Edmonton Electrician | Should Residences Be Grounded and Bonded?


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Edmonton Electrician | Should Residences Be Grounded and Bonded?

Grounding and bonding can ensure that the electrical system is protected from surges says Edmonton electrician. And while there are many commercial applications. All residential properties need to be grounded and bonded properly.

The specifications for proper grounding and bonding is outlined in the Canadian electrical code. Which is defined in section 0. And while the electrical code gets updated every year.

Whichever electrician is working on doing the electrical wiring of residence. Needs to be working from the most current code. To ensure their doing things safely, and in way that will pass inspection.

In fact, any Edmonton electrician who is going to work on an electrical system. Whether it is during a build, or during renovation. Needs to ensure that they pull the correct permits. To ensure that it gets done properly.

If a property owner here is that the electrician is going to avoid pulling a permit in order to save time. That is a great indication that they should never be allowed back on a jobsite.

Ultimately, what grounding and bonding will do. Is ensure that the electricity can get safely discharged from a system. If there is an overabundance of electricity. Or if there is an electrical surge.

Grounding refers to all of the work that will get done before the service. To protect the electrical system. And bonding refers to all of the work done after the service. To protect the system as well.

And if the grounding and bonding is not done properly. Or if one thing is missed says Edmonton electrician. What will happen, is that the electrical current will not have the ability to flow back to the service.


And that in turn will cause the breaker to not be tripped. And the overloaded circuit, will just continue to overwhelm the wires. Which will get hotter until they cause a fire.

Is why it is so important to ensure that both the grounding and bonding is done properly. But even if all of the work is done perfectly. But one small piece was missed, or done incorrectly.

The entire system can be put into jeopardy. Which is why is very important to hire the most thorough electrician. Who will be able to ensure that they do not miss any important parts.

When an electrician uses checklists. No matter what the job is. Property owners and homeowners can get their mind put at ease. That they will not miss any part, as long as they are following the checklist.

So if they are looking to hire an electrician for a job that they are working on. They can simply ask what systems they have in place to ensure that they do not miss anything important.

And if they are not satisfied with the answer, you do not have to hire that electrician to come work on the job with them. While grounding and bonding is an extremely important part of a electrical system.

Ensuring that people are working with the best electrician. Can put their minds at ease, and help them have confidence that the work will be done properly at all times.

Edmonton Electrician | Should Residences Be Grounded and Bonded?

The Canadian electrical code is very specific about what buildings need grounding and bonding says Edmonton electrician. Which is why it is very important for all electricians to follow this code.

It is even more important that people understand that they code changes every year. And that there electrician needs to be well-versed in the newest version of the code. To ensure they can avoid creating problems.

While many people are not sure exactly what grounding and bonding is. They understand how important it is to ensure that their electrical system is protected.

And while people can understand what the job of a breaker is. Which turns off the power to electrical circuit that is overloaded. So that they can avoid having an electrical fire.

The grounding and bonding works to help the breaker. By helping additional electricity in the system flow back to the source where it originated. And when it does that, it causes the breaker to trip and open the circuit.

Therefore, they understanding that the bonding and grounding work together with the breaker to protect the electrical system. Can help people understand how important it is that it gets done properly at all times.

Often, people find that they may not realize that they have a grounding and bonding problem. But that they experience flickering lights. Or their lights get dimmer occasionally. And cannot figure out why.


Or, they might realize that there are more power surges happening then should be. And that is when they will call Edmonton electrician to come in and do an inspection.

And what the electrician will often find. Is that the grounding and bonding is either not done properly. There is a piece that is faulty, or was installed incorrectly.

They will be able to use their checklists in order to do a full inspection of the system. And that the homeowner know exactly needs to be done.

In order to fix the problem, and ensure that the home is grounded and bonded correctly. So that they can stay protected at all times. Therefore, people who are experiencing some strange electrical happenings in their home.

Should call an electrician immediately. Since it often is an indicator of something dangerous going on in their home. By doing that, they can ensure that the electrical is done properly, and that their house is safe.

Even though people may not know what grounding and bonding is. They understand how important it is to have safe electrical systems at all times. And by knowing who the best Edmonton electrician to call whenever they have any questions.

Can help give homeowners peace of mind. That their electrical system is safe, and they will not end up having any property damage or injuries. For the grounding and bonding not done properly.

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