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Edmonton Electrician | Should Homes Be Grounded?

Often, homeowners do not need to worry about specifics of electrical work that needs to be done says Edmonton electrician. They simply need to ensure that they are hiring the best electrician they can. And trust that they will be able to do things correctly.

And while many homeowners may not know exactly what they need to do. To ensure that the they hire the right electrician. Here are a few of the things that they should take into consideration.

So that they can ask the right questions, and know what kinds of answers they need to hear. In order to be reassured that the person that they are hiring to do their electrical work. Will be able to do the job correctly.

The first thing that they can ask is what version of the Canadian electrical code the electrician is using. The reason why this is so important. Is because the code updates every single year.

And if electrician is not using the most up-to-date code. Not only are they not following what has been deemed safe by the Canadian standards.

But they are not going to pass an inspection as well. And since all electrical work needs to get inspected. Using an old code means that the electrician is likely not going to pull the right permits either.

And that is the second question that homeowners can ask in Edmonton electrician that they are thinking of hiring. Is what permits they plan on pulling in order to do the job.

And while many homeowners may not know anything about what permits are needed. The trick of this question, is that all electrical work needs permits done. Whether it is a brand-new build.


Such as a homeowner building a mother-in-law suite in the basement where there was no electrical service before. Or perhaps they are building a garage, and that they need wired in.

Or, may be people are simply adding more breakers to their electrical system. Because they keep tripping the breaker. Or they are planning on putting a lot of Christmas lights up. Want to ensure they have enough circuits.

Regardless of if it is new, or an alteration to an existing system. Electricians need to pull permits. So if the electrician says they are not planning on pulling any. That is a warning sign that they are not the right electrician to do work on home.

And finally, homeowners can ask one last question of their Edmonton electrician. To be satisfied that they are going to be thorough, diligent. And do the work on their home correctly.

Is asked them what systems or processes they have in place. To ensure that they can do the job correctly and without missing any important steps.

Even the smartest electrician is not going to be able to commit everything to memory. Especially as the Canadian electrical code changes yearly. This is why having systems and processes in place is vital.

By using checklists or templates. Electricians can ensure that they can do the job correctly. Because they can follow the checklist. To verify that they have done everything, according to the standards.

Edmonton Electrician | Should Homes Be Grounded?

Many people may not know what grounding or bonding is says Edmonton electrician. Although they will be benefiting from it every day of their lives. And by understanding a little bit more about what it is.

Can help home entrepreneurs ensure that if there is even the slightest indication that there is a problem with it. They know what to do, and that they should call their electrician.

To inspect the system. And fix the grounding, or the bonding so that they can not only fix the problem. But have their home and their family safe.

Grounding and bonding refers to help a breaker or fuse, also called an overcurrent device operate. And the bonding pertains to anything after the service.

While grounding refers to anything before and including the electrical service. And so while there are slightly different ways to ground versus bond. They both work to protect the electrical system.

One of the first things that people need to keep in mind. Is there will be a ground fault. And what that does, is it ensures that the electrical current can flow back to its originating source.

And when that happens, the breaker will trip, opening the circuit. And stop the flow of electricity. So when the home is grounded properly. If there is a power surge, the power will simply turn off to that circuit.


Not only can this protect the property such as electrical devices in a home when the power surge happens says an electrician. Because many people are aware of what a power surge will do.

Which is why so many people put a surge protector on their computer. Because they know that a power surge can not only destroy their computer. Wipe all of the memory off that computer as well.

And while many people think of power surges as something that only affects their computer. Edmonton electrician says it actually can affect all appliances that are plugged into electrical outlets.

Therefore, if there is a power surge it can affect a person’s television, their washer and dryer, or even their gaming system or air-conditioner. So it is very important that they have grounding done correctly.

If people start to experience some dimming of their lights, followed by the lights getting brighter. Or flickering of their lights. Edmonton electrician says this is often a sign.

That the grounding or bonding is starting to age. Or if they recently had a renovation done. That could be an indication that the grounding or bonding was done incorrectly, or a step was missed.

So when the grounding or bonding is done correctly. They can eliminate power surges. They can also ensure that the breaker is working properly.

Because when the breaker does not work properly. Even if they have an overloaded circuit. The breaker will not trip and their home could be at risk for having an electrical fire.

And not only will electrical fires damage their property, but it puts the people who live in the house at risk. Such as their children, and extended family.

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