mind. First, the cheaper the power bar is, the more dangerous is going to be. People should only be buying power bars that have CSA stamped on the side. Because they have been inspected by Canadian Safety agencies.

If people are buying power bars at the dollar store, they not only likely have not been inspected to be safe. But also may be more inclined to failure.

Something else that’s people should watch out for says Edmonton electrician. Is that a surge protector does not necessarily mean that they can plug whatever they want into the power bar. The surge protector is meant to protect things in case of an emergency. Not so that people could plug as many things in as they want. Thinking that it’s going to turn off when it’s overloaded.

By buying the right Power Bars, and knowing how to avoid overloading the electrical socket. Can help ensure that people are staying as safe as possible. And avoiding electrical fires inside their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Prevent Circuit Overloads

It can be much easier than many people assume to overload their electrical circuits says Edmonton electrician. And the use of Power Bars, and electrical extenders has made this even more of a problem than it ever has before.

As more and more people have more and more electrical devices. That needs to be plugged into the wall. Edmonton electrician says that they are using more power bars, and electrical plug-in extenders often referred to as octopuses. Then they ever have before.

What this means, is there is an increase the risk of people overloading their electrical circuits. Which puts them at a risk for starting a fire in their home.

While many people think that their breaker box is going to protect them from any harm. As it is designed to turn off when any circuits get overloaded. Edmonton electrician says that if this fails for any reason. It can be very dangerous. Because people will not realize that they are overloading their circuits. And that the breaker box should have turned it off.

Instead of buying a lot of power bars, or electrical extenders. To be able to plug more things in. people should instead call their Edmonton electrician it to get more electrical plug-ins installed.

It is much easier, faster, and much less expensive. Then many people assume is going to be. Often, people don’t even realize that this is an option. And are simply living with the inconvenience of not having enough electrical plug-ins in there home.


If people are using a lot of power bars, or constantly complaining that they don’t have enough plug-ins. This is a good indication that they should contact their electrician to get this fixed in their home.

All the electrician has to do, is ADS as many extra switches to their breaker box as they need. And run more electrical wire through the walls. And add Outlets to wherever they are needed.

People should count the number of Power Bars that they have in use in their home. consider how many Power Bars they use during the holidays. To figure out how many outlets they need in their home. And where they need to go.

At the same time, their Edmonton electrician will be able to look at their breaker box to ensure that it is still in good working order. While breaker boxes can last for many many years. There are some brands that are known for being very dangerous. Because they fail often.

The brand Federal, is no longer legal for installation in homes and businesses. But there are still a lot of federal breaker boxes in use around the country. By calling an electrician to add more plugins to their home. They can also inspect the breaker box to ensure that it is safe.

Not only can people ensure that they are not going to start an electrical fire. When they add more plug-ins to their home. But they are also increasing the convenience of having more plug-ins. Making life a lot easier for them to live. With all of their additional electrical devices and their home.

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