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Edmonton Electrician | Surge Protectors To Protect Your Home

People should avoid overloading their electrical outlets at all times does Edmonton electrician. And despite what many people believe, Power Bars does not increase the amps an outlet can handle. So it can be very easy to overload an electrical outlet. If people are using Power Bars.

One assumption that people also mate. Is that power bars all come with a built-in surge protector. This is not true. Often, many power bars are simply an extension of the outlet. And provide absolutely no protection if the outlets overloaded with too much electricity.

When people are shopping for the right power bar. They should ensure that they are going to a quality store. Because even though many dollar stores across the country sell Power Bars. The quality of them is not very good. And chances are quite high but they have not passed nadian safety testing.

When they do go to equality store to look for a power bar. Edmonton electrician says that they should look for Power Bars that have CSA stamped into the side of them. This means that it is asked medium safety test. And will be likely to do its job well.

The next thing that people should be looking out for when they are purchasing a power bar. Is that it also has a built-in surge protector. Not all Power Bars come with surge protectors. And what this does, is it helped protect the outlet in case it has too much electricity flowing through it.


What happens if an outlet gets overloaded does Edmonton electrician. Is that the wires get physically hot as it struggles to keep up with the increased electricity demands. If the wires stay hot enough for long enough, the Heat and actually caused a fire to start within the walls of a home.

This is the danger of overloading electrical circuits. And a surge protector is designed to turn the power of the power bar off if more than 15 amps starts surging through it. The higher-quality power bar with a surge protector a house. The higher chance that the surge protector is going to do its job, and turn off the power to the power bar to protect the wires.

If people buy a power bar without a surge protector. Or buy a very cheaply made power bar with a surge protector. Then they will not have this function work when they need it to. Causing the wires to become increasingly hot overtime. And increasing the chances of an electrical fire within the home.

The reason why electrical fires are so devastating says Edmonton electrician. Is because they start and spread inside the walls of the home. Chances are extremely high that the fire will be in all rooms of the house by the time any occupants get alerted to the fact that there actually is a fire.

Therefore, people should protect their family and their home by never using a power bar without a surge protector. always ensuring that all power bars that they purchase are CSA approved that they will increase their chances of having that surge protector work when they need it to.

Edmonton Electrician | Surge Protectors Protect Your Home

Many people make the assumption that only extremely old homes are at risk for an electrical fire says Edmonton electrician. And as a result. Play overload the outlets in their new home, thinking that they are not going to cause an electrical fire. In fact, it doesn’t matter what age of the home. If Outlets are being overloaded with too much electricity. It can cause problems in the home.

While older homes might have older breaker boxes that might need to be replaced because of their age. This has any bearing on the wiring in the walls of the home, and the outlet. All Outlets are typically rated to handle 15 amps of electricity. And if more electricity passes through the outlet. This can spell Disaster by making it more likely that an electrical fire will break out.

Overloading an outlet in happen in one of two ways does Edmonton electrician. The first way is by plugging two devices into the two off the outlet that’s are more than 15 amps. All electrical devices that need to be plugged in will say einar on the device itself or on the course.

What kind of amps it can have. For example, someone who likes in a curling iron or a hair straightener into the outlet. While also using a hair dryer and very easily overload the outlet. Because both of those appliances together exceed the 15 amp.

The second way that people can overload their electrical outlets. Is by using Outlet extenders also often referred to as octopuses. Or by using Power Bars. This makes it very possible for a person to plug in multiple devices and turn them on simultaneously.


Therefore, if people are noticing that they use more than one power bar in their home on a regular and ongoing basis. They should contact their Edmonton electrician in order to increase the number of outlets that they have in their house.

Many people might think that increasing the outlets is an expensive and complicated procedure but it actually is very easy assures Edmonton electrician. All they have to do is add a new breaker switch for the breaker box. Add wires, an outlet box and will have more power capabilities and any room they want.

All of this is at a cost that is much less than the cost would be if someone had a fire break out in their home. Therefore, if people have ever ripped their breaker in the past year. Or use a power bar on an ongoing basis in order to have more electrical outlets. This is a great sign that they should simply increase the outlets in their home. And keep their family safe from an electrical fire.

They said call a licensed Edmonton electrician. Because not only will they have the proper Insurance in case something goes wrong and will cover the homeowner. But also, because license electrical contractors will get the right permits and have it inspected at the end.

All of this should give the homeowner and the family Peace of Mind, knowing that not only did they have more power capabilities. But that it was installed the highest degree of excellence.

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