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Edmonton Electrician | Proper Bathroom Fan Maintenance

Just like a smoke detector, homeowners need to care for their bathroom ventilation fans periodically according to Edmonton electrician. They should be cleaning them, to ensure that they are working efficiently. So that they avoid building up moisture in their home.

Moisture buildup itself can cause damage in a home. Especially if it is on an exterior surface, and in the Canadian climate can freeze and thaw. Also, moisture damage can promote wrought, which can damage the home undetected.

Also, moisture can promote mildew growth. And more seriously, can promote mould growth. And mould is toxic to the inhabitants of the house. And should be prevented by proper maintenance.

The job of the bathroom ventilation fan is to move that moist air from the bathroom. After people have had steamy showers and hot baths. And vented directly out of the home.

If the ventilation and ducting of the house is not done properly. All they are doing is sucking the moist air out of bathroom. And transporting the moist air to another part of the house. Where it can cause problems, such as moisture buildup and mould undetected.

Ideally, Edmonton electrician says the ducting should go directly out of the room and up out of the roof of a home. And out through a rated exhaust hatch. This way, the air can go directly out of the home, and away from where it can cause problems.

Not only should this exhaust hatch be sealed properly. And over time that sealants can fail. Making an important that they are maintaining that seal. But also, that the exhaust hatch has a flat or damper on it. So that air can be vented out of the house, but nothing can be allowed back in.


The ducting can also go out the side of the house, with the same exhaust hatch with a flap or damper. However, if the ducting has been done that takes the air elsewhere. Homeowners should get that fixed right away.

For example, some ducting has directing the air into the homes soffits. Which can be problematic because this air will get sucked into the homeowners addict. Where will be able to accumulate moisture and mould completely undetected says Edmonton electrician.

If people are changing their bathroom ventilation fans. This is often a good opportunity to ensure the ducting is done properly. So that they can be assured that the bathroom fan will be able to do its job properly.

Also, proper maintenance can ensure that the bathroom fan is actually sucking air out of the bathroom. Because the more clogged the fan gets with dust. The harder the motor will have to work. And less efficiently the air will be able to be moved out of the home.

This is why experts suggest homeowners vacuum the fan every 3 to 6 months. Or more often if there are more than two or three people using that room. The more times the ventilation fan comes on, the more often it is collecting dust and needs to be cleaned.

By cleaning their bathroom ventilation fans. And ensuring the ducting is done properly. Can help homeowners protect their investment, by preventing moisture and mould to develop in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Proper Bathroom Fan Maintenance

Homeowners do not often consider how often they need to replace their bathroom ventilation fan says Edmonton electrician. Often taking it for granted that it will function properly for years without needing replacement.

And if homeowners have installed a high quality bathroom ventilation fan in their bathroom. It can work perfectly for many years. However, many homeowners have not installed a high quality bathroom fan.

Or, they have bought a brand-new house. Assuming that the bathroom ventilation fan that has been installed. Will be functional for several years however, Edmonton electrician says this is not necessarily true.

Most builders install a builder grade fan. Which will do the job adequately for 2 to 5 years. But many experts recommend that homeowners replace the bathroom ventilation fans in their brand-new home. Immediately with higher quality fan.

Not only can they ensure that they get one with a more powerful motor. To ensure that it can suck the right amount of air out of the room. Even once it ages, or gets covered in dust.

But homeowners can also get a higher quality fan. That not only can come with the options they desire. But when that will not needs to be replaced for many years.

Ultimately, when homeowners are deciding on purchasing a bathroom ventilation fan. Even though they might not want to spend more money on a more expensive fan.

That will be a lot cheaper in the long run. Than having to do expensive repairs and maintenance. If they develop a moisture problem, or if they have mould growing in their home.


When it comes to choosing the right bathroom ventilation fan. The most important consideration is size of the motor. In order to do its job well, it needs to be able to move the amount of air in the bathroom around efficiently.

Therefore, the size of the fans motor will need to be larger, the more square footage the homeowner has in their bathroom.

Depending on the square footage, they will need to get a fan with certain amount of cubic feet per minute of airflow, often expressed as CFM.

They will have fans between fifty CFM and one hundred and fifty CFM to choose from. And if they need something larger, Edmonton electrician suggests putting to fans in their bathroom on the same switch.

Also, once they calculate size of their room, and what size of fan they need based on the cubic feet per minute. Edmonton electrician recommends getting a slightly or powerful fan.

So that even as the fan ages. Or as the fan develops dust on it. It will still be able to pull the same amount of air through its. To efficiently eliminate moisture buildup.

By keeping these things in mind. Homeowners can make the right decision of what fan should be put into their home. To protect their largest investment and the health of their family from moisture buildup and mould.

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