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Edmonton Electrician | The Alternative To Power Bars

Many people think that power bars are a safe way to increase their Outlets ability to handle electricity says Edmonton electrician. And this is not true at all. Because even if the power bar has a surge protector. Each electrical outlet can still only handle a certain amount of electricity at a Time.

People should be very aware of how many amps each of their electrical devices draw when they plug it into the wall. So that they can avoid overloading the circuits of their house. Each outlet is only designed to handle 15 amps at a Time.

And if people are plugging more than that into the outlet. It’s can overload the circuits. And while the breaker box is designed to turn electricity off to those areas. When they get overloaded. This doesn’t always happen. Which puts them at risk for having a fire.

Even if people are just plugging two things into the outlet, which clearly has a spot for two devices. If those exceed 15 amps, it is going to overload the system. A great example of this, is if people are using hair dryers, flat irons, or space heaters. Those are well known for using the maximum amount of power.

And if people are plugging any other device into the same plug-in. Even as low-power as it might be such as an electric toothbrush. It will cause the system to overload. And if the breaker box does not stop the flow of electricity, that is the perfect recipe for starting an electrical fire.

The reason why electrical fires are so bad and dangerous says Edmonton electrician. Is because they will burn inside the walls, and can potentially spread to all areas of the house undetected.


By the time people realize that an electrical fire has broken out. All areas of the house will be affected, requiring people to evacuate immediately. Or risk not having a way out.

How the electrical fires get started says Edmonton electrician. Is when people overload the circuits. And the breaker does not shut it off.

As the wires connected to the outlet struggle to handle the increased flow of electricity. They were never designed to handle that sheer amount. And therefore, the wires themselves get physically hot to the touch.

When the wires are hot enough for a long enough. Of time. Edmonton electrician says that they will ignite flammable objects around them. Such as the plastic covering the wires, studs in the wall, and even the drywall itself.

Therefore, a simple solution to this problem would be not plugging in more then 15 amps to every electrical outlet. This means checking every electrical device. And often, not using Power Bars, because that can make it very easy to overload the electrical circuits.

By knowing what to avoid. Can help people ensure that they are not putting their house at risk for an electrical fire. So that they can enjoy all of their electrical devices safely.

Edmonton Electrician | Alternatives to Power Bars

Avoiding overloading the electrical circuits is often easier said than done says Edmonton electrician. Because if people don’t know how to avoid overloading the electrical circuits. Then they may be putting themselves at risk.

They needed to avoid putting more than 15 amps into a plug-in at any given time. However, as people use more and more electrical devices in their home. The average amount of plugins that houses have are no longer adequate.

And as a result, people buy Outlet extenders call octopuses. Or they buy Power Bars, to be able to have more things plugged in at any given time. However, Edmonton electrician says this is not a good idea.

While many people think that if they have a power bar that has the ability to have six things plugged into it. They can have six things plugged in and turned on and have no repercussions. This isn’t true. And even if they use a power bar with a surge protector. Doesn’t mean that people can plug more than 15 amps into an outlet.

Not only can overloading an outlet puts the house at risk for an electrical fire says Edmonton electrician. It’s if people are using cheaply-made power bars, or Power Bars without a surge protector. That can increase their risk as well.

I’m much better as well as safer solution to this problem. Would be to call their Edmonton electrician. And add more Outlets to their home.


This might sound like something that would be very complicated, time-consuming or expensive. However the alternative could be potentially starting an electrical fire and having their house burned to the ground. So in comparison to that, it may not be a bad alternative.

However, it isn’t nearly as expensive as many people assume. And it takes a very short amount of time for an Edmonton electrician to do. Making this an extremely good option for people who needs to add electrical capabilities to their house.

What they should do, is take a look at their entire house, and count how many electricity extenders they have in their house or how many power bars that are in use. By counting this, and taking note of what rooms they are in. A person can prepare to tell their electrician how many more Outlets they need in their home and what rooms they needs to be put in.

However, it is common for people to overload their circuits during the holidays. As they have even more things plugged into their house. Such as lights on their house, decorations in their yard. And then their Christmas tree, lights and additional decorations inside the home.

Therefore, a person should consider all of the additional electrical outlets they are going to need. Not just at the typical times of the year. But during the holidays as well.

By avoiding overloading their circuits anytime as well as during the holidays. Can help keep people safe. So that they can enjoy everything that that they need. Including the holidays. Knowing that they are not risking an electrical fire.

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