Edmonton Electrician | Should Residences Be Grounded?


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Edmonton Electrician | Should Residences Be Grounded?

While not every single commercial application requires grounding to be done according to Edmonton electrician. Every residential project does need to be grounded properly. Because of safety concerns.

And while not every commercial project needs this important electrical component. According to the Canadian electrical code. The commercial applications that do require grounding as well as bonding include the following.

Hospitals need grounding and bonding. Because they deal with a lot of important and technical medical electronic devices. That if the building is not grounded, can be damaged during a power surge.

Schools need to be grounded and bonded as well according to Edmonton electrician. Because they are dealing with a lot of children. And therefore, the electrical code specifies grounding needs to be done.

Because it will protect the building from an overloaded power surge. And will ensure that the circuit breaker can properly turn off power to an overloaded circuit. Detecting the building from a fire.

And when there are many children in a building, no matter what age they are. Ensuring that the building that they are spending a significant amount of time in is grounded. Is extremely important.

Another commercial building that needs to have the proper grounding and bonding done. Is the laboratory. Because similar to a hospital. There is a lot of technical electronic equipment.

And if the grounding and bonding is not done properly in a laboratory. A power surge can destroy equipment, and cause information to be lost. And that is why requirements specify laboratories need to be grounded and bonded.


However, while these of the commercial applications that require grounding and bonding. It needs to happen on every single residential project. Whether it is an attached house, duplex, townhouse, or apartment building.

Because it will protect the buildings and families within them from power surges. That can damage their electronics such as computers, gaming devices and televisions.

But more important than that, the grounding will protect the family from an overloaded circuits. And the grounding will also ensure that the circuit breaker or fuse can do its job of turning off the power to an overloaded circuit.

Therefore, when the grounding and bonding is not done properly in a residence. What will happen, is that there is a greater chance that an electrical fire can start.

Because it can create a scenario where circuits have a greater chance of overloading. While causing circuit breaker to not function properly. Which is the failsafe when there is an overloaded circuit.

Therefore, people need to hire the best Edmonton electrician that they can. Who will ensure that they do the wiring properly. So that people can be assured that the grounding is also done properly.

Also, the right electrician will pull the correct permits ahead of time. So that their work get inspected. And they can avoid a scenario of missing an aspect of grounding the house properly.

But that can get caught during an inspection, and ensure that people can be safe, from well done electrical work. This is why it is very important to be very picky about which electrician people higher.

Edmonton Electrician | Should Residences Be Grounded?

Many people have heard that it is important to ground house says Edmonton electrician. However, they do not have a firm grasp all what that means.

Therefore, it can be very hard when they have to hire and Edmonton electrician. To know what they need to ask that professional. To ensure that they are going to do the job properly.

One of the first things that they need to take into consideration, is that any time someone is working on electrical system. According to the Canadian electrical code. The electrician needs to pull a permit.

Therefore, if the person that they hire, or is thinking of hiring. Mentions that they are going to save time or money by not pulling a permit. It should be a warning sign to the homeowner, to not hire this person.

The permit is going to be what ensures the job can get inspected. To make doubly sure that job is done properly. And when it is something as important as it grounding. When a system is not grounded properly.

That puts the property at risk of overloaded circuits, power surges as well as electrical flyers. Therefore, everything that homeowner can do to ensure that this is done properly is very important.

The next thing that people should do, is ask their Edmonton electrician. What systems or processes that they have in place. Can ensure that they do everything properly, and according to code.


A great example of this, is the Edmonton electrician that uses checklists in their business. From loading their truck, to setting foot on a commercial or residential job site. They depend on these checklists.

To ensure that not only have they done everything. That they have checked it to ensure that it is done correctly. Because while electricians are incredibly smart. Their job is incredibly complex as well.

And they should not be required to have to memorize every single aspect of their job. And if they try, that is when they can end up seeing something. Which is why checklists are important tools to the trade.

And one less thing that they should ask the electrician before they hire them. Is to ensure what Canadian electrical code they are using. This is very important, because the code is updated on a yearly basis.

Therefore, if they are not using the most current electrical code. They might be doing things that are now known to be unsafe. And even if what they are doing used to be fine.

By not following the current code, electrician is not going to be able to pass inspection. And this is why it is very important for people to ensure that there electrician is following the current code.

There are many things to consider when hiring an electrician. To ensure that the job is done properly. And from starting the electrical job. To grounding the house at the end. It is very important that it is done perfectly to ensure the occupants of the house can be safe.

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