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Edmonton Electrician | Pulling Wire Is Tricky

Many people might look at certain electrical tasks and think it is easy says Edmonton electrician. And whether they think that they can do it themselves. Or think that there electrician should charge less for the service.

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In fact, people may not realize exactly what goes into it. While pulling wire, or cables can look easy. That is because when people see it being done. They are watching trained professionals. Who have years of experience doing this.

In fact, they need to people to be manning the wire. Ensure that it is done properly. Not simply going up to the attic, and then dropping a cable or wire through. And then going down to the bottom, and pulling it through the whole.

However, this is what many people assume fishing cable or wire is. Instead, it is a two person operation. Where one person is up in the attic, feeding the cable or wire through the wall.

And then a person on the bottom, ready to catch the cable or wire. It takes communication, and some skill. Often, the first time people try doing this. They end up making many mistakes.

That impacts how long it takes them to feed the cable or wire through successfully. In newer homes, it can be easier. Since homebuilders are now ensuring that their work is neat and tidy.

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Unlike how things were twenty or thirty years ago. In older homes, it can be a challenge. Because not only were cables and wires a little bit more disorganized. But also, there is a greater chance of likelihood.

That previous homeowners will have done their own upgrades. Adding wire, and data cables into the walls. As well as doing a variety of renovations. That leaves a great big? On what is inside the walls.

As well, Edmonton electrician says insulation itself. Can be very different many years ago. Then is in the walls now. And they need to be prepared for any circumstances, when they go into a job to full cable.

One tip that they like to use, to make their job easier. Is to put what they call a nest of twine on the end of the cable, that is coming down. So that when the person on the bottom, that is searching for that cable.

The nest of twine, makes it a lot easier to grab by the hook that they have. These are just some of the things that Edmonton electrician does. To ensure that they can be as efficient as possible.

When they are fishing wire or cables through walls. They will also know what to do, when they encounter blockages. Whether they can push through it, or whether they need to back up, and take a different route.

It is very important that when people have any kind of electrical needs. That they call an electrician. They are resourceful, professional. And will ensure that no matter what they do. They are protecting the integrity of its inhabitants.

Edmonton Electrician | Pulling Wire Is Tricky

There are many things that people should keep in mind, when they are doing renovations in their home says Edmonton electrician. If anything that they are doing, is going to add electrical components. Or change them, they should call a professional to help them with that.

One of the most common scenarios that electricians are seeing more now than ever before. Are people who are buying a smart doorbell, or a smart thermostat, and directions on the box say that it is going to be very easy to install themselves.

However, if they do not already have a wired doorbell. They are going to have to install a wire. But even if they do, it may exceed their electrical knowledge. To install a wired doorbell. Including one that has camera.

As well, when they are installing their own smart thermostats. What they might not realize, is that there going to have to run an extra wire. From there thermostat all the way to their furnace room.

Seeing as how this is typically on the basement level. In most homes. This means not only are they going to running cable. But they will be running it through different stories of the home.

As well, electricians say many people may not even realize. But there home has a built-in safety feature. In what is called fire blocks, or fire stops. What these are, are two by fours that are installed perpendicular the studs.

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In this going to make fishing the cable through the wall difficult. If someone is doing this themselves, it may represent a roadblock that they cannot overcome. Or, think that they can just drill through that horizontal stud.

But they do not realize that this is going to cause a problem. And compromise this safety feature that they did not know they had. The reason why they cannot simply drill through that fire blocks.

Is because the fire block is designed for stopping or slowing an electrical fire. That is spreading throughout the walls of a home. By impeding the flow of oxygen. And hopefully smothering the fire.

However by drilling a hole through that fire block. Renders it useless. Which means an electrical fire, may be more likely going to spread. Compromising the safety of the home, and the family inside of it.

However, in Edmonton electrician will know. That all they have to do. Is drill through it, fish the wire or cable through it. And then sealed that hold back up. With some spray foam insulation.

By doing this, they can get the wire through, and finish the job properly. But without causing any problems to the existing system. Or compromising the safety of the people inside the home.

This is why it is well worth the money that people spend to hire and Edmonton electrician. Because they have got so many years of experience and knowledge. To ensure that they do things correctly. To keep the building safe.

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