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Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Your Outlets

People may not understand the danger of overloaded electrical outlets says Edmonton electrician. However, it is a problem. That is growing, and putting many homes at significant risk.
Edmonton Electrician

One of the first things that homeowners should understand. Is that they should only be plugging. 1500 W of electricity. Into their electrical outlets at any given time. This may sound like it is complex.

But Edmonton electrician says it is not as complex as many people believe. The first thing that homeowners need to figure out in their home. Is what electrical outlets and lights. Our on a single circuit.

They may assume, incorrectly. That every outlets in their home. Is on its own electrical circuits. While this might seem convenient. It is not likely. As many outlets and lights. Our put together on the same circuit.

Which is often why. People have a problem overloading there circuits. They can figure this out quite easily. By taking a look at the electrical panel in their home. And turning off a circuit.

In order to see what outlets are affected by that. Once they know what circuits contain which outlets. The next thing they can do. Is simply avoid. Putting more than 1500 W on that circuit at a time.

Keeping in mind if any lighting. Is on that circuit, that will count for approximately 2 to 300 W of their fifteen hundred allotment. The next thing that they should do according to Edmonton electrician. Is figure out.

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The electrical usage of all of the different devices in their home. This also is easier than people may assume. Simply because the wattage, or electrical usage of each device. Is written, by law.

On the device itself. Or printed on a sticker that is wrapped around the court. Therefore, people do not have to be guessing. At the different amounts of electricity. That each device uses.

But a good rule of thumb. Is that if it utilizes heat in any way. It most likely will use a lot of electricity. That is why the kitchen. Uses some of the most high energy consumption devices.

Such as instant pots, air fryers, and pressure cookers. As well as slow cookers, electric tea kettles. Coffeemakers, electric frying pans. Toasters, toaster ovens and more. Even things like their stand mixer, blender and electric can opener.

All use a significant amount of electricity. Therefore, by understanding the energy consumption of all of their devices. And how many can be on each circuits. Homeowners can avoid overloading circuits easily.

However, if homeowners realize. That they use significantly more electricity than they should. That is a good indication. That they should be contacting their Edmonton electrician. Such as the experts at Hauer Power.

In order to get a price. On increasing their electrical panel. And adding more electrical circuits, and outlets to their home. The sooner homeowners can do this. The more likely they are going to avoid having electrical problems in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Your Outlets Today

Overloaded outlets are huge problem says Edmonton electrician. But many homeowners are completely unaware of it. Overloaded circuits actually lead to electrical fires. Especially if people are living in older homes.

That is why it is incredibly important. For homeowners to understand. Not only how to avoid this problem. But when they should be contacting the experts, such as those at Hauer Power. In order to.

Help them upgrade their electrical system. As well as add more electrical outlets and circuits to their home. So they can avoid problems in the future. The sooner they can do this, the sooner they can have peace of mind in their home.

Many homeowners may think that as long as there is. A place for them to plug something into their outlet, they should be safe to do so. This is not correct, and a dangerous assumption says Edmonton electrician.

Each electrical circuit can handle. A maximum of 1500 W. At a time, and depending on. What electrical devices people are plugging in. They can put many. For only one at a time on that circuit.

For example, devices such as a radio, a Bluetooth speaker. Charging a cell phone or a tablet. A nightlight, or a reading light. May only utilize 3 to 500 W of energy. Therefore, multiple devices.

Can safely be plugged in to a circuit. At the same time. The problem is, many people do not know. What can be plugged in and when. Therefore, they may plug in their reading light, there cell phone charger.

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As well as their air-conditioning units. And think that it should be safe, especially if. They have enough spots in their electrical outlets to plug-in those devices. This is not true, because the air conditioning unit alone.

Is likely going to utilize thousand to 1500 W of energy all on its own. Which means it should be the only thing on a circuit. Otherwise circuits will be overloaded. Another problem that people have.

Is that they make the assumption that they can. Increase the amount of wattage that can safely be utilized on a circuit. By adding a power bar, or outlet extenders. Especially if that device.

Has been inspected by. The Canadian safety Council. This is not true, in fact there is no device at all. That can increase the amount of electricity. That can be placed on a circuits, without rewiring it.

People make this assumption, because it will give them. More spots to plug more devices in. Assuming that it is safe to do so. And if people are plugging in a lot of low energy devices.

Such as charging their cell phone, and their tablets. As well as plugging in a nightlight, and an air freshener. Then there is no problem. As all of these devices together. Will not exceed 1500 W.

The problem happens however. When people are utilizing. Large energy sucking devices. Such as an air conditioning unit, a blow dryer. As well as a clothing steamer at the same time. To avoid problems.

Homeowners should contact Edmonton electrician at Hauer Power. They be able to avoid causing larger problems. And ensure that they are doing things safely.

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