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Edmonton Electrician | Replacing a Bathroom Fan

Since bathroom fans do not need to be replaced very often, Edmonton electrician says many homeowners do not know what they need to look for in new fans.

The first thing that homeowners need to keep in mind, is that the size of their bathroom will dictate the size of the motor in the fan that they purchase. The reason why, is because bathroom ventilation fans are designed to move air out of her room. And out of the house through ducting.

The larger the bathroom is, the more air. And the more powerful the fan needs to be in order to suck the air out of the room efficiently.

If homeowners are buying too small a motor in their bathroom ventilation fan. Even though the fan will come on, it will not be sucking the moist air out of the bathroom efficiently. Which can lead to moisture buildup. Which can promote mould and mildew growth.

However, homeowners may not know how to choose the right size fan for what they need. The amount of air being moved around in the room is expressed as cubic feet per minute, or CFM for short.

The size of square footage of their bathroom will require a larger CFM of their fan. It is a calculation that is best done by Edmonton electrician. Who will recommend what size fan they get.

People can also use a CFM calculator online. By putting into the calculator the square footage of their bathroom. However, the recommendation is for people who do this. To buy a fan that is slightly larger in size. Because as the bathroom fan ages. Or gets covered in dust. It will stop working as efficiently as when it is brand-new.


Once homeowners have chosen the right size fan for what they need. They should consider all of the different options that are available. Such as noise level, additional lighting, or humidity and motion sensors.

Many homeowners want to minimize the amount of noise in their home. Often paying a bit extra for noiseless dishwashers, or washing machines and dryers that are quiet. And the bathroom ventilation fan is no different.

Another popular option according to Edmonton electrician. Our fans that have the built in humidity sensor. This is especially beneficial for people who are forgetful. And may not remember to turn the bathroom fan on. Or, turn it back off again.

The ventilation fan the humidity sensor. Will turn the fan on as soon as it senses the humidity rising. And will only turn itself off. Once it senses that the humidity level in the room has dropped.

This can be one of the most efficient ways of protecting moisture buildup in a bathroom. Because homeowners can be guaranteed that they know what the humidity level is, and that their bathroom fan is affecting it.

By understanding what to look for in a bathroom ventilation fan. Can help homeowners choose the right option. That not only is going to protect their home. But make it as comfortable as they want. To maximize their enjoyment of their largest investment.

Edmonton Electrician | Replacing a Bathroom Fan

There are so many options about bathroom ventilation fans when homeowners have to replace one says Edmonton electrician. However homeowners might not even know when to replace a bathroom ventilation fan.

Ultimately, bathroom ventilation fans are only designed to work for a few years. Before needing replacement. And the more inexpensive the fan is. The sooner it will need to be replaced.

For example, when homeowners are building a brand-new home for the first time. They may think that there bathroom ventilation fans should last for many years but this is simply not true.

Edmonton electrician says homebuilders often put builder grade fans in. Because they are the cheapest option. And these typically only last 2 to 5 years.

The recommendation by Edmonton electrician is to replace these builder grade fans as soon as the homeowner moves in. To a higher quality option. Or one that has the options in it that they want.

When homeowners are replacing their bathroom ventilation fans. It is also the best opportunity to ensure that the ducting is done properly as well.

While the bathroom ventilation fan is designed to suck air out of the bathroom. The ducting is the second important piece of this equation. To ensure that the air is being vented out of the house, where it will not be able to cause problems.

Ideally, this ducting should go directly out of the home either sideways through the wall. Or vertically up through the roof.


No matter which way the air is being sucked, it should be blown into a rated exhaust hatch. That has a flap or damper on it. So that the moist air can move out of the home. But not be able to come back in.

In order to achieve this, the exhaust hatch also needs to be properly sealed. And over time, this can fail. And will require reapplying the caulking. To ensure that it is not promoting moisture buildup around the exhaust hatch.

Also, it is important to ensure that the ducting is not causing the air to be blown into areas of the home that can cause problems. Such as into the soffits of the home. Because if it is directed there.

That air will be sucked into the attic. Where it will develop moisture buildup, and promote mould growth. And will not be detected for quite some time.

Once homeowners have determined that the ducting is allowing the moist air to be vented out of their home. The next thing that they should be aware of is maintaining their bathroom ventilation fan properly.

This includes cleaning it as often as is necessary. Which is ideally every 3 to 6 months. Or sooner if more people are using the bathroom.

Since bathroom ventilation fans can accumulate dust quite quickly. Taking off the fan grill and washing it. As well as vacuuming the fan blades.

Can minimize the dust buildup. Which will help the bathroom fan work more efficiently. And ensure that it is moving the right amount of air that it should. To minimize any moisture buildup in a home.

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