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Edmonton Electrician | Protecting Your Home from Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are an extremely devastating thing to happen with family and their home says Edmonton electrician. But the good news is that this is often completely preventable. As long as people are taking the right precautions.

The first precaution that people can take that will protect themselves from an electrical fire. Is ensuring that they are not overloading the outlets in their home. This means ensuring that all of the electronic devices that are plugged in each outlet does not exceed 15 amps.

Many people make the assumption that a power bar with a surge protector often increases the number of amps that an outlet in handle however this is simply not true according to Edmonton electrician.

In fact, the only reason people should be using Power Bars is so that they can increase the reach of their electrical outlets. If it’s behind a piece of furniture that is less easily accessed.

if people are using power bars on a regular basis, they should contact their Edmonton electrician in order to increase the number of outlets in their home. This is fairly easy. And an expensive compared to the cost of a devastating house fire.

People are not regularly overloading their electric Outlets. But they are doing that at Christmas, holidays ordering parties. They may want to consider increasing the outlets in their home as well. Edmonton electrician says December has the most instances of electrical fires.

Because people are overloading the circuit to have the Christmas lights on their house lit up. Christmas tree, and electrical fireplace for example.


Because though many electrical fires happen in December when people are overloading their Outlets. By avoiding this. Edmonton electrician says that people are keeping their house safe. As well as all of the occupants of the house by minimizing the instances of an electrical fire.

People can also contact their Edmonton electrician to come in and take a look at their breaker box. While breaker boxes out of the function of turning off the electricity to any outlet that is being overwhelmed. If it is not functioning properly. People will not know until it fails, and a fire breaks out.

Because of that, Edmonton electrician says people should have their breaker box examine from time to time. To ensure that it is in good working order. People have an older home. They may want to get that breaker box replaced at the same time they are getting more Outlets but into their home.

When people do this, not only are they protecting their home. But they are protecting all of the people that just family and invited guest. Because they will be less likely to have to escape a devastating house fire do too overloaded circuits.

People should think about doing this well in advance of their next holiday or summer party. If they I’ve had their breaker tripped in the last year.

Or if they regularly use octopuses or Power Bars to increase the number of outlets they have access to. They should call their Edmonton electrician to get more Outlets put into their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Protect Your Home

It is easier than many people think to you an electrical fire says Edmonton electrician. In fact, it’s so common that December is the month that has the highest instances of electrical fires.

This is primarily because the holiday season has people overloading their Outlets. With even more then usual. Resulting in overheated wires.

This is extremely important to be aware of that it can be avoided. In fact, many people make These mistakes on a regular basis. Which puts them at risk. People should understand that each outlet and manage 15 amps before it starts overloading the circuit. And heating up the wire.

If more lamps are put into the outlet than it can handle. The wires get hot in response to the increased electricity. And if electrical outlet has the devices on and plugged in for a long enough amount of time.

Edmonton electrician says that heat and actually start a fire with in the wall.

The reason why Christmas is so bad for electrical fires. Is because people are using far more electricity than they typically do. There are all of the additional strands of lights on the house outside. Plus all of the yard decorations such as the lit up figurines and Inflatables that people are now buying.

Inside the home, people have their Christmas tree, and multiple strands of light on the tree. As well as space heaters because it is winter.

Perhaps they have a lot of other lit up inside decorations. Stereos playing Christmas music, and even an electrical fire place that’s plugged in.


And while December is the most common month for electrical fires. Edmonton electrician says any time of the year can be a hazard if people are overloading their circuits.

Halloween for example, is another example of times that people are starting to do more decorating. Instead of Simply Having a on their lawn. People are using strings of lights to decorate the outside of their house.

For Halloween, people are also utilizing ejectors to display Erie scenes inside the house. And utilizing fog machines and a stereo playing creepy noises.

Edmonton electrician says all of these additional electrical devices being plugged in for the entire night and overload their wires.

Even in the summertime, people can be at risk if they are overloading their Outlet. Air conditioners for example are very well known for being an electricity hog. And the air conditioner itself might in fact be as much as the outlet in handle and wise.

However, if people have a power bar plugged into the outlet as well, that also Powers the television, the DVD player, the stereo and are plugging in their cell phones to that. Means that there could very easily be a problem there as well.

By keeping track of the amps that each electrical device needs is a great start says Edmonton electrician. People can avoid plugging more into the outlet. However, this is not useful advice if people needs to have these things plugged in. And if that’s the case.

Then simply adding more and be a fantastic fixed. Allow people to use whatever energy that you would like. Without causing problems for their family.

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