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Edmonton Electrician | Reasons to Upgrade Electrical Systems

Even though many people consider upgrading their electrical systems due to convenience factor says Edmonton electrician. Either because they are tired of tripping their circuit breaker. Or they are tired of not having enough plug-ins for their home.

This is a really common occurrence, especially in older homes that have been built in the sixties, seventies, or even eighties.

Especially because not only have electrical codes changed. But also, the homes were not able to anticipate the kind of electrical needs people would have in the future.

And while many people believe that they can simply compensate by purchasing power bars for every room in the home. While this gives them the ability to plug more in.

It does not actually change the amount of amps they have going through that electrical circuit. Which means that it is more likely to trip the circuit breaker.

Since most circuits can only handle 15 A at a time. Just because an outlet has the ability to plug two things in. Does not mean people can always plug two things in and turn them on at the same time.

A great example of this says Edmonton electrician. Is when people have a space heater. That typically draws as much electricity as that circuit can handle. And if people have anything else plugged into that second plug-in. They will trip the breaker.


In addition to that example, people might also have a crock-pot plugged in, which will draw 15 A from that one circuit. So if someone plugs in anything else whether it is a coffee maker, a coffee bean grinder, or an electric kettle. They are likely going to trip the breaker as well.

Also, in the bathroom is one of the most common places for people to trip the circuit breaker. So much so, that there is often devices on the plug-ins in the bathroom. Designed to turn off the power to that circuit itself. In case it is overloaded.

Because of how much energy peoples hair styling devices take. Such as flat iron, a curling iron and a blow dryer.

Therefore, trying to compensate by using a power bar is not going to help increase the homes power consumption capabilities.

This is why it is important to call on an Edmonton electrician. Because not only are they going to be able to add circuits to the home.

They also will look to see if there is any other code violations that they should fix due to the family’s safety.

A great example of this, is if a person has aluminum wires in their home or business. This is incredibly dangerous. Because these are likely to overheat and cause fires.

So by calling on the experts such as an electrician. Can help people not only safely upgrade their electrical service. But protect their entire family at the same time.

Edmonton Electrician | Reasons to Upgrade Electrical Systems

Whether people have been living in a home and have gradually required more energy says Edmonton electrician. Or if people are purchasing an older home that they need to renovate.

People often find that they need more than the homes typical energy consumption. Because they do not have enough outlets in each room.

When they call on an Edmonton electrician to give them a quote. They should ensure them access to the entire house. Because thorough electrician will ensure that all areas of the homes wiring are safe.

One of the ways that they will do this, is look to see what circuit breaker people have in their home. Because while older homes will have older circuit breakers.

Some brands are known to fail more often than others.

A great example of this, is a brand called Federal Pacific. Not only is it known for failing more than any other brands combined. But it is known to fail 70 to 80% of the time.

According to a survey done by Dr. Aaron Steen, twenty-eight hundred house fires every single year breakout in the United States alone. Due to this breaker failing.

But it is also causes approximately thirteen deaths, and fourteen million dollars in property damages. Due to the failing of this brand of circuit breaker.

Therefore, regardless of what reason why people are asking Edmonton electrician to give them a quote. They will always go to the breaker panel in order to verify that people do not have this circuit breaker in their home.


And if they do, they will give them a quote on how much it will cost to replace it. Because quite literally, their families safety could depend on it.

One of the most frightening aspects of a malfunctioning circuit breaker. Is that people will not know that there circuit breaker is not working, until it fails to work to stop a fire from breaking out in their home or office.

However, there is a sign that people should be aware of. If there breaker starts tripping more often than it typically did. And their energy consumption has not changed or increased. This is often an indication that the breaker is getting ready to fail.

And even more importantly, if people notice that after a particularly active. Where there breaker has tripped several times. It no longer is tripping anymore, and a family has not changed their energy consumption.

That is typically a sign that there circuit breaker is no longer working at all.

Therefore, it is extremely important that people contact their electrician to find out if there circuit breaker needs to be replaced or not.

The reason why a circuit breaker works, is to turn off the electricity to a wire that is overloaded. And overloaded wire gets physically hot to the touch. Which is what actually causes house fires when the circuit breaker stops working.

Therefore, by upgrading their circuit breaker. People will allow the breaker to stop the flow of energy to an overloaded wire. And protect themselves, and their family as well.

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