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Edmonton Electrician | Proper Grounding

Not very many people think about grounding and bonding if they are getting renovations to their home says Edmonton electrician. However, if they do and up getting any electrical work done. This is an important consideration.

The reason why, is because grounding and bonding not only is specified by the Canadian electrical code. But without grounding and bonding done correctly. There are a lot of risks that homeowner has.

Risk to their home, and risk to the occupants. Which is why it is extremely important that whichever Edmonton electrician they hire to come into their home to renovate. Needs to pull the right permits.

When people are hiring electricians. They should hear the electrician say that it is important that they pull permits. And if they do not bring this up. Homeowners should bring it up themselves.

And if any of the people they are considering hiring says that they are not going to need to pull a permit. That should be the first indication that this is not the right person to work with.

It is also very important for people to know that the Canadian electrical code gets updated once a year. And they need to ask that electrician. Which code they are using. To ensure their using the most up-to-date code.

Not only will this mean that they are able to pass an inspection. But also, the electrical code is updated, when safer practices are found. And if an electrician is not following the code.

They may be doing things that are now found to be unsafe. But may not realize it. Because they are not using the correct version of the Canadian electrical code.


Another question that they should ask their Edmonton electrician before they hire them. Is what systems or processes they have in place. To ensure that all aspects of the electrical work can get done correctly.

Often, electricians are going from commercial to industrial to residential job. Or doing extremely complex things such as wiring a hospital. Followed by adding a breaker to a residence.

And since there are so many different types of jobs. So many different types of requirements. When an electrician uses a checklist. It does not matter what job they are working on. Or how complex it is.

They know that they will not miss any vital steps. Because they will be able to read and then verify if it has been done. Checklists have been proven to be effective in operating rooms to help doctors keep people alive.

Electricians who adopt this same practice. Can ensure that all aspects of their job is done properly. Without expecting them to memorize things that are likely going to change within a year.

Once people find the right electrician to work with. They can have a lot more confidence that the renovations will get done properly. And that means not only will they pass an electrical inspection. But their property and people will be safe as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Proper Grounding

Many people do not even know what grounding or bonding is says Edmonton electrician. But almost everybody benefits from end. Because what this refers to.

Is the ability to safely discharge an abundance of electricity. So that does not remain in the system, were it can either overload circuits. Or discharge, causing injury, or damage to a home.

While grounding and bonding both work to protect the electrical systems. The difference between the two is where it is in the electrical service.

Bonding is anything that happens after the service. To protect the electrical system from surges, and electrical discharges.

While grounding happens for and including the service. And both need to be done on all electrical work. To protect from electrical surges.

They both help ensure the overcurrent device, whether it is a breaker or fuse operate properly. That is what is going to protect the home and the people inside of it.

What happens when there is a ground fault that is operating properly says Edmonton electrician. The current will be able to flow freely back to the source where it originated.

That current flowing back to the source is what actually triggers the breaker to turn off. And stops the electrical current. And protects the home.

If the grounding is not done properly. Then the current does not flow back to the source. Is simply stays in the system. And if it is overloading a circuit. The breaker does not trip to break that circuit.


And when that happens says an electrician. As the wire that was never designed to handle that amount of electricity struggles To handle it. It gets physically hot to the touch.

And if it is hot enough for long enough, that is what will cause it to ignite its surroundings on fire. Electrical fires can be very devastating for a number of reasons.

Since electrical fires start inside the walls. The walls are typically hollow says Edmonton electrician. It can spread throughout the house very easily, through the hollow walls.

And by the time anyone realizes that the home is even on fire. It has often spread throughout the whole house. Putting all of the inhabitants at risk.

This is not the only thing that can happen if the grounding is not done correctly. It is also going to cause problems, if the of trickle current does not get safely discharged.

Is that it could end up causing an electrical surge, that could damage electrical devices that are plugged in to the circuit. Such as televisions and computers.

This is also risk of people getting electrical shocks. So in order to protect from electrical fires, electrical surges that could damage equipment. And to protect people themselves.

People should do their due diligence to ensure that the electrician that they hire will be able to do the job correctly. Do the job with a permit and follow the proper code. In order to ensure that the buildings that they wire are safe. As well as the people within them.

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