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Edmonton Electrician | Proper Grounding and Bonding

When people hear that they need to ensure that there grounding and bonding is done properly from their Edmonton electrician. They may not know exactly what that refers to. However, it is important that there electrician is aware of it. Knows what it is.

And the Canadian electrical code defines what grounding and bonding is. How it should be done properly. And that the electrical code is updated every single year.

So when people hire and Edmonton electrician, they should check to ensure that they are following the most electrical code. To ensure things are done properly, up to code done safely.

And while some commercial applications does not require grounding and bonding. All residential applications. Whether it is a house, a townhouse, or an apartment building.

The grounding and bonding needs to be done properly. Reason why, is because grounding and bonding will protect the home from property damage. From electrical surges.

And grounding and bonding will also protect the home from overloaded circuits. Both are very damaging to the property in the home and potentially cause a fire.

The power surge when there is a power surge in an electrical system. What that is, is an overabundance of electricity that is not discharged properly. And when there is a surge in electrical system.

People will notice, that allows them to realize that is wrong. Is that the electrical surge can damage electrical devices that are plugged in. This power surge can actually damage electronics, and wipe information off computers.


Therefore, when people are getting a lot of power surges, they should contact Edmonton electrician. Instead of simply buying more surge protectors that they should plug all of their electrical devices into.

While the surge protectors might deal with the problems that they are experiencing. It is not helping make the system more safe. Because it is likely that they have improper grounding and bonding.

Which can actually put their home at risk. And so it should be fixed, instead of using surge protectors to mask the problem. Because source problems can happen when there is no grounding and bonding.

The next thing that people should understand, is that when there is not a problem grounding and bonding. There breaker may not stop the flow of electricity properly when it is overloaded.

And while an electrical surge can damage property. Which is annoying. When the circuit breaker does not work properly. That can put the home at risk for an electrical fire.

The reason why a home is at risk for an electrical fire. Is because when a system is overloaded with electricity. The breaker boxes job is to cut electricity to that circuit.

Because a circuit that is overloaded will continue to get hotter and hotter until a fire is started. And so if the breaker box is not working, home is at lower risk of having electrical fire.

This is why it is so important to hire the right Edmonton electrician, to ensure the grounding and bonding is done properly.

Edmonton Electrician | Proper Grounding and Bonding

There are many things for people to take into consideration says Edmonton electrician. If they are experiencing electric problems in their home.

Problems that might be experiencing in their home that indicates they should call a professional. Includes flickering lights, lights that them from time to time. Or if they find that they have a lot of power surges.

Often, and Edmonton electrician will be called out to inspect home that is having flickering or dimming lights. And they will find that the grounding electrode can either be faulty, or simply installed incorrectly.

At even though a faulty electrode or an electric that is installed incorrectly may seem like a very small detail. This can put the entire electrical system at risk. Including damaging property, and putting the family at risk of having on electrical fire.

This is why they should hire Edmonton electrician. Because they have many systems in place, that can help them ensure that they do not miss any detail, no matter how small they are.

And they also are knowledgeable enough, to understand that every single jobsite that they set foot on can be different. Whether it is commercial or residential.

That they are simply not able to commit every minute detail to memory. And that they can be more effective. And ensure that they complete the job properly for every person that hires them.


Therefore, before people hire any electrician. They should ask them what electrical code they are using. And what systems and processes they have in place. To ensure that they can get the job done properly.

The best electricians are going to be able to answer the questions easily. Showing them their checklists, and explaining the processes that they have. To ensure nothing gets missed.

When electricians are grounding and bonding. The idea will be to provide a safe place for abundant electricity to be discharged carefully. And while grounding and bonding are two freezes.

They both refer to a slightly different aspect of this important safety feature. Grounding refers to all of the electrical work that can be done before the service to be safe and protective. That works with the breaker.

And bonding refers to everything that electrician will do after the service. In order to ensure that the abundant power is discharged properly.

Any electrician that is working on a site must get their work inspected. And it is mandatory, according to the Canadian electrical code. So that people can ensure they get what’s needed to be safe.

Whether people are having problems with their electrical system currently. Or if they have all some renovations with their going to do. People are going to build something brand-new.

They need to ensure that there following the most knowledgeable electrician. So they can be done properly. And without things being ever looked, so that they can get ensure their family is kept safe.

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