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Edmonton Electrician | Shopping For The Right Bathroom Fan

There are made to be many reasons why a homeowner needs to purchase a new bathroom ventilation fan says Edmonton electrician. Whether there bathroom ventilation fan has already worn out.

Or, if they are preparing to sell their home, and want to ensure that they have a working fan in place. Or even if they have recently purchased a place. Whether it was a previously own home, or one that they have purchased brand-new. Considering the bathroom ventilation fan is important.

Not enough people change the bathroom ventilation fan. And not enough homeowners clean it as often as it should be cleaned. Therefore, installing a new one can ensure that people are starting living in their new home, with the best fan possible.

In addition to that, Edmonton electrician says that many builders opt for the cheapest bathroom ventilation fan. Which not only are inefficient at sucking moisture out of the bathroom.

But typically only have a useful life of two or three years. Each will require homeowner to replace the fan anyway. But in the meantime, risk moisture buildup in their new home.

There are several things that homeowners can look for when they are purchasing a new bathroom ventilation fan. But the most important consideration is the amount of air that the fan can suck up. And this is expressed as cubic feet per minute, or CFM.

In order to figure out the correct size they need for their own bathroom. They need to know the square footage of their own bathroom. To put that number into a CFM calculator online. Or by contacting their Edmonton electrician to help them calculate that number.


One of the most important things for homeowners to take into consideration. Is that if they are using an online calculator. To figure out what CFM of a fan they need to purchase. That they increase the number. And by a fan that is slightly larger than what is recommended.

The reason why, is because the CFM that is on the fan, is when the fan is newly installed. As the motor ages. And as the fan picks up dust and Pentair. It stops working as efficiently.

By installing a slightly more powerful fan. Homeowners can ensure that even as the fan ages. And even as it collects some dust. It will be able to suck as much air out of the bathroom to prevent moisture buildup as possible.

Once a homeowner has chosen the right size of fan that they need to install in their bathroom. They should consider all of the other options. But the most popular option to choose is the noise level.

Bathroom ventilation fans can be very noisy. And can cause people increased anxiety. As well as limit their enjoyment of the space. For example, when they are trying to have a relaxing bath.

By choosing a quiet noise level. People can ensure that they are able to enjoy their bathroom without additional noise. And that elsewhere in the house, able are not affected by the ambient noise as well.

By knowing what to look for in bathroom ventilation fans. Can help homeowners choose the right one for their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Shopping For The Right Bathroom Fan

Many homeowners do not purchase bathroom ventilation fans often says Edmonton electrician. And so they might not know of all of the options that are available to purchase.

However now more than ever. Bathroom ventilation fans come with a wide variety of options. Not only to add functionality to the fan and to the bathroom. But to add fun as well.

One of the most useful additional options that bathroom ventilation fans come with. Our built in humidity sensors. What this does, is it causes the fan to come on what it senses the humidity level rise above a certain point.

One of the best things about this feature. Is that when the humidity drops, the fan will turn itself off. Can be extremely beneficial in homes where there are people who might forget when to turn the fan on. Or turn the fan off too soon, which does not help effectively remove the moisture from the room.

Another great option that homeowners can choose when purchasing bathroom ventilation fans. Is that they can come with additional lighting. Whether homeowner needs additional lighting because the room is too dark.

Or if they want additional lighting to help with something like makeup application. There can be many different models that have different light sources.

Or, people can choose a bathroom ventilation fan with different coloured LED lights. That can add mood lighting to the bathroom. Such as bathing the bathroom and calming blue glow, to help a person relax in their bath easier.


One of the fanciest options for bathroom ventilation fans. Are the styles that come with a speaker inside, that has Bluetooth capability. What this does, is allows people to hook their digital music up to the fan itself. So that they can enjoy their music in the bathroom.

With us listening to relaxing music to help them relax in the bath. Or if they want to listen to their favourite podcasts while getting ready for work.

While there is another option that is available, Edmonton electrician recommends against it. And this is the bathroom ventilation fan that comes with a built-in heat lamp.

While it can be very nice to step out of the shower or bath into a heat lamp. If it is attached to the bathroom ventilation fan. Not only can it cause the motor to heat up, and shorten the useful lifespan of the fan.

But what it also does, is as the bathroom ventilation fan collects dust. Heat lamp can ignite that dust, and start a fire. Therefore, if homeowners really do want a heat lamp. They can have their Edmonton electrician install it in a different location in the bathroom. So that they do not increase their fire hazard.

Once a homeowner is aware of all of the different options that are available in the bathroom ventilation fan. They can choose not only the right size, but the right options that will make their bathroom a lot more functional.

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