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Edmonton Electrician | The Best Time to Upgrade Electrical Systems

It is very important for people to understand that if they are living in an older home says Edmonton electrician. That they need to take into consideration their electrical systems.

Not only because it is very likely that these electrical systems are not up to code anymore. Especially if the home has been built in the sixties, the seventies or the eighties. But because these codes exist to keep people and homes safe.

And if people have electrical systems that are not up to code. They are likely not safe either. Which is why they should contact an electrician for quote.

By calling the right expert, they will look at all of the various aspects of homes electrical service. In order to give an opinion about what needs to be upgraded.

One of the first things that an electrician will do, is look at the breaker panel. In order to see what brand it is. The reason why, is because one brand over any other has been known to have more failures.

That brand is Federal Pacific. And it was an extremely popular brand to install and homes. During the sixties, seventies and eighties throughout North America.

However, according to current research, people have found that they Federal Pacific breakers have a 70 to 80% known failure rate. And while people might have this brand in their home, and find that it is working fine right now.

In order to ensure that there keeping their family safe. Edmonton electrician recommends that people with this brand get it changed immediately.


Not only is this specific panel responsible for approximately twenty-eight hundred fires in the United States alone. But is also responsible for approximately thirteen deaths and fourteen million dollars and property damages. Every single year due to these breaker panels.

At the same time, the Edmonton electrician should ask the homeowner about their electrical needs. To ensure that when they install a new breaker panel.

That they install one that has enough capabilities for not just now. But has more spaces for an electrician to come back in the future. And add more circuits to the home. As their energy consumption needs a change in the future.

This is one of the most important things that people can have done in their home. Especially because of what the important job a circuit breaker does in a home.

Since circuits can only handle about 15 A of energy at a single time. If people have plugged to much into a single outlet. Either by plugging an electrical device that draws 15 A. And have plugged something else into the same outlet.

Or, if a person is using a power bar to increase the number of things that they can have plugged in at a single time. They can very easily exceed 15 A of energy in that one electrical circuit.

If the breaker panel fails, it will not stop the flow of electricity to that circuit. And when the wire is overloaded, it gets physically hot. And when the breaker does not cut the flow of electricity. It can start a fire.

Therefore, by getting their breaker panel updated. Is one Important Way that people can protect their family.

Edmonton Electrician | The Best Time to Upgrade Electrical Systems

Many people have purchased an older home to renovate says Edmonton electrician. And they might find that there are several things about this home that need to be upgraded.

Not only are older homes, particularly ones that were built in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Typically do not have enough outlets for the energy consumption needs of today’s families.

But also, they are more likely to not have electrical systems that are up to code. Which means they are likely to not be as safe as they could or should be for family.

People should consider how many electrical outlets they need in every single room of their home before they call their Edmonton electrician. So that not only do they know how many circuits they need to add to a home.

But so that their electrician knows the size of circuit breaker panel they need to install. Not only to give them enough space for their current electrical needs.

But so they have enough room for future growth. As their family grows, and their electrical needs potentially change and increase.

At the same time, the electrician should check the panel to see if they have the right wires going into the panel. The wires might be downgraded and therefore need to be replaced.

Or, the wires are not degraded. But are not up to code. For example, the current code is to have a 6 gauge wire ground going into the circuit panel.


But houses built in the sixties, seventies and eighties typically have an 8 gauge wire. So that needs to be updated as well as they change the circuit panel.

The next thing that their Edmonton electrician should look for. Is to see if the home has aluminum wiring. Because that should be upgraded as well. Aluminum wiring was very popular during the sixties, seventies and eighties.

However, electricians today recognize that this is not safe. Because aluminum wires are more likely to overheat. And that will increase the chances of an electrical fire starting in home.

Especially people have an older breaker panel. That aluminum wire will be more likely to cause fires especially if that panel fails at any time.

And finally, the electrician should also check to see if the home itself is grounded. As a homes built forty or fifty years ago often only had a two wire scenario.

This means that electrician needs to add a ground fault circuit breaker to every single circuits. And since many homes from the sixties, seventies and eighties have eight or more circuits. This can get costly.

So the sooner a home owner knows of all of the different electrical service upgrades they need in their older home. The sooner they can budget. So that they can ensure the safety of their home as well as their family that live inside that home.

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