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Edmonton Electrician | Renovating Kitchens the Hauer Power Way

The matter how big or small a kitchen renovation is, Edmonton electrician says they are often a large, and expensive job. However, it is the single biggest thing that homeowner can do. That adds value to their home.

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Whether they are increasing the size of their kitchen. Increasing the functionality of their business. Or changing the layout for growing family. This is an extremely complex renovation.

And it is important for homeowners to hire the right contractors for each job. This is one renovation job that will require many different tradespeople. From plumbers, to add to dishwashers.

Or plumb in sinks to a newly built kitchen island. There are many different things that a plumber should be doing. To ensure that it is done correctly. And this is just one example.

Another example of a trade that homeowner should hire. Instead of trying to do themselves. Or hiring a general contractor for. Is an Edmonton electrician.

Not only are the electrical tasks in a kitchen renovation extremely technical. But if the electrical work is not done properly. It can represent a huge risk to the homeowner.

For example, if the grounding or bonding is not done properly. It could cause damage to people. Or they appliances, when the electricity that is not safely discharged. And that creating an electrical shock.

Or, it might cause the circuits to overload. Without tripping the breaker. Which can result in an electrical fire that causes a lot of damage. And puts the inhabitants of the house at risk of injury or death.


Even kitchen renovations that people think are going to be very simple. And will not need an Edmonton electrician for. Often have at least some electrical component to them.

A great example of this is if the homeowner things that they simply needs to purchase a refrigerator. And then plug it into the outlet where their old refrigerator was.

This can end up being a job that is require an electrician. Because there is a great likelihood. That the refrigerator has more of an energy draw then the old refrigerator that was there.

And since the original homebuilder. Likely wired that electrical outlets. To handle the electrical requirements of the refrigerator. Any additional requirements. Will need an electrician to wire that outlet.

The same thing will go for any other appliances that are put into place. Whether it is a stove and oven, a microwave or a dishwasher. Even something as inconsequential as a hood fan.

Will need to have an electrician come in to wire for. And if it is an outlet, or whether they require an electrician to hardwire the appliance in.

The electrician will also need to update all of the electrical systems in the kitchen. To meet the current Canadian electrical code. As well, it will depend on many factors.

Whether the electrician will need to install a circuit breaker for the new appliances or not. Will all depend on a number of factors. But starting with the right thing, contacting an electrician to quote the job. Is a great first place to start.

Edmonton Electrician | Renovating Kitchens the Right Way

If there is one thing that homeowners can do says Edmonton electrician. To make their kitchen renovation go smoothly. Is to ensure that they hire the right professionals for all of the right tasks.

This could mean hiring flooring person to install the new flooring during the kitchen renovation. Or hiring a drywall or, a painter or a framer. However, the two trades that are important to never try to save money on.

By hiring a general contractor instead. Is a plumber, and an Edmonton electrician. Not only are there trades highly skilled. But if someone was to try to do them who was not an expert in them.

It might end up in critical errors. That could reduce the functionality of the kitchen. Because problems in the kitchen. Or worse, because property damage. Or cause something like an electrical fire.

That not only will cause damage to the property. But put the people inside the home at risk as well. Which should be avoided at all costs. And while many kitchen renovations can be extremely different from each other.

With some changing the entire layout of the kitchen. Or having an island added. Or even adding an additional sink. Such as in the new island. Or being something as simple as changing the lighting.

Or adding under the counter lighting. All will require hiring an electrician. Even if people want to add a dishwasher, and they never had a dishwasher before. Or even purchasing new appliances.


Will require an Edmonton electrician to do the job. The reason why, is because the kitchen is the one room in the house. That draws more electricity than any other rooms, combined.

There is the refrigerator, that draws a lot of energy. And is running hundred percent of the time. As well there is a dishwasher, and oven and a stove. Even the microwave and range hood all use a lot of electricity.

As well, people typically plug a lot of different appliances in to the outlets in the kitchen. Such as a crockpot, a pressure cooker, a coffeepot, toaster and blender just to name a few.

Not only do each of the major kitchen appliances. Need to be on their own circuits. But every individual outlet. Typically should be on their own circuits as well. So that they do not end up overloading circuits.

Simply by plugging in a crockpot at the same time as they use an electric kettle on the same circuit for example. As well, the lighting should be on its own circuits.

And even if people are upgrading their lighting to LED lights. They may need multiple circuits for that as well. Therefore, the electrician might even need to add circuits to a panel. And if there is not enough locations.

They may have to add a panel, or a subpanel. And while all this seems like very easy work. Hiring a professional to do it. Will ensure that people do not have problems. That could cost the more money in the long run to fix.

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