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It is very important that when people are hiring and Edmonton electrician, they ensure that the company is able to work safely. When hiring an electric company to work on your site, whether it is your home, your business, or your commercial sites, you should be able to ask the company, or the electrician if they have a safety program, safety procedures or safety protocols. The motto should be if the electrician cannot work safely, they should not work at all.

Not only is it important for electricians to know their work well, but they also need to ensure that their working safely as well. There are several safety procedures and protocols that electricians can use, or can reassure the client that they are going to be not only keeping themselves safe, but the rest of the people that may be on-site, as well as the site itself. One such safety procedure is if they use FLRA’s, or FLHA’s. These stand for field level hazard assessment, or field level risk assessment and they are a checklist that electricians can use to ensure that every time they walk onto a jobsite, or leave a jobsite there ensuring its safety. For example, if an Edmonton electrician uses an FLRA or and FLHA, they would do something like scan the entire jobsite to see if there are any hazards that they can identify. Things like broken glass on the site, a wet or a seafloor, a messy job site that presents trip hazards to name a few. This checklist will require an electrician to document all hazards, clean up those hazards, document how they cleaned them up, and then verified that the jobsite is safe to enter.

Another great safety program that an Edmonton electrician can be familiar with is if they are COR certified. COR stands for certificate of recognition, and this is awarded to companies that have proven that they have developed their own safety programs as well as met established safety standards. If you hire a company that says they are COR certified, you can be reassured that they not only can say that they have a safety program in place, but they have been able to prove its to a governing body.

Something else that someone who is hiring an Edmonton electrician can ask, is if they are WCB compliance. This is actually mandatory, at a bare minimum. Companies that are not WCB compliance actually should not be working on a jobsite at all. This means that if a worker gets hurt on sites, that there is insurance that will cover them, to ensure that the electrician can get the help they need. Also, if there is damage to the property, WCB coverage is going to ensure that the owner of the jobsite will get reimbursed for the damage.

It should be the top priority of not only the Edmonton electrician, but the person hiring the electrician to ensure that they are going to be able to work on the jobsite safely. This is not only going to keep them safe, but every other person who is going to be on the jobsite, as well as the jobsite themselves. It should be considered a bare minimum to ask what their safety procedures or protocols are prior to hiring them.

Edmonton Electrician | Safe Work Practices for Electricians

One of the most important things that someone should be considering when they are hiring an Edmonton electrician is their ability to work safely. Many people will find that electricians that work safe all the time are also extremely good at the business of being an electrician. Therefore, a routine question that anyone who is looking to hire an electrician should ask, is what their safety programs or procedures are. It does not need to be a specific program in order for it to be safe, as long as the electrician is able to articulate what their safety procedures are, and demonstrates that the are aware of safe work procedures, that should give anyone hiring them a good idea if they will be able to work safely or not.

One of the first things that someone who is hiring an Edmonton electrician should asked them, is if they are licensed or insured. Any electrician who is working should have licenses and insurance. That way, if there is a problem on the jobsite, such as damage was caused to the jobsite, or the job is done incorrectly for some reason, the client will have the ability to get the damages fixed. Good electricians know that even if they do their best job, things might happen that could end up with damage happening. Therefore, not only is it a good idea to be licensed and insured, but without it, they should not be working. No matter if they are working on a commercial, residential, or industrial sites, not only should the contractor be licensed, but they should also be insured as well.

Another thing that people should be checking when they are hiring an electrical contractor, is if they use checklists and templates. Most electrical contractors work on a variety of sites. One day they might be on a residential site, the next day they might be on a commercial or industrial sites. Therefore, Edmonton electrician who is very good will know that they need to have checklists and templates to ensure that they have all of the tools to do their job efficiently and effectively. It is an arrogant worker who thinks that they can commit all of the things they need to remember for each jobsite to memory.

Regardless of if they have a formal program, or not, as long as the Edmonton electrician can describe to the client what their safety program, safety procedures, or safety protocols are, as long as they have the ability to work safely on a jobsite, and demonstrates that they have enough knowledge to do so, should satisfy clients looking to hire them. At the very least, prior to hiring an electrician, someone should ensure that they are licensed, insured, have WCB, and then have an idea of what they do when they are on a jobsite to ensure that they are working safely. By doing

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