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Edmonton Electrician | Safe Ways To Do Electrical Work

In order to save on the cost of their renovation, many people want to forgo hiring an Edmonton electrician. They look at how to manuals, and videos. On how to do the installation that they want as part of their renovation.

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Whether this is adding an electrical outlet, changing out some lighting from fluorescent to pause lights. Or adding a circuit, they may think that they know enough. To be able to do it safely themselves.

This is a bad idea for many reasons. First of all, and Edmonton electrician will have gone to school for many years. And then, had many years of experience working as an electrician.

That not only taught them how to do the job. But how to do it safely, and different tips and tricks. To help them overcome common obstacles in their job. For example, many homes.

Especially the older they are, have a wide variety of things inside their walls. That can make it very difficult, to do things like pull wire or cables. They might encounter studs in places that are unusual.

Or at least in places that they do not expect. Without realizing that different homebuilders, can frame homes differently. Such as the difference between directional framing, or balloon framing. That is a lot more open.

As well, they might encounter pipes that are used for plumbing. Or pipes that have long since been disconnected. However, it is very difficult. For homeowner themselves.

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To know if that is a pipe that they can drill through. Or push out of the way. Or if that is a pipe they need to leave intact. As well, a common problem that some people encounter when they are pulling their own wires.

Is that they encounter a stud, that is horizontal in the wall. That they do not realize the importance of. And to drill through it, in order to finish pulling the wire or cable. The problem with that.

Is that they do not understand, that the horizontal studs. Is actually designed as a fire block, or a fire stop. That is designed to keep an electrical fire from spreading in a wall. By cutting off the oxygen supply.

As results says Edmonton electrician. People drill a hole through it. In order to run cable. And do not plug the hole back up. With expanding insulation foam spray. And negate that safety feature.

It may be very disappointing, for people to have to budget for professional to come in and do the electrical work. Especially as they are trying to save as much money as possible.

However, when they are thinking what the safety of their family, and the safety of their home. Paying for an professional to come in, is going to ensure that things are done properly. To keep them safe.

If people truly want to save money on a renovation. They should look at other ways to cut their budget. From going with a less expensive floor, paint or tile. To doing it in stages, so that they can afford it better. Rather than not hiring a contractor to do it safely.

Edmonton Electrician | Safe Ways To Do Electrical Work

There are many electrical things that people may want to do during a renovation says Edmonton electrician. From hanging a new chandelier, to adding a ceiling fan. Perhaps adding under the counter lighting in their kitchen. Or adding electrical outlets.

Anytime someone wants to do any of these things, they should consult with an Edmonton electrician. Or just hire them to do it correctly, from the start. It may be very tempting to try to save money.

By doing it them selves, however that would be ill-advised for many reasons. Even if it looks like it would be an easy job. From reading instructions on how to do it, and watching videos.

The reason why it looks so easy. Is because a professional, with years of schooling. And years of experience is doing it, and makes it look easy. However, people with less experience may make a lot of mistakes.

And while it may be fine to make mistakes on home renovations. When people are learning how to do things like lay a floor, put down carpet. Or how to paint. Making mistakes on those aspects of home renovations.

Is not going to cause the home to be unsafe. The way that it would, when people do their own electrical work. In fact, there is a very large Canadian electrical code. That electricians must learn every three years.

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Because that is all the newest information, on how to do things safely. Should give people an idea. About how extensive electrical work can be. And why they should not do it themselves.

And while many people realize that it is dangerous, to work on electrical components. Edmonton electrician says many people think that it will become less dangerous, if they turn the breaker off.

May not realize what could happen, if they do their electrical work incorrectly. If things are not done correctly, at the very least. When they turned the breaker back on, things are not going to work properly.

They could cause problems with the wiring that they are trying to do. Or wiring that is already in the wall. However, what is worse than that. Is if they caused a problem. That will be discovered, until it is too late.

For example, if they did something to cause the bonding to be disconnected. This means the breaker is not going to turn off, when there is two large a flow of electricity.

Normally, the breaker exists to turn off the flow of electricity. To overloaded circuits, so that they do not overheat. Where they can cause an electrical fire. But when this safety feature is not functioning properly.

People will not know that there is a problem, until it is too late. And there is an electrical fire in their home. This is very troubling. But the entire reason why people should be hiring an electrician in the first place.

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