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Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Circuits

People often overload circuits in their home says Edmonton electrician. And do so without realizing. There actually putting their home at significant risk.
Edmonton Electrician

Most electrical circuits can only handle. A maximum of 1500 W of energy. And that is possible to do, with one electrical device. If it consumes enough electricity. Some devices that may consume that much.

Include devices such as a portable air conditioner, a space heater. Electric blanket, or kitchen appliances such as a slow cooker, or an air fryer. Just to name a few.

As well, Edmonton electrician says homeowners also need to keep in mind. That while they might think one electrical circuit. Is a single electrical outlet, this is not the case.

Electricians can put more than one outlet. As well as lights, and other devices. On a single circuit. Which means even if they plug in. A single device that uses 1500 W of energy. And the lights in the room that they are in are on the same circuit.

They will very easily overload the circuit. And trip the breaker, turning off electricity to that circuit. However, Edmonton electrician says this is only when the circuit breaker is working correctly.

And while it might be pain to have to. Use a flashlight and go down into the dirty and dusty basement. In order to find the panel. To turn the circuit back on. This important failsafe does not always work.

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A circuit breaker is definitely designed. To turn off the electrical current. To an overloaded circuits. In order to prevent causing damage to the wiring. And also to prevent the possibility of an electrical fire.

Unfortunately, this does not have a backup system. That works when it no longer doesWork. Which means if the circuit breaker is not working. Then the overloaded circuit simply continue to be overloaded.

Until the circuit breaks. Or an electrical fire happens. The reason while actual fires are so dangerous. Is because they happen inside the walls of a home. Where they can become larger, and spread. By consuming the oxygen.

In the hollow walls of a house. It can spread to the entire home. Before people realize that the houses in fact on fire. Making it very dangerous. And an unfortunately common problem for homeowners.

Therefore, people should understand. To never plug-in more than 1500 W into a single circuit at a time. And if they find that they do not have. Enough outlets in their home further electrical usage.

That is the perfect time to call their electrician. To give them a quote about adding circuits and outlets in their home. The will also be able to check the homeowners electrical panel.

And that will ensure that it is a quality panel. And that it is not old, or starting to wear out. As well Hauer Power will check to see. What brand the panel is. As they are trying to remove all federal panels from homes.

Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Circuits Immediately

An overloaded circuit is a huge danger to a home says Edmonton electrician. The reason why, is because it not only can damage the electrical work. But more important. It can cause an electrical fire.

This is something that happens quite often. With many homeowners thinking. They are protected from an overloaded circuit. Causing electrical fire. Because they have a circuit breaker in their home.

A circuit breaker is definitely designed. To turn the flow of electricity. Off when a circuit is overloaded. Most circuits can handle a maximum of 1500 W of electricity. Before they are overloaded.

Unfortunately, electrical circuit breakers. Must always work perfectly. If people are going to count on them. To always turn the electricity off. To an overloaded circuit. When in reality Edmonton electrician says.

Homeowners should be avoiding overloading there circuits. And using the circuit breaker as a backup for emergencies. As well, if people discover. That there electrical circuit breaker. Is starting to get tripped.

With increasing frequency. Even though they have not changed their electrical usage. People may not understand that this is actually a sign. That there circuit breaker is starting to wear out.

That is when they should get on the phone to their Edmonton electrician. To come in to look at their panel. And give them a price on getting a new panel installed. And ideally, a larger one with more room for circuits.

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However, most people simply complain about it. Until the problem seems to fix itself. Unfortunately, the problem is far from fixed. While the circuit breaker tripping. Was proof that the circuit breaker was starting to wear out. Suddenly having it stop.

Is a surefire sign that it has stopped working entirely. Therefore, people may still be counting. On the circuit breaker to stop the flow of electricity. To overloaded circuits. When it is not working at all.

This is why it is so important for homeowners to know. How to avoid overloading there circuits. So though they do not need to count on their circuit breaker. In the first place to protect their home.

A common problem with this. Is that not only are there never enough outlets in a home. But every year, people are getting more and more electrical devices. That consume more energy.

Therefore, people never seem to have enough outlets. And utilize power bars. And extension cords in order to. Be able to plug more electrical devices in at a time. This is also a sign that they should be contacting their Edmonton electrician. Especially as these electrical extenders. And power bars do not increase the amount of energy. That an outlet can handle at a time.

If they need more outlets. They should get more outlets installed. And when there electrician is doing that. They can check to make sure there electrical panel is functioning properly. And is in good working order.

And if not, they can get that replaced at the same time. Increasing the function. But as well as the safety of themselves, their home and its occupants.

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