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Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Electrical Circuits

Many homeowners overload their electrical circuits says Edmonton electrician. And although that does not seem like it would be a problem. It is a greater problem than many people assume.
Edmonton Electrician

For example, and overloaded circuits. Is typically stopped by a device. Called a circuit breaker. It is a function built into the electrical panel of the home. That stops the flow of electricity.

Two various devices and circuits that are overloading it. A typical circuits can only handle 1500 W of electricity at a time. And anytime it is consuming more than that. The design of the circuit breaker.

Is to stop the flow of electricity. Protecting the wire and the home at the same time. Unfortunately, circuit breakers are not without flaws. And if a circuit breaker stops working. Either due to a freak circumstance.

Or simply because it is worn-out. And nearing the end of its life. That means people might be overloading the circuits. Counting on the circuit breaker to do its job.

This can be a huge problem. Especially as people. Are using more and more electricity. Due to more electrical devices in the home. And not enough electrical outlets to accommodate all of them.

People more than ever before. Are getting power bars, and electrical extenders. As well as extension cords. In order to accommodate. The ever-growing amount of electrical devices in their home.

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And while there is nothing wrong with using a power bar. Or an extension cord says Edmonton electrician. The problem comes. When people try to use them in order to increase.

The number of electrical devices they are trying to use at a time. While trying to plug-in a reading lamp, a radio. And charge a cell phone at the same time. Is not going to cause a problem.

The problem comes in when people are trying to plug their entire. Gaming computer on a single circuits, as well as their air-conditioner and mini fridge. To keep the drinks they want to have. While gaming close, and cold.

If people try to use an extension cord. Or an electrical extender such as an octopus. To plug many more things into a single outlets. They will definitely overload that circuit very quickly.

And normally, if all things are working perfectly says Edmonton electrician. The circuit breaker will come on. And stop the flow of electricity. However, this should not be counted on. Because circuit breakers are known to stop working from time to time.

Therefore, if people discover. That they simply do not have enough outlets in their home. Even if the home is brand-new. They should be calling the experts at Hauer Power. Who will be more than happy to come in.

Take a tour of their home. Look at their electrical panel. And see if they should be updating or installing more electrical outlets or not. The sooner people can avoid overloading the circuits in their home.

The sooner they will be able to keep their family safe. As well as their home and possessions.

Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Electrical Circuits Today

One of the most important things says Edmonton electrician. Is keeping the family safe. And keeping the home safe as well. Many people may not equate overloaded circuits. To the safety of their home, but it is true.

All of the various electrical circuits in a home. Are only designed to handle 1500 W of energy at a time. While some people might assume that this means. Every electrical outlets in their home. Can handle 1500 W of energy.

They may not realize that there are multiple outlets. On a single circuits. And, the lighting in their home. Is also going to be attached. To a certain circuit. Means it is not as easy as. Ensuring they do not plug-in.

More than 1500 W per outlet. However, the aware of how much electricity. Each device draws is an important first step. Edmonton electrician says either written on the device itself. Or on a sticker, wrapped around the cord.

Will be a note of how much energy the device draws. People need to be aware of not plugging in more than 1500 W of energy. To any single circuit at a time. For example, if they look at their flat iron.

And notice that it draws 1200 W of energy. It is probably best that they avoid using anything else on that circuit. While they are using their flat iron at the same time.

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A common problem that happens says Edmonton electrician. Is in the kitchen. Were not only are there very few electrical outlets. But it seems that there is always an electrical device. That is being introduced.

Designed to make our lives easier in the kitchen. But, draws a significant amount of energy. Pressure cookers, slow cookers. Air fryers, electric kettles and coffeemakers. Even toasters.

Make preparing food very convenient. But they all draw a significant amount of energy. If people try to use extension cords. Or outlet extenders.

So that they can fry eggs on their electric frying pan, make coffee. And prepare toast to be done at the same time. They may find that they are overloading the circuits in their kitchen.

A good rule of thumb says Hauer Power, the experts. Is if people are using extension cords. Or if they are using outlet extenders. In order to plug more devices in then they could before.

This is a good indication that they simply need more electrical outlets. And because of that, more electrical circuits in their house as well. In order to do that, the Edmonton electrician simply needs.

To look at the panel to see if there is room to add circuits. And either upgrading the panel to a larger one. Or adding a subpanel. Is all that is needed in order to give home a lot more electrical capability.

If homeowners would like more information on this. All they have to do is pick up the phone, or send an email. To the experts at Hauer Power. In order to give their home the electrical it needs.

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