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Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Electrical Outlets

It is very important for people to understand that electrical outlets should not be overloaded says Edmonton electrician. Despite the fact that many people believe. Circuit breakers will protect them.
Edmonton Electrician

While that is certainly the design of the circuit breaker. Circuit breakers are not completely infallible. And more importantly if they do fail. There is no backup system whatsoever.

As well, homeowners should keep in mind. That there is no warning system. To say whether the circuit breaker is not functioning or not. Which means if the circuit breaker is likely to fail.

There is no way of knowing this. A rule of thumb that homeowners can use. Is if they have an older electrical panel. Then chances are, that the circuit breaker is closer to failing.

As well, if they have a panel that is the brand. Federal, chances are quite good. That it is likely going to fail sooner rather than later. While these were very common electrical panels that were put into homes.

During the late seventies, the eighties and early nineties. Experts now know that the panel is not very good. And that it often leads to circuit breaker failure. Out of all of the electrical fires in homes.

Across North America over the last twenty years. Ninety of them came from homes that had the federal brand panel inside of them. Therefore, while Edmonton electrician has made it their mission. To get rid of.

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All of the federal panels they can find. The first step is homeowners contacting the experts at Hauer Power. To take a look at their electrical systems in the first place.

The next thing that homeowners need to keep in mind. Is that it is very important that they are paying attention. To if the circuit breaker is starting to be triggered more often.

For example, if homeowners discover. That even though they have no additional. Energy usage in their home. That the circuit breaker is turning off circuits. More often, and with a more increased frequency.

That is a likely indication. That the electrical panel. As well as the circuit breaker is starting to fail. If the panels fail, and the circuit breaker is no longer working. There is nothing that is turning off the electricity. To an overloaded circuits.

Therefore, that is the only warning system. That homeowners will get. But most people believe that it is an inconvenience. And are frustrated when this happens. Then, when the problem suddenly stops.

They often believe that the problem has fixed itself. When that is not the case at all. what has likely have been says Edmonton electrician. Is that the electrical panel is now no longer functioning at all. Leaving them completely susceptible. To larger problems and electrical overload.

When they have electrical overload, that is likely going to start a fire. And electrical fires are very dangerous. Because they start without knowledge. And spread quickly undetected.

Homeowners can always call Hauer Power. To check out their electrical panel. So that they know if it is functioning properly. Or should be upgraded.

Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Electrical Outlets Today

Homeowners may not realize that overloading outlets is such a huge problem says Edmonton electrician. However, it is a large problem. That homeowners should learn how to avoid.

And while it is extremely easy. To teach a homeowner what they should avoid doing. As well as what they should be doing as well. If homeowners do not take the time to learn, their home and family could be at risk.

For example, people should not be plugging in. More than 1500 W of electricity. On a circuit at any given time. This may sound complex. But it can be very simple for everyone to figure out.

The first trick is knowing. That not every single electrical outlets. Is on its own circuit. Many times, multiple outlets. Or the lighting in a room. Is on one circuit. And homeowners can figure this out.

By going to their electrical outlets. And turning off circuits. And seeing exactly what outlets are affected. Once they know what is on a single circuit. Then they can simply calculate electricity.

Using the electrical amounts. That by law, or printed on. Every electrical device sold in Canada. Many devices are small enough. To only use 3 to 500 W of energy at a time.

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Such as lamps, cell phone chargers. Nightlights, air fresheners, radios or Bluetooth speakers for example. And there are some devices that are extremely large. And should only be plugged in. On their own circuit.

Such as space heaters, air conditioning units, hair straighteners. Curling irons, blow dryers pulling steamers. Clothing irons or anything that in its heat. Even more important says Edmonton electrician.

If a device is using upwards of 1500 W at a time. Then it should never be used with power bar. Or an extension cord, or an outlet extender, often referred to as an octopus.

And if people are using these devices. With any degree of regularity. Then this is a good indication. That they do not have enough electrical outlets. And when they add more. They should certainly add more circuits.

So they do not overload the system that they already have. When they call their Edmonton electrician to do this. The electrician will also look at their electrical panel. They will check to make sure it is not old and worn out.

If it is, they will be more than likely to. Upgraded, to a larger panel. That has the ability. For more circuits. That way, not only will they have a new panel. The panel will have more room for more circuits.

Not just for the immediate future. But into the coming years. So that they do not have to get a new panel again. When they want to add more circuits, if there electrical usage grows more.

If homeowners have any more questions about this. They should contact their Edmonton electrician. At Hauer Power, by phone, email or on the website today. This will help them not only have peace of mind. But a safe home as well.

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