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Edmonton Electrician | Purchasing a Bathroom Fan

Since most people are not purchasing bathroom ventilation fans often says Edmonton electrician. May not know all of the different options to choose from. Or even how to choose the right bathroom fan for their bathroom.

The first thing that people need to take into consideration, is that the size of their bathroom is important. Because the fan needs to be able to work to clear the air out of that space.

Since bathroom fans come in a variety of different motor sizes. The more powerful the motor, the more air it can clear.

The amount of air that these fans can move is expressed as cubic feet per minute, or CFM. Edmonton electrician says that the smallest CFM on a fan would be fifty. While the largest fans would be one hundred and fifty.

Even though these fans are only rated for residential. And a hundred and fifty CFM fan would be for an exceptionally large bathroom. If people need a larger capability.

Their Edmonton electrician can put multiple bathroom ventilation fans on the same switch. So that they can have a larger air clearing capacity. Without having to buy a larger fan.

In order for a person to calculate the correct CA FM of fan they need for their bathroom. They should figure out the square footage of their bathroom. And plug that number into online CFM calculator. Or just contact their Edmonton electrician.

Once they know what size of fan they need. They can look at all of the different options that are available. To choose the right fan for their room, and the right options for their wants, needs and lifestyle.


For example, one of most popular options that homeowners choose is a low noise bathroom ventilation fan. This is very wanted, because it can help ensure that people can enjoy their use of the bathroom, without causing a lot of additional noise.

Or a can help ensure that they house can be as quiet as possible. To be a very calm, space for all family members.

Other options that homeowners can choose from include a humidity or a motion sensor. The humidity sensor will turn the fan on on its own. When the humidity raises past a certain point.

And the fan will stay on until the humidity sensor senses that the humidity levels have dropped to a certain point. At which point the fan will then turn off.

This can be extremely beneficial. For homeowners that are forgetful, or have children. And they often forget to turn the fan on. Or turn the fan off sooner than they should.

All many homeowners themselves do not know how long you bathroom fan needs to be turned on. In order to clear the moisture out of the bathroom.

By understanding the options that homeowners have to choose from. Not only can they choose the right size of fan. But they can also choose a fan that will help them get the maximum enjoyment out of their home, and protect their family from mould.

Edmonton Electrician | Purchasing a Bathroom Fan

Purchasing a bathroom fan can be extremely important says Edmonton electrician. Even if they are purchasing a house for the first time.

Even in brand-new homes, any builders put in builder grade fans, are the cheapest option. At last for only a couple of years. And can promote moisture buildup, which causes mould to grow.

It is important that homeowners are buying fans that are large enough to move the air around efficiently. But also, once they have fan. They need to ensure that the ducting is done correctly. So that the air is being moved out of the home.

And that they are cleaning the fan as often as is necessary. To ensure that it is working properly to move moisture out of the bathroom. And that they are not burning the motor out.

When it comes to ensuring the ducts are done accurately. Edmonton electrician says that the ducting should go straight out and out the roof of the home. Or directly out of the side of the house. No matter which way it is. It needs to get blown into a rated exhaust hatch. That has a flat or a damper.

This means that it will go directly out of the house, and the flap or damper will allow air to come out. But not go back in.

It is also important that the exhaust hatch is correctly caulked and sealed, so that it does not promote moisture buildup within that hash. That could cause more problems than just mould.


Once the Edmonton electrician has verified that the ducting is done correctly. The next thing that the homeowner needs to do is ensure that they are cleaning the fan as often as is necessary

For a typical sized bathroom. Where two people are using it on a regular basis. The recommended amount of time to clean it is once every 3 to 6 months.

The more people that are using it, the more they are using the fan, and the more dust will buildup on the fan itself. The more dust that is on the fan, the harder it works. And the more it is going to shorten the life of the fan.

When way to clean the fan is to simply take a vacuum brush, and backing the grill of fan as thoroughly as possible.

However, the best way to clean this fan. His to take the grill off the fan. Clean that, and let it air dry. And then take the brush of a vacuum, and thoroughly vacuum the fan blades.

By doing this, people can ensure that the fan is being kept in good working order. That they are not aging the motor, by forcing it to work harder than it should.

Cleaning their fan periodically. Can ensure that not only is the fan going to work taking moisture out of the air. But it can also help ensure that they are lengthening the life of their fan, so they do not have to waste more time and money continually placing fans.

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