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Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Receptacles

No matter what age of house that a person lives in says Edmonton electrician. They can overload their circuits. Which can cause an electrical fire. This is extremely dangerous. But very avoidable.

Many people may not realize, that each Outlets they have in their home. Can only handle a certain amount of electricity at a time. This is 15 amps. And by putting more amps through the outlet than it can handle. Can cause an electrical fire.

They can do this, by plugging more than 15 amps into the outlet. For example, if they have an electrical device that will draw 15 amps of power. And they plug anything else into the electrical socket.

There are many common appliances in there home. That can overload the electrical sockets. Such as a space heater, an air conditioner, A blow-dryer, or a hair straightener. If somebody plugs this plus anything else into one electrical outlet. It can overload the circuits.

And while many people understand that the breakers job is to stop the flow of electricity. To anywhere that has an overloaded circuit. Edmonton electrician says this is not necessarily fail-proof. And if it does fail, the consequences are a house fire.

Something else that can easily cause an overloaded circuit says Edmonton electrician. Is if people are using an outlet extender, such as an octopus. Or if they are utilizing a power bar.


These make it extremely easy for people to plug more than 15 amps into an outlet at a time. Therefore, these things can be very dangerous. If people don’t know how to use them well.

The first thing that people should do, isn’t sure that anything that they plug into their Outlet is safe to do so. This means a cheaply-made power bars, like ones that can be bought at the dollar store for example. are often simply not safe to use.

They should ensure that anything that they plug into their electrical outlet says Edmonton electrician. Has CSA stamped on the side of it. Because this means it has been inspected by Canadian Safety standards. And is approved for use in Canada.

Also, they should ensure that if they are using a power bar. That it has a built-in surge protector. Not all people realize that Power Bars don’t all come with a surge protector. So making sure that the one that they buy does. Can help provide another layer of protection.

And once they get the power bar home. They should ensure that they look at all of their electrical devices. And understand how many amps they draw. So that they will not exceed 15 amps from that one plug-in. If people believe that a power bar can safely increase the number of amps that’s a person uses.

This is not true. And if they have the need for more electricity in their home. They should call their Edmonton electrician to find out what Solutions are available for them and their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Power Receptacles

People may inadvertently start an electrical fire in their home says Edmonton electrician. Because they don’t know what causes electrical fires. And so they don’t know how to prevent it. Preventing electrical fires can be very easy Once people know what to do. So education is increasingly important. For people to avoid electrical fires.

How electrical fires start says Edmonton electrician. Is when an outlet tries to process more electricity than it was designed to process. Each electrical outlets can handle about 15 amps of energy.

When that amount of energy is exceeded. By having someone plug devices that draw more than that into they plugin. The wires themselves struggle to handle that massive flow of electricity. That the wires were never designed to handle.

As they work very hard to manage the electricity coming through them. They will get hot to the touch. And the longer they stay hot says Edmonton electrician. The greater risk they are at starting a fire. When they get very hot, they can ignite flammable surfaces around them.

And the most dangerous thing about electrical fires. Is that they start within the walls of a house. Which means they can burn for a long time and detected. They can go through all of the walls of the house, feeding on the oxygen in the empty spaces. And consuming all of the flammable surfaces inside a wall.

By the time anyone realizes that a fire has broken out into their home. It is likely spread throughout the entire house. Which makes escaping very important. But very dangerous.


People can avoid this scenario by simply avoiding plugging more than 15 amps into a plug-in at any given time. If they’re using electrical extenders like octopuses. Or if they are using things like Power Bars. It might be much easier than they realize to overload their electrical circuits.

Instead of using these devices that are designed to allow people to plug more things into one plug-in. Edmonton electrician says that people should instead get more Outlets installed in their home.

This is Austin easier, and less time-consuming and then many people assume. And is also much more cost-effective. Especially when compared to potentially starting a fire in a home. Paying for an Edmonton electrician to install Outlets seems like a much safer and preferred alternative.

All the electrician has to do, is add an additional switch to the breaker box. And run wires through the walls to where they need to go. By cutting a small hole in the wall for the outlet. this can help people ensure that they have enough plug-ins for what they need to have plugged in.

And it can also ensure that they are not risking overloading their circuits, by trying to plug 2 he’s into one Outlet at a time.

This is going to significantly help people stay safe, and avoid an electrical fire. And also increase the convenience of having more outlets in their home. Because more than ever before, people have electrical devices that they need to have plugged in to enjoy.

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