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Edmonton Electrician | Stress Free Kitchen Renovations

When homeowners are ready to upgrade their kitchen, contacting an Edmonton electrician. This should be one of the first things that they do in the process. Even if they do not think they need the services of an electrician.

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That is something they should hear from the electrician themselves. Rather than assuming they do not need one. And then finding halfway through the process. That they need to stop, and call one in.

Which will typically cost them more money. When they do not include them from the beginning of their project. The reason why electricians are typically needed for kitchen renovations.

Is because most often, every outlet in a kitchen. Will be independently wired on their own circuits. And they were typically only wired, to accommodate the typical appliances. For the time that they were built.

Which means if a homeowner is planning on upgrading the appliances now. They are typically going to have to increase the outlets capabilities. Of handling a larger energy flow.

Which not only will require contacting an Edmonton electrician to upgrade that one outlet. But in fact, according to the Canadian electrical code. Even a minor change to an existing electrical system.

Requires upgrading into the most current safety standards of the day. Therefore, even what homeowners might consider a small electrical upgrade would be. Can end up being a much larger job.

It is much more advantageous for homeowners to know this at the beginning of their renovation. So that they can plan as well as budget for it. But also, so that they can work it into their plans.

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For example, if they know they have to hire an electrician to upgrade their electrical system. They may ask for them to quote on getting additional outlets put in to their kitchen.

Or even upgrading their lighting to LEDs. Or under the counter lighting. Since they are already hiring the electrician to come into their home and make changes. It is going to cost just a little bit more to make these changes.

As well, many homeowners will be able to plan their entire kitchen renovation around this. Therefore, if they find out partway through the renovation. That they need an Edmonton electrician to come in. It is might cost them more money.

But also take more time, and require bringing in another contractor that was in previously. It is just important that whenever a renovation is happening. That homeowners consult every professional.

As well, homeowners who might be doing a significant renovation. Such as adding a dishwasher in a kitchen that did not have a dishwasher before. Or adding a convection oven. Or a stovetop in their counter.

Will all require their own electrical circuits. And potentially, they will not have enough room in their current panel to add all of those electrical circuits. Which will require adding a subpanel.

Or simply adding a new panel with many more capabilities. This can end up being a much larger job. Which is why homeowners should be consulting electrician from the beginning.

Edmonton Electrician | Stress Free Kitchen Improvements

One of the most popular things to do during a kitchen renovation says Edmonton electrician. Is to add more electrical outlets. So that people can have more things plugged in when working in their kitchen.

There are many reasons why there are never enough outlets in kitchens when the home is first built. First of all, the homebuilder typically will only have put the bare minimum of outlets in when they are building home.

Because adding anything additional, would have added cost. And taken away from their profit margins. But also, another reason why kitchens typically do not have enough electrical outlets.

Is because when the home was built, there were not as many electrical devices to plug-in at a time. As people now have. There are coffee pots, electrical kennels, espresso machines. As well as toasters, crockpots, pressure cookers.

And that is just some of the electrical devices that people want to have plugged in at the same time. If they are cooking and baking at the same time. Such as during special occasions.

Then they might want to have even more electrical outlets. This is why one of the most common renovations that people get done. Is to ask their Edmonton electrician to add electrical outlets.

According to the most up-to-date code, electricians now say that if there is a space on a countertop. That is large enough to put an average size microwave. That should have an electrical outlet.

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And while adding additional electrical outlets might seem like a very simple job. It is quite an involved process for many reasons. First of all, because every outlet needs to be on its own circuit.

Which means even adding two or three outlets. That means adding at least two or three new circuits. But most Edmonton electrician professionals. Our splitting the outlets that they install.

And the reason why there splitting the outlets. Is so that they can ensure that if people plug to high-powered kitchen appliances into the same outlet. That they are not going to trigger the breaker.

Therefore, even adding two or three outlets means adding 4 to 6 new circuits. And this is going to require adding a new panel, or adding a subpanel. Because there is not enough spots on the breaker to add those capabilities.

Which means a very simple job of adding an outlet. Can end up being a much larger job for the electrician. Which is why it is important that homeowners contact an electrician for a quote.

So that they know what all is involved in their request. So that they can budget for it. And have it done properly. Even the simple task of adding additional outlets in a kitchen.

Is going to make the kitchen far more usable, and functional for everyone. Which is why it is very beneficial for people to get this done properly from the start. So that it can be done well and safely.

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