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Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Your Circuits

A common problem in households across Canada says Edmonton electrician. Is that homeowners are unwittingly overloading there circuits. And unknowingly putting their home at risk.
Edmonton Electrician

The problem with overloading electrical circuits. Is that the wires that bring electricity to the outlet. Are not designed to handle. A large amount of electricity at a given time.

And in order to cope, the wires simply heat up. To a temperature, that can ignite the flammable things around it. Since the wires are inside a wall. And the walls are made of drywall and wood.

It is very common for a hot, overheated electrical wire. To ignite the wall that contains it. This is called an electrical fire. And is very dangerous for two reasons. First of all, because people have no idea.

That there circuit breaker has failed them. And they are unaware that a fire has started. The fire will first consume the wall from the inside. And then spread to other areas of the home. Through the connected walls.

So that the entire house can be on fire. Before people see the first evidence of flames. This is the second reason why it is so dangerous. Is because it can become out of control. Before people realize that anything is wrong.

A common comment that people make to their Edmonton electrician. Is that they often say that they assume. That the electrical circuit breaker is going to turn the power off. To the overloaded circuit.

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Protecting the house, and the family from this electrical fire. And while that is the design of the circuit breaker says Edmonton electrician. This is not an infallible plan. As circuit breakers sometimes fail.

And they tend to fail more, the more they are used. And the older the electrical panel is. Another reason why this is such a bad idea. Is because in the eighties, almost every home was installed.

With a brand of electrical panel called Federal. This type of panel was very popular. Because it was very inexpensive. But, people now realize the error. Of installing such a cheaply made products into the homes of people.

As 90% of all electrical fires. Started because the circuit breaker in the federal panel. Failed, chances are quite good. That if people have a federal panel in their home.

The circuit breaker will also fail. Putting their home at risk. It is not a question of if they will get an electrical fire. But when they will get it. Therefore, the best course of action. Is first of all to avoid overloading circuits.

But second of all calling their electrician. To review their electrical panel. And upgrading it if necessary. As well as installing more circuits and electrical outlets. To keep up with their increasing energy consumption.

The sooner homeowners are able to upgrade their electrical panel. And add more electrical outlets to their home. The more likely they will avoid overloading circuits. And avoid needing there circuit breaker to work flawlessly.

Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Your Circuits Immediately

An overloaded circuit is a dangerous thing says Edmonton electrician. Because it puts the house at risk of an electrical fire. And while a circuit breaker is designed. To stop the flow of electricity. To avoid this sort of calamity.

That requires the circuit breaker to always work flawlessly. But also, people need to also understand. That the fire may in fact start. Before the circuit breaker can work. The best thing to do.

Is to teach homeowners how to avoid. Overloading there circuits. So that they do not have to count on. There circuit breaker to do the job for them. The first rule of thumb is homeowners should understand.

They should never overload the circuits with more than 1500 W of energy. While this may sound like a complex calculation. Every single electrical device. Will have the amount of energy it draws. Either written on the device itself.

Or, on the wire that connects it to the electrical outlets. Therefore, they will be able to see how much energy it draws. And ensuring that they are never overloading a circuit. Two more than 1500 W at a time.

For example, a radio, a reading lamp and plugging in the cell phone to charge. Are all going to draw somewhere between 300 to 500 W each. It is never a problem to put all of these devices on a single circuits.

Because they will not exceed 1500 W. However, the problem is more prevail and. As people get more and more powerful devices. That draw more energy at a time. Some common examples of devices.

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That draw even more energy include curling irons, flatirons and blow dryers. As well as many different kitchen devices such as coffeemakers, electric kettles. Toasters, pressure cookers and slow cookers.

Therefore, it may come down to the homeowner. Always checking the devices they plug in. As well as learning. What electrical outlets are on the same circuit. With a little bit of practice and knowledge.

Homeowners can avoid overloading there electrical circuits. That will ensure that they never put their home at risk of an electrical fire. However, if homeowners are discovering. That they simply do not have enough electrical outlets in their home.

To accommodate all of the electrical devices they want to use at the same time. Which is a common occurrence in the kitchen. That typically always has too few electrical outlets. For a number of reasons.

Then they should call their Edmonton electrician. To come in and give them no obligation quote. About how much it would cost them. To put in additional circuits, and add more electrical outlets throughout their home.

Even if they find their only overloading there circuits. During the summer when they use an air conditioner. Or in the winter, or Christmas time. When they have their external and internal Christmas lights on.

That is a very good reason to call their Edmonton electrician at Hauer Power. To help them ensure that their house is protected from any electrical overages.

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