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It is an extremely important activity for any homeowner, or person looking to replace their smoke detectors to research all of the options says Edmonton electrician. Even though Canadian electrical code recommends people change their smoke alarms every ten years, people often change them far less than that, meaning by the time person is ready to make the decision again, there have probably been significant advances in smoke alarm technology. I working with a professional, people can find out all of the differences between all of the varieties that are available, and then find one which is a fit for them, their lifestyle, their specific style of home, and their family.

One of the most important things that people should consider when it comes to their smoke alarm system, is how their units are going to be powered. Some people often go with a simple battery operated smoke alarm, partly because of cost, but partly because they can install it themselves. This battery operated system is not hardwired into anything, and simply has a battery that can be put into it, and then mounted anywhere. This is not beneficial for a variety of reasons says Edmonton electrician. First and foremost, because this is battery operated only, there is no backup power. This means, if the battery has died prior to an emergency, it is not going to alert the family of an emergency and to evacuate the home.

Another reason why this is not as beneficial as possible, because if a person installs them themselves, they may not be putting them in the most optimal areas, to ensure that the smoke is reaching its early enough. For example, Edmonton electrician says smoke rises, therefore placing a unit close to the ceiling or on the ceiling is going to be a lot more valuable than if someone placed it on or near the floor. By not getting help when they install their own smoke alarm can end up with disastrous results.

Another option for powering a smoke alarm is the hardwired version says Edmonton electrician. This is where the electrician goes in and connects it directly into the wiring of the rest of the house. This means that there will be a breaker that the smoke alarm is on, but also these versions have a battery backup. Therefore, if something happens and the electricity is cut such as a thunder storm, or the fire burning the wiring of the house, the smoke alarm can still sound, and save the lives of everybody in the house.

An interconnected smoke alarm is hardwired in, but is also hardwired to all of the other smoke alarms. This means that if one alarm is sounded, they all sound, and increases the likelihood of people either being able to discover and extinguish the fire, or get everyone out safely. By getting professional help when they need it, people can ensure that they are getting the best smoke alarm they possibly can, without compromising their safety.

Edmonton Electrician | Researching Smoke Alarms

When people are ready to replace the smoke alarm in their home, they should contact Edmonton electrician. They can help them research all of the various options that are available to them, while helping them understand all of the variables that people might not have taken into consideration themselves. Not only are there a wide variety of options out there, but they all have a variety of capabilities, that can be important or not worth the money, depending on each person’s individual situation.

Some smoke alarms come with a built in carbon monoxide detector. This can be extremely beneficial, because carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas that happens to be toxic to inhale. However, Edmonton electrician says before someone spends additional money on a carbon monoxide detector, they might want to take into consideration how each carbon monoxide detector works on each smoke alarm, because not every carbon monoxide detector on every smoke alarm is the same.

For example, some carbon monoxide detectors only sound the alarm when carbon monoxide levels reach a dangerous level. If the home is a one level only, and all of the smoke detectors are on the ceiling, since carbon monoxide is heavy, by the time it reaches dangerous levels at the ceiling, it may have put people at risk. However, understanding this, Edmonton electrician may recommend the carbon monoxide detector in a smoke alarm that tells a constant readout of the percentage of parts per billion, or parts per million of carbon monoxide in the air. This way, people will be able to see if carbon monoxide is slowly increasing over time, allowing people to troubleshoot the problem before it becomes toxic.

Another consideration that people should have when shopping for smoke alarms, is how often battery’s needs to be changed. If someone lives alone, or has a disability or our elderly for example, they may not be capable of changing batteries on a regular basis. Knowing this, an Edmonton electrician may know of a brand of smoke alarm whose batteries last as long as the life of the smoke alarm. All they would have to do, is carry out a monthly test to verify that the smoke alarm is still working, without having to go through the hassle of climbing up on a chair or ladder to change batteries throughout the house.

Another consideration that Edmonton electrician might have that typical person might not consider, is to warn people to not paint over or otherwise alter or modify their alarm. Many people go to the hardware store, and pick up a battery operated smoke alarm, they get home, painted and never know that they have altered the capability of their smoke alarm to detect smoke. By working with a professional, people can ensure that they know what to do as well as what to avoid with their alarm.

People should become as informed as they can to ensure that their smoke alarm that they purchase is the best one for them. I consulting a professional, people can ensure that they are ending up with the most beneficial system for their circumstances, their home and their family. This can give people peace of mind that they need to get a good night sleep, knowing that their family is protected.

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